May 7, 2007

The French (spit!, at least for the moment)

When the French people rejected the cumbersome and repressive EU charter so pressed on them by their former (YAY! Good riddance!) president, socialist, anti-America commie scumbag Jacques Chirac, I must admit that I was surprised — after all, signing off on socialism is the first big step in moving ones freedom in the essential direction of the chopping block, and the sheeple over there had previously seemed ready and willing to go the distance. I mean, when surrender and capitulation are nine tenths of a country’s collective stock in trade….

I had been following the polls on the political contest between Nicholas Sarkozy and his leftist opponent, Ségolène Royal, sort of loosely and noted, again to my surprise, that Sarkozy had been leaving Royal farther and farther behind as the election approached. Given that these polls came from mostly liberal and downright ultra-portside media sources, who normally tend to bias their reporting, in profound ways, to the left, this was a good sign.

And Sarkozy has been elected the new president of France.

Sarkozy campaigned on a platform of sweeping reforms, pledging to dismantle large portions of the social welfare state and to make France competitive on world markets again.
He also pledged to reduce taxes, shrink the size of government and shut down redundant government programs.

Carrying out these reforms will be an uphill battle, but Sarkozy believes that France is ready for a change. The French have lost faith in work, he says. “Reviving the work ethic is at the heart of my program.”

Unlike his predecessor, Sarkozy is not the weasel we would have previously expected to emerge victorious from a French election. He has a refreshing, reality based vision for his people and the spine to bring it to fruition. In fact, he seems more like the kind of politician we need but sadly lack in our own government here in the states(and he’s French!).

Instead of tired platitudes, Sarkozy is best known for sharp, new formulas, and has never shied away from shocking the politically-correct sensibilities of the media and political elites.

When riots erupted in the predominantly Muslim slums around Paris in November 2005, Sarkozy called the youths who were ransacking stores and firebombing cars “scum,” and said the area needed to be “cleaned out with a power hose.”

Relentlessly attacked for those remarks, Sarkozy never retreated and never expressed regret. On the contrary, he still refers to his actions during the riots with pride.

So one begins to wonder: Have the French people finally woke up and smelled the proverbial coffee? Have the implications of having allowed themselves to permit such a huge Muslim population into their country finally registered, as well as the rendered biproducts of a dhimmi government that chose to make excuses for the Muslims who rioted in France eighteen months ago? Have they finally realized the relationships between the present state of their economy and the very realistic, demographics based projections for the same economy a generation down the road, when their children or grandchildren will be coming of age?

And electing a pro-America president to boot.

Skeptic re the French that I am, I wouldn’t bet the farm that they’ll eventually become acceptable as those of most other nationalities, but I will begrudge the French my acknowledgement that they seem to have taken a step in the right (no pun intended) direction. Electing Sarkozy was, in my opinion, the best thing they could have done.

Now we can wait and see what happens….

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17 Responses to “The French (spit!, at least for the moment)”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    This morning’s WaPo ran the story as their lead today and included this phrase, “an unabashed admirer of America,” an indictment as far as the WaPo is concerned.

    Whatever the results down the line, the very election of Sarkozy indicates that the French have had enough of leftism–for the moment, anyway.

    I’m incredulous that the French people actually grew a set!

    I can’t help but think that all the trouble France has been having with Muslim immigrants tipped the scale on this election. Despite the media’s not reporting bands of marauding Muslims throughout French cities, the French people went in record numbers and voted for a shift to the right. 84% turnout! But I’ll wager that we won’t hear the word “mandate,” as we did after our own 2006 elections.

  2. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I’ll wager that we won’t hear the word “mandate,” as we did after our own 2006 elections.

    Not a chance. In some ways, in fact, this must put the MSM in a bind, LOL. Our liberal forums have long been butt-munching the French, now they’re confronted by a France that has elected their anti-thesis as its CEO.

    I wonder what the Gaullic version of a hanging chad looks like. :-)

    I can’t help but think that all the trouble France has been having with Muslim immigrants tipped the scale on this election.

    Spot on!

    Perhaps the French electorate has finally realized that the naziesque horrors Islam embraces as scriptural commandments could well befall them on a daily basis under the dubious leadership of a spineless, PC, leftist run government.

    They are, after all, an intensely pragmatic people when their personal self interests become an issue.

  3. Shoprat Says:

    I am pleased but we’ll have to see. The French socialists are dug in deep and it will be hard to pull them out of their trenches. Sarkozy has his work cut out for him.

  4. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sarkozy has to contend with the same 365, 24/7 attacks and interference from French socialists and liberal media that George Bush has endured from the Democrats and the MSM since he took office.

    His track record says he’ll be up to the political combat that is sure to come, but as you say, we’ll have to see.

  5. ABF Says:

    Only 300-400 cars burnt after the election… extremely light after an election of this type. France has a loooooooooooooong hard road ahead of it. It’s economy is in the tank, and they really have no choice…

  6. BB-Idaho Says:

    Well, good. I’ve been hankerin’ fer some FRENCH fries and FRENCH toast. The last few years of (spit!) made me so dry, I got hooked on Moose Drool brown ale. I wonder though, Chirac was a conservative and this Sarkozy’s a Hungarian. Lemmee know when I can stop spitting…..

  7. Seth Says:

    AB –

    Only 300-400 cars burnt after the election… extremely light after an election of this type.

    Sounds like a new product, “Islam Lite”, LOL.

    Civilized people hold peaceful protest demonstrations to convey their objections to government policies. Muslims protest by destroying and murdering when they feel their right to destroy and murder may be infringed upon.

    The Sarkozy government is going to have to be very tough and at least a bit ruthless in order to teach these animals what is and what is not acceptable in his country, and I think strong immigration control should be a part of that, and the non-Muslim French are going to have to stand aside and allow him to do what needs to be done, just as all, or at least a sufficient majority of the people are going to have to make themselves receptive to economic reforms, even if that entails making some sacrifices.

    We’ll shortly learn just how dedicated the French are willing to become to fix their country.

    BB –

    I’m taking the supportive role of suspending (spit!) for the time being and allowing the French the chance to prove they are really tired of their Chirac-ish ways and willing to follow Sarkozy into better and more honorable circumstances.

    I’ll even go so far as to buy 1 bottle of Courvoisier VSOP to demonstrate my solidarity with their efforts, based on Sarkozy’s victory, giving them, though accompanied by the proverbial wary eye, the benefit of the doubt. :-)

  8. Ken Taylor Says:

    Finally and ally returns! Maybe now they will stop countering US policy and get on board with the war that is protecting their tails also.

    On a side not. I have press credentials for the SC GOP debate and am soliciting queitions by readers to ask the candidates. We will have one on one interview opportuinity after the debate and I would like your input. Thanks!

  9. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    With a few exceptions (ie his being a believer in the global warming farce), Sarkozy is a right thinker and he is also pro-U.S., though we may run into a few reservations that Bush will have to negotiate out.

    Seeing the problems they are having with their Muslim population over there, it shouldn’t be very difficult for GWB to obtain Sarkozy’s participation in the War on Terror. For one thing, a president of France has more power in his own government, autonomy-wise, than a POTUS, therefore more power to tell the socialist elements of his government to go piss up a rope.

    A highly un-French French blogger for whom I have long had a lot of respect has a different take, though he voted for him (or more accurately, against Royal) on Sarkozy.

    Bottom line: Time, hopefully minimal, will tell all.

    I will definitely come visit with a question or two that I would like you to ask at the debates.

  10. Gayle Says:

    Good job, Ken. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out!

    Off topic: HaloScan is giving me fits. It’s not publishing all comments right now. I’ve tried everything I can think of. If it doesn’t straighten out I may have to go back to blogger to handle comments. GRRR!

  11. Ken Taylor Says:

    Gayle, Please be sure to stop by and post your questions fro the GOP candidates. I also will have opportunity to interview Sean Hannity and Mike Duncan RNC Chairman. Looking foward to the entire day. One more thing there is a Fair Tax Rally going on across the street by Neal Boortz too!

    Thanks Seth look foward to your input as always!

  12. wordsmith Says:

    One thing I heard Sarkozy say that is like a breath of fresh reason, is that since France has no troops in Iraq, France has no business telling the U.S. what to do with their troops.

  13. Seth Says:

    Wordsmith –

    Excellent! He is definitely a 180 from Chirac.

    From what I’ve been reading, the MSM is freaking out because they haven’t figured out how to deal with a France whose leadership has suddenly gone from their ideal to their antithesis.

  14. Angel Says:

    hiya Seth!..guess its the wait and see game..I hear tell
    he’s part Jewish and part there is hope!..:)

  15. Seth Says:

    Angel –


    I agree, there is a lot of hope. :-) - yay!

    Considering the large degree of antisemitism in France and that country’s long record of siding against Israel wherever possible, Sarkozy, as a Jew, will hopefully make some positive changes, and being part Hungarian, with his family’s memories of the Cold War years in eastern Europe, he no doubt knows where the strong political left could bring France eventually if they are not put in their place.

  16. MariesTwoCents Says:

    I think this is wonderful.

    I have removed my “Boycott France” bumper sticker!

    And I will go back to calling them French Fries!!

    Viva La France!!!

  17. Seth Says:

    Marie –


    I’m also giving the French a big benefit of the doubt here, since electing Sarkozy did make a major statement, a complete turnaround for French voters.

    The first year of his administration and its degree of acceptance by his countrymen will tell us a lot about this change in the French electorate.