May 1, 2007

A Professional Traitor

First, my last month of extensive absences from the blogosphere, both from posting and visiting other blogs have resulted from the combination of a high stress, short-deadlined work project, the added factor of an alarming degree of disorientation due to sugar issues (adding to the pressure of said project — luckily I don’t believe in failure, so I managed to embrace the whole thing as just additional challenge). Now that the project is over and my other malfunction is on the cusp of being historical, I will be able to spend more time in posting and visitation, barring any unwelcome visits from Mr. Murphy.

Second, I had actually planned to post this one nearly a week ago, but, well…

The subject of this post is a career traitor — yes, liberal America, spearheaded by the Clinton Administration, somehow managed to succeed in making treason fashionable and beyond reach of prosecution. We’ve seen the New York Times commit blatant treason twice, and except for the symbolic and brief incarceration of an NYT journalist, the “newspaper of record” evaded the justice they deserved with a modicum of effort.

These days, the government addresses laws against treason like one of those old, old blue laws that nobody bothers to enforce anymore.

William Reinsch, formerly a Clinton Administration hatchetman Undersecretary of Commerce for Export Administration, was an individual whose major asset to that misbegotten socialist regime was the willingness to commit President Clinton’s treason by proxy. Reinsch (spit! No better than a Frenchman!), came away from the corrupt leftist quagmire of the Clinton Administration with a highly respected profession in the treason industry.

Reinsch had a checkered career prior to assuming his current role as Terror’s Lobbyist. For example, during the Clinton Administration, he used his senior position in the Commerce Department to facilitate and excuse China’s acquisition of an array of sensitive and even dual-use technologies, despite restrictions on such transfers.

Now, the former Commerce Under Secretary heads a trade council that favors doing business with America’s enemies and runs interference for those determined to do so. In his present role, Reinsch is working to counter citizens and their elected representatives who believe such business dealings are strategically ill-advised and morally repugnant.

Specifically, Reinsch’s trade association is mobilizing its considerable resources to help public pension fund managers, their Wall Street advisors and state treasurers fight off initiatives like one adopted last year by Illinois. It put an end to investments on the part of that state’s firefighters, police officers, National Guard personnel and other public employees in companies doing business with the Islamofascist and genocidal regime in Sudan.

Not too many decades ago, a scumbag like William Reinsch would have been publicly branded the traitor he was and dealt with accordingly. Today, well…

An August, 2006 article by Charles R. Smith serves as a reminder of Reinsch’s officially sanctioned yet criminal activities under Clinton. {Scroll down to Clinton’s Chinagate Scandal, though the entire link is profoundly well worth reading}

It should come as no surprise that the NFTC {my note, National Foreign Trade Council} is headed by Clinton-era former Under Secretary for Export Administration, William Reinsch. Reinsch claims, in his NFTC bio, that he “administered and enforced the export control policies and anti-boycott laws of the U.S. government and monitored the condition of the nation’s defense industrial base.”
Reinsch may claim to have “administered and enforced,” but his record from the Clinton years shows that little of either was in place at his office. During his term at the Department of Commerce, Reinsch oversaw the greatest military technology transfer to the Chinese army in U.S. history.

The Chinese army managed to obtain, steal, or buy supercomputers for nuclear weapons research, missile warhead guidance systems, missile nose-cone software, radiation-hardened chip technology, encrypted satellite communications, and Synthetic Aperture Radar systems.
The list of advanced military technology that passed through Reinsch on its way to Beijing is too long for this article. It would not surprise me to find that Bill Reinsch has several awards waiting for him if he should ever visit PLA headquarters.

Suffice to say that the NFTC could not have selected a more qualified individual if it is their intent to transfer whatever technology – military or otherwise – to China for hard, cold cash.
I once confronted Reinsch after a congressional hearing on secure communications. During that meeting, he denied that he had anything to do with the export of advanced encryption satellite technology to the Chinese military. At that point, I presented him with copies of documents showing that he was not only a major player; he also authorized the sale of precisely that technology directly to Chinese military-owned companies.

Wikipedia’s link-rich profile is here.

In any of the countries Reinsch supports more than he does the United States, a citizen like him would likely have been brought before some general or other whose only comment would have been, “Tek heem out and shoot heem!”

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12 Responses to “A Professional Traitor”

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  2. Ken Taylor Says:

    Why does it not surprise me that he is a former Clintonite ? Sounds like he is from the same mold as Ramsey Clark the former LBJ Attorney General who went to defend Saddam. And people wonder why Clinton was a failed President. His people and his policies were formed by lunatics who hate America like this guy.

    But because he is a liberal and Democrat know one will even question what he is doing or consider his acts treason even though they fit the perfect Constitutional definition of treason. Article III, Section 3 - “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    This is definatly adhearing to enemies and aid and comfort!

  3. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    It is, but as you say, the perps will never get prosecuted, even as they continuously prosecute Republicans for picayune things they didn’t do anyway.

    The Democrats are all about stealth — I wonder how much skullduggery they snuck in while they had Scooter Libby dominating the news.

  4. Gayle Says:

    Good morning, Seth.

    I’m glad you posted about this. I have often wondered whatever happened to the crime of treason. Has it become a non-crime, sort of along the lines of “illegal” not meaning “illegal” anymore, such as in “illegal alien”? We are in a war and yet anyone can say anything they please, even when it aids and abets the enemy! It makes no sense whatsoever.

  5. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    All this tells me is that we (at least, the Republican critters on the Hill, on our “behalf”) are allowing the Democrats to dismantle our country, freedom by freedom, law by law. It has come to the point where they can prosecute Republicans for nonexistant offenses while enjoying immunity from prosecution for real crimes, such as treason, that they commit themselves. They are turning America into a leftist free-for-all, right before our eyes, and those who purport to represent the conservative side in Congress have been doing nothing to even try to stop them.

    They have the media, the education system and now the majority in Congress. Things do not look good.

  6. BB-Idaho Says:

    Interesting. Reinsch was one of the interesting charactors to graduate from the Paul Nitze School of Advance International studies (along with Fouad Ajami, Francis Fukuyama, Paul Wolfowitz and *heh* Wolf Blitzer) One wonders if these international experts carry the genes of ‘free trade’ to the Darwinian extreme laissez faire (spit!) whereby “All money is green” overlooks trading with the enemy?

  7. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Good observation.

    In the past, I’ve posted on the under the table agenda being pushed in the guise of the North American Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) whose goal is a North American Union (NAU).

    In the very near future, I will be posting about the next intended step in the NAU (et al) saga — the international one.

    …“All money is green” overlooks trading with the enemy?

    –sums it up perfectly. There is a vast number of megarich parties in countries all over the world who want to “level the playing field” on global trade (for themselves and members of their own community) by merging nations under the umbrella of one government, which would then enable them to legislate a homogeneous international business environment (all tariffs, exchange, commerce and banking laws being the same across the globe, eventually a solid world currency).

    There are large and politically diverse memberships in entities such as the Trilateral Commission, and their ultimate agenda would find them with little or no respect for laws that embrace adherence to the idea of patriotism to any flag, only to the marketplace. This, in their eyes, would negate the very concept of treason.

    Reinsch and his ilk are, wittingly or unwittingly, the hands on elements, and the Democrats, also wittingly or unwittingly, are the enablers, since their anti-America/anti-Bush activities (ironic, both because Bush is a central figure in the NAU plan and because its success would prove most tragic for the minority and other poor whose votes keep Democrats in office), dividing the country as they do, play right into the hands of these people.

    The next few years will prove extremely interesting, particularly for those living from paycheck to paycheck or otherwise barely getting by.

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