September 1, 2009

Hoist On Their Own Petard

Wolf here again.

According to the Washington Times, the U.N. has found that although they have spent decades brown-nosing, ass creeping, looking the other way when they arm and/or regroup, take your pick endeavoring to interact with and try to curb the activities of international terrorists and the nations that sponsor them, the criminally corrupt, power hungry, pitifully inept organization financed in major proportion and hosted by the U.S. taxpayer has been having some terrorist problems of its own.

At least 20 U.N. outposts in dangerous corners of the world suffer from inadequate security despite rising threats to the organization, the U.N. director of security says.

Gregory B. Starr, a former State Department security specialist named as U.N. security coordinator a little more than three months ago, cited U.N. offices in Iraq and Afghanistan for particular concern.

He also classified outposts in Somalia, Sudan’s Darfur region, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon as dangerous spots for U.N. international and local staff.

How did I title this post? Hoist on their own petard?

The specter of terrorist attacks has prompted many U.N. agencies and programs to beef up security. Often, they hire security contractors to help deliver and distribute humanitarian goods, to relocate mission staff to more stable neighboring countries, and to develop protocols for movement and protection in dangerous postings.

The big difference here is that it’s the U.N. whose asses are hanging in the breeze. If it were the Israelis, the same U.N. would deem whatever security precautions they took to be “excessive”, “oppressive”, “inhumane” or other words to that effect.

Here’s my favorite:

The danger has risen dramatically over the past decade as radical Islamists have grown increasingly suspicious of the United Nations and many of its goals.

…suspicious of the United Nations and many of its goals.

I never thought I’d say it, but there is one thing I’ve had in common with radical Islamists for a very long time.

Read the entire Washington Times article here.

Wolf out.

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5 Responses to “Hoist On Their Own Petard”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    I admit to being gratified to see the U.N. have to ‘fess up to failure.

    All their kumbaya didn’t pan out. Of course, it couldn’t — with Islamomaniacs.

  2. The Gray Monk Says:

    The UN may be funded by the Western Democracies, but it is governed by the Terrorist supporting states. How can it succeed when it is also run by the “Liberal” escapees from every funny bunny ideology that the last sixty years of left leaning liberalism has spawned?

  3. Wolf Says:

    Always On Watch

    I, too, am gratified. They’ve been allowing terrorists to hide behind them for long enough, now they can share in some of the misery they’ve helped to cause.

    I feel zero sympathy for any of those terrorist collaborators.

    Gray Monk

    How right you are!

    Imagine a bunch of folks who have so much contempt for the intelligence of those of us living in civilized countries that they even went so far, a few years ago, to appoint Muammar Qadhaffi to head their civil rights commission, with Fidel Castro as a member.

  4. Frankly Opinionated Says:

    Useless Notions! When Israel was calming them down in the Gaza, with the IDF singing the lullaby; it was UN Ambulances that were used to haul hit squads for the ragheads. Up in Lebanon; the UN guard shacks have hizbollah flags flying highest, The Guards have rations shipped in to be given to the Hizzies. And our powers that be would have One World Order with us answering to the Useless Nutcases.
    “2010 for AMERICANS”
    nuf sed

  5. Wolf Says:

    Frankly Opinionated

    After the Israelis’ U.N. inspired, premature departure from Lebanon the other year, French U.N. troops relaxed, unseeing (read that as looking away so hard it probably made their necks ache) in Lebanon at their out[posts, while Hezbollah rearmed, regrouped and undoubtedly had a good laugh at the useful idiots of the U.N.

    This, and your own observations, are among the many reasons I am enjoying seeing the U.N. get a taste of their own medicine.

    The turners of other cheeks, the pacifistic, the truly good and the rest can say what they like, but what I see here is pure justice. :-)