August 29, 2009

Obama vs the CIA

Wolf here.

I’ve seen some pretty stupid and self destructive actions performed in my day by people who should at least have the sense of responsibility to think things through, weighing the pros and cons, before they act, of the decisions they make and the execution of what they’ve decided upon.

Unfortunately, and this goes not only for B. Hussein Obama but for the rest of that pack of dishonest scoundrels who call themselves Democrats these days.

They play politics, thinking only of their partisan ambitions without a thought to the good of America and the people who elected them to lead the nation.

They twist the truth and the accomplishments of potential victims of their political agendas to meet the requirements of those agendas.

Obama’s agenda, whatever it may be, certainly bides no good for this country, its economic future, its national security, our rights and freedoms, the values we hold dear, those that make us unique among nations, our morality, and his actions to date bear this up.

Now, to appease his “get Bush, Cheney and all their issue” base, Obama is attacking the CIA for operating, they were assured at the time, within the law.

Of course, we’re talking a renegade government run by Obama, Pelosi and Reid (Frankencense and Murtha?), and all the lies that come with it.

President Obama on Monday paid his first formal visit to CIA headquarters, in order, as he put it, to “underscore the importance” of the agency and let its staff “know that you’ve got my full support.” Assuming he means it, the President should immediately declassify all memos concerning what intelligence was gleaned, and what plots foiled, by the interrogations of high-level al Qaeda detainees in the wake of September 11.

This suggestion was first made by former Vice President Dick Cheney, who said he found it “a little bit disturbing” that the Obama Administration had decided to release four Justice Department memos detailing the CIA’s interrogation practices while not giving the full picture of what the interrogations yielded in actionable intelligence. Yes, it really is disturbing, especially given the bogus media narrative that has now developed around those memos.

bogus media narrative is the only kind of media narrative these days, and for some reason “bogus” and “Obama” seem to coexist easily in the same piece of thought.

This shows how bold, thanks entirely to the relative lack of awareness among the American people (read that as not paying attention to the little dictatorship style government we have developed since the third week of January), the liberals who control the Democratic party have become.

I’ll tell you something, people. Seth has said this to me before, and I have come to agree with him: If we allow these politicians to continue to go this far without voting the lot of them out of office, we, as a country, deserve every bit of shit they will eventually bury us in. It’s every voter’s sacred responsibility to study hard on what the government is doing, what our politicians are up to.

In other words, CIA interrogators wanted to use these techniques in 2002 to break a terrorist they believed had information that could potentially save American lives. Rest assured that if the CIA hadn’t taken these steps and the U.S. had been hit again, the same people denouncing these memos now would have been demanding another 9/11 Commission to deplore their inaction.

Gotta love them fuckin’ traitors Democrats. So crooked and sleazy honest and fair.

The memos give considerable indication both of the sheer quantity, as well as some of the specifics, of the intelligence gathered through the interrogations. “You have informed us,” wrote Mr. Bradbury in the May 30, 2005 memo, “that the interrogation of KSM — once enhanced techniques were employed — led to the discovery of a KSM plot, the ‘Second Wave,’ ‘to use East Asian operatives to crash a hijacked airliner into’ a building in Los Angeles. You have informed us that information obtained from KSM also led to the capture of . . . Hambali, and the discovery of the Guraba Cell . . . tasked with the execution of the ‘Second Wave.’”

All in all, Mr. Bybee added, “the intelligence derived from CIA detainees has resulted in more than 6,000 intelligence reports and, in 2004, accounted for approximately half of CTC’s [the CIA's Counterterrorist Center] reporting on al Qaeda.”

In a saner world (or at least one that accurately reported on original documents), all of this would be a point of pride for the CIA. It would serve as evidence of the Bush Administration’s scrupulousness regarding the life and health of the detainees, and demonstrate how wrong are the claims that harsh interrogations yielded no useful intelligence.

The above emphasis is mine.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,

The Obama administration’s decision to release a previously classified 2004 CIA interrogation report and appoint a special prosecutor to look into possible misdeeds by personnel involved in questioning high-value terrorists is a huge mistake.

It’s almost as if - in addition to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and on terror - the Obama administration has now declared war on the CIA, which is one of our most important assets in gathering intelligence for winning these conflicts.

First, these choices will likely have a chilling effect on the morale at the agency. Earlier this year Barack Obama himself vowed it was time to look forward, not back. (Of course, that is until it’s time to look back.)

In addition to being another Obama policy flip-flop, these decisions will likely leave officers in the field wondering whether they should be more concerned about getting terrorists or getting lawyers.

I can tell you first hand here that I know exactly where Mr. Brookes is coming from. Thank God I’m retired!

It’s also a major distraction to the CIA’s embattled director Leon Panetta, who seems to be drowning in a sea of inquiries from his White House and the Democratic Congress. Doesn’t he have more important things to look after, like Iran and North Korea?

(Some believe Panetta won’t be around much longer, giving the already-rattled CIA its sixth leader since 9/11.)

How about a dose of reality, here, Mr. O?

It isn’t by chance that we haven’t been attacked in nearly eight years. Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that we owe the CIA a debt of gratitude for keeping us safe.

It’s a sentiment the Obama administration should really consider before it goes any further.

Wolf out.

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7 Responses to “Obama vs the CIA”

  1. Frankly Opinionated Says:

    These idiots! These asinine, liberal, idiots, (bunch of redundancy there folks), that think that somehow we should be bound by the Geneva Convention when our enemy is not. How flippin’ absurd! It seems that b. Hussein Obummer has set out to do what Bill “the Zipper” Clinton did not finish. They both want to strip us of the security that the CIA has provided over the years, (some better than other years, because of shackling them), and leave this country vulnerable. The 9/11 plot was not hatched, not even rehearsed, during George Bush’s presidency. Bill Clinton paved the way for this, and now b. Hussein Obummer, stealth Muslim, has opened the door, very wide, for more terrorism.
    nuf sed

  2. Tom Says:

    I’m waiting for the CIA to covertly let “the one” know that if he doesn’t decease and desist that they will let him ride in an open top limousine in Dallas to cheering crowds…

  3. Wolf Says:

    Frankly Opinionated,

    Welcome to Hard Astarboard.

    B. Hussein Obama’s preference for/ pussyfooting around various Muslim organizations and their leaders (you might have seen the video of him bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia awhile back) sends a message to all of us of any intelligence whose eyes and ears aren’t clouded by liberal fog that he is more pro-Muslim than he is pro-America.

    His partiality to Hamas and his willingness to look beyond (or ignore, take your pick) the fact that they are a psychotic terrorist entity tells volumes as well, especially as he kisses up to them as aggressively as he attacks the sovereignty of Israel, our long-term and loyal ally.

    It apparently is only lost on the lefty media and liberals at large that at the same time as he strokes terrorists and terrorism sponsoring governments, he also whittles away at the morale and possibly the future effectiveness of the CIA.

    The man has a lot of balls, I’ll give him that. On the other hand, maybe not, since the liberals who worship him as the messiah are so blind, stupid, naive, whatever, take your pick, that they don’t even see the pattern.


    The only problem there (though in all seriousness, I’d never endorse the assassination of any U.S. President, no matter how much of a disaster he is, simply because he’s the person the people elected, good, bad or indifferent, and by law, he is it until he either serves out two terms or the electorate grows a brain and votes him out) is that there’s something of a stacked deck in place at the moment:

    Biden, then Pelosi (God save us!) and then, Hillary.

    A list like that is easily enough to make one lose ones apetite! :-(

  4. Always On Watch Says:

    This administration is going to get a lot of Americans killed!

  5. Wolf Says:

    Always On Watch

    That’s a fact, and of course, they’ll somehow engineer a way to blame it on Bush. Remember, according to the lefties, Khobar Towers, the Cole, the Achille Lauro, the bombings of two U.S. embassies and the first World Trade Center bombing, to say nothing of the taking of our embassy in Iran under Carter, had nothing to do with Islamic terrorists having anything against America. They only got mad at us after Dubya got into the White House.

  6. Frankly Opinionated Says:

    In his own writing, b. Hussein Obummer said something to the effect of: “When Ill winds blow, I will stand with Islam.”
    Another of my Cyber Freinds has a blog called: “Bare Naked Islam”. She researches the topic better than most out there. I’ve been reading at her place, (usual bunch of resident trolls), laughing and crying at the comments as well as the topic. She has no problem with posting a beheading by the Religion of Peace, or calling a spade a spade.
    She even had me do her banner.
    If you like the stuff here at Hardastarboard, you may like what she writes. Cruise through, leave a comment, and bookmark her if you care to.
    nuf sed

  7. Wolf Says:

    Frankly Opinionated,

    I just went and took a look at the site, like it! :-)

    I’ll recommend to Seth, who was just here but has run off, to have a look at it in the interest of blogrolling it.