October 19, 2008

Stay the course

Wolf here.

Election day is less than three weeks from now, is time flying, or what?

For those worried about a possible Obama win, let’s remember all those silent majority types out there from whom we don’t hear until they let their votes do the talking, and remember that the lefty media, which is most of the Fourth Estate when you come right down to it, has a tendency to ignore the conservative majority in this country in order to mislead the public into believing that the bulk of the voting population shares their twisted socialist, anti-moral, anti-God, anti-America political outlook.

Keep in mind that despite the “Gore is kicking ass” and “Kerry is kicking ass” forecasts the media hammered us with in 2000 and 2004, right up to the last seconds the poll results were coming in, George W. Bush won both elections.

Keep in mind that the opposition faced by gen-u-ine Americans, those of us who cherish such things as the U.S. Constitution, limited government, the knowledge that ours is a nation founded on the principals of Judeo-Christianity, the knowledge that as Americans we are a decent, moral people who do not deserve the guilt trips being perpetually laid on us by the liberal minority that festers in the dark corners and under stones along the backsides of this great country and the certainty that sensible, patriotic Americans will rally their votes to ensure that the false messiah is sent back to Illinois with his political antiChrist tail locked firmly between his legs.

The Democrats, who have become no more than a cheap possession of the far left, have shown us that they no longer rate their status as a major American political party. Their inept, politically self-serving stewardship of Congress since the midterm elections has been one indicator. Their total “who cares if our candidates are corrupt, immoral liars with dubious connections? They’re Democrats, so we’ll vote for them anyway!” commitment to politics over patriotism is another indicator.

That silent majority I mentioned above is alive and well and will be voting come Election Day, and voting conservative. America will not allow herself to crumble under the heavy hand of leftist politics, America will not allow herself to succumb to a snake oil salesman from Illinois, America will stay the course.

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