August 7, 2005

A Letter I Wrote

A couple of weeks back, Vilmar at Ranting Right Wing Howler, one of my favorite blogs, posted on a Long Island schoolteacher who was forced to resign her job because she was a conservative and not following the liberal dictum of the school district(she had a pic of President Bush in her classroom). Initially, Vilmar had said he would like to post my letter to the school principal at his blog, so I didn’t post it here, but I suppose he either forgot about it or changed his mind, so I am posting it here and now. This is how to let a liberal piece of &%&&#%* know that you disagree with his/her agenda:

Dear Ms. Becker-Seddio;


When I read of your depriving Ms. Caruso of her job because of her conservative political leanings, I was rather disappointed.


When I attended school in Queens, N.Y.(grade school through high school) in the 1950s and 1960s, we (pupils) were taught that the Constitution guaranteed us the freedom to hold and express our own political views without fear of any official retaliation. Having a photo of our president in the classroom was not considered offensive or “politically incorrect,” it was an _expression of patriotism.


Whatever your own political views might be, Mr. Bush was elected and subsequently reelected to the presidency by means of the political process that is the law in this country, although the Democrats chose, unsuccessfully, to attempt to overturn the 2000 election through judicial means and John Edwards attempted, to no avail, to convince John Kerry to try the same tactics after their 2004 defeat.


The above would seem to indicate that despite the wishes of the minority, a significant majority of Americans voted for Mr. Bush, and that, Ms. Becker-Seddio, is the essence of democracy, upon which this nation is based.


One of the more recent developments in our educational system, which is staffed in a majority by Democrats, has been a disturbing penchant for using our schools to indoctrinate children into the liberal community, regardless of their parents’ wishes, and that is precisely what the Germans did in conquered countries during World War II and what the Soviets did as a matter of policy.


It is also why more and more conservatives are removing their children from the public school quagmire and enrolling them in private schools, and why the concept of school voucher programs is becoming appealing to more and more voting parents.


Your actions against Jillian Caruso for her political preferences and, obviously, her unwillingness to carry the “party line” is not only offensive to me as an American  but also demonstrates further that the Democratic Party has little or no use for the principles that made the United States the great nation that we are.


Actions such as yours(you have become “famous” to millions now as the Jillian Caruso story spreads across the World Wide Web and millions read your name and position in regards to this matter) do more to erode the credibility of our public education establishment as they demonstrate not only a disdain for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but a complete lack of tolerance that the majority of parents do not want passed on to their children as a part of their basic education.


You are a poster model for the pro-voucher argument.


I am sure that Ms. Caruso will be well compensated should she litigate this situation, and in view of your contributions, she would be well within her rights to name you a codefendant.





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3 Responses to “A Letter I Wrote”

  1. NYgirl Says:

    Great post Seth. I wonder where, I am being oppressed & deprived of freedom of speech, Martine Sheen & the Dixie Chics are.

  2. Seth Says:

    Ah, Martin “my- TV- role- as- a- president- eminently- qualifies- me- as- an- expert- on- all- presidential- affairs” Sheen and the Fonda Chiclets.Thanks, NYGirl. I’ve always enjoyed writing emails like that to people who deserve a noose more than they do a letter.Ooops, that’s the kind of remark that invariably attracts the thinly veiled contempt of peace-at-any-price advocate Dan T.

  3. NYgirl Says: