August 12, 2007

Some News Is Good News…

such as this item.

Mexican shelters, usually the last stop for northbound migrants, are filling with southbound deportees. Fewer migrants are crossing in the wind-swept deserts along an increasingly fortified border. Far to the north, fields are empty at harvest time as workplace raids become more common.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but the remark about fields being empty at harvest time, obviously meaning due to lack of illegal Mexican workers, engenders in me a certain degree of sympathy for the farmers involved, as I understand that this will lead to financial shortfalls if they cannot harvest their crops, however: These same farmers have been knowingly breaking federal laws by hiring criminal aliens, year after year, to harvest for them.

They have been doing so for the sole purpose of getting their labor dirt cheap. In short, they have contributed to felonies in an ongoing, multi-decade violation of the law, to remittance that has collectively taken billions of untaxed payroll dollars out of the U.S. economy and, by the very nature of their transgression, have been instrumental in promoting millions more aliens to sneak into the country for the purpose of finding illegal jobs. Making the U.S. such a hospitable place has also led to ten digit abuse of our Social Security system, the displacement of millions of jobs from legal U.S. citizens to those who are, in effect, trespassing on U.S. soil, the closings of emergency rooms due to the suffocating influx of uninsured and poor illegals seeking every kind of treatment, an increase in drug trafficking by foreign gangs and an increase in violent crime.

So it’s comeuppance time, the cheque has arrived at the table, chickens have come home to roost, there is that long-dreaded knock at the door…

It’s high time these folks found a legal way to get their crops harvested, just as it is for all others who have been (and are still) employing illegals to cut expenses. Maybe the pain they’re feeling or will soon be feeling will serve as a lesson: “Don’t break the law, let alone become complacent about doing so.”

It’s not “okay” to violate federal laws just because it’s financially expedient or “cost effective”, as an accountant would say, just as it is no valid defense that, “the only reason my business survived was because I ignored federal laws”.

They should be overjoyed if they only have to get rid of the criminal alien help and seek legal laborers before they are caught, rather than pay heavy fines and do prison time.

This is very definitely good news…

Mexicans are increasingly giving up on the American dream and staying home, and the federal crackdown on undocumented workers announced Friday should discourage even potential migrants from taking the risks as the United States purges itself of its illegal population.

U.S. border agents detained 55,545 illegal migrants jumping over border walls, walking through the desert and swimming across the Rio Grande River between October and June. That’s down 38 percent for the entire border compared to the same period a year before.

U.S. and Mexican officials say increased border security, including 6,000 National Guard troops, remote surveillance technology and drone planes, have thwarted smugglers who had succeeded for years at beating the system.

Mexicans are increasingly giving up on the American dream and staying home…

There’s some of the usual Mainstream Media spin for you, packaging all Mexicans into one convenient group; They could more accurately have written: “Non-law abiding Mexicans are increasingly giving up on sneaking into America in search of welfare and/or illegal employment.

Despite loud, well publicized (the MSM are, after all, a predominantly leftist, anti-America bunch) efforts on illegals’ behalf by liberals and activists on the ground, the Democrats in Congress, a few of thier weak Republican colleagues and the President, the Border Patrol and the National Guard have been doing their job, with dedication and success, along the border quite well.

While the majority party in Congress welcomes illegal immigration with open arms, majority output from the American People has been making many illegals and potential illegals feel anything but welcome.

Migrants also say they feel Americans are increasingly hostile toward immigrants.

“It’s the discrimination,” said 28-year-old George Guevara, who was deported to Tijuana last month after living in the U.S. for 18 years. “It’s making people step back. It’s just too much of a risk. It’s better to be out here.”

“Hostile” and “Discrimination”.

I’m pretty hostile towards illegal immigration and I definitely discriminate against illegal aliens. In the vernacular of the left, this would make me a racist, which I am not — I welcome anyone who comes to America with the intention of obeying our laws, becoming an American and assimilating into our society, but I do not welcome any non-citizen who sneaks into the country and preys on our economy.

Deportations also are up for illegal immigrants who have lived in the States for years. Some are caught for minor infractions like a burned-out headlight. Others are rounded up in workplace raids that the Bush administration has vowed to intensify.

The new measures announced Friday will force employers to fire anyone who cannot prove their Social Security numbers are legitimate.

While I am suspicious of the President’s abrupt turnaround on immigration enforcement, others whose opinions I respect and whose projections are usually right on the money have opined that having lost in his amnesty bid for illegals, this is likely a support effort for Republicans running in the 2008 election cycle.

My suspicions might be softened somewhat if the President were to issue complete pardons to Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean, but this lack of support for two brave federal officers who were completely ruined, then railroaded into prison by an assinine, law enforcement hostile federal attorney tells a story of its own. Especially in light of the fact that the key witness was himself a foreign criminal who at the time of the incident in question was in the midst of smuggling a large quantity of an illegal substance into the United States — and he was given immunity to testify against the agents that stopped him! This same Mexican criminal used a “border pass” bestowed upon him courtesy of the same federal attorney to smuggle in some more marijuana, even as the two agents were being prosecuted.

And then, of course,

Many employers join President Bush in blaming Congress for stalling an accord that would allow more people to work legally.

“Pretty shortly people are going to be knocking on people’s doors saying `Man we’re running out of workers,’” Bush said.

This is why I continue to believe that his sudden “get tough” policy may only be a hiatus while a back-burnered amnesty agenda is reworked. The Boss is still plugging his justification for the same agenda he’s followed all along.

So I will continue to wait patiently for the actual deeds that will or will not follow the words. After all, the positive results cited in the linked article have come to fruition over a long period of time, not just since the Administration announced last week that they are going to crack down on that which they’ve hitherto fervently supported.

More Cheek From Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderon also lashed out Thursday. “The U.S. Congress, which today turns its back on reality, knows full well that the American economy could not move forward without the labor of Mexicans,” he said.

Can you believe that guy? Here’s yet another in the long line of corrupt Mexican leaders who preside over one eternal failed economy, complete with millions of families living in squalor, and he’s lecturing us on our economy?

HaHaHaHaHaHa…cough!…Hah…whew!…excuse me…heh…

It is my personal observation that Calderone must sound a lot like calzone because both are full of cheese.

Of course, I can see why El Presidente is somewhat concerned –

Fewer Mexicans are sending home cash remittances — Mexico’s biggest source of foreign income after oil — leaving many Mexican relatives with no other resources, the Inter-American Development Bank reported Wednesday.

Basically, the only real basis for Felipe Calderone’s complaint is that his country’s massive “welfare” from America is beginning to dry up. He could care less about the American people — traditionally, leaders of Mexico barely, if at all, even care about their own people — he could care less about the U.S. economy except where it leaks over into Mexico.

He also forgets that he is an elected official of Mexico, not the United States, and would therefore be more proactive by pursuing ways by which his country can develop its economy on its own. I mean, Mexico is supposed to be an independent nation, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to “Some News Is Good News…”

  1. University Update - T-Pain - Some News Is Good News… Says:

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  2. Shoprat Says:

    Now let’s get some serious reform including rules by which those who are willing to follow them can come here and work without getting handouts or soaking the system.

  3. Ken Taylor Says:

    Good post my friend. It is truly good news to here that the tide of illegals looks to be receading and the flow is decreasing because FINALLY the law is being enforced.

    I like you am sceptical abotu the changwith Bush but maybe the defeat of the Senate Amnesty Bill made him see the light and realize that border security and enforcement is what WE his boss want!

  4. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I would endorse going to the pool of Mexicans in line, legally and never having been caught here as an illegal, for even guest worker status in the U.S. and allowing them in seasonally, fully documented, their wages taxed and them being applicable to apply for U.S. citizenship after a couple of seasons of respectable conduct or a four year hitch in the military resulting in an Honorable Discharge.

    Welfare, Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare would not be available to them, while successful completion of written and spoken English courses would be prerequisites for any extended stays in the U.S.

    There would be no such thing as an anchor baby — only naturalized U.S. citizens’ children would have U.S. citizenship, which is as the law was written prior to the latter day, liberal-inspired misinterpretation.

    Ken –


    The non-Bush approval enforcement results look great, now we’ll see how much they increase with the President’s backing. According to my linked article, we are making a lot more progress by a combination of concerted border surveillance, deportation and public attrition.

    I must admit that while I’d been following our border security activities, I had no idea that we’d made the progress that we have. What remains to be done is to increase our efforts — continue making the illegals feel unwelcome, letting their employers and prospective employers know that while enforcing immigration laws and aggressively guarding the border, we’re also going to prosecute them.

    I only hope that the message has been decisively hammered home to Bush that no matter what he believes is our best course re criminal aliens, the American People have spoken.