August 10, 2007

Please Pardon My Skepticism, But…

this looks too much like a hundred eighty degree turn to me, abouuuuut face!

The Bush administration plans to step up immigration enforcement by raising fines on employers who hire undocumented workers, overhauling temporary worker programs and speeding up deployment of border agents, according to a summary of the plans.

More precisely,

An outline of the announcement, obtained by The Associated Press from a congressional aide, said the administration plans to expand the list of international gangs whose members are automatically denied admission to the U.S., reduce processing times for immigrant background checks and install by the end of the year an exit system so the departure of foreigners from the country can be recorded at airports and seaports.

In addition, employers will face possible criminal sanctions if they don’t fire employees unable to clear up problems with their Social Security numbers.

Also, the Homeland Security Department will ask states to voluntarily share their driver’s license photos and records with the agency for use in an employment verification system. The sharing is meant to help employers detect fraudulent licenses, according to the summary.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see a President who has so aggressively pursued amnesty and so failed to support the Border Patrol adopting this abrupt tooth & nail immigration policy unless he’s trying a new approach, some sort of stealth implementation policy. While I remain a supporter of the President on Iraq and the rest of the War On Terror, I take umbrage with his performance on immigration enforcement issues and the policies he wishes to engender granting amnesty to potentially millions of people whose very presence on our soil constitutes federal crimes.

Therefore, this is particularly ludicrous:

Chertoff alluded to the new enforcement tactics in a speech in Boston on Wednesday, calling to it “tool sharpening.”

“We shouldn’t have a patchwork of laws. We should be doing a comprehensive federal solution, but we haven’t got that thing done,” Chertoff said. “What I can tell you is we will certainly use every enforcement tool that we have, and every resource that we have available, to tackle the problem.

Considering that a Republican President might have a stealth agenda is a fairly new concept for me, that is usually a Democrat phenomenon, and it applies not only to their POTUSes, but to pretty much all of their politicians — dubiously in their defense, they have little choice; telling the American People their true intentions would lose them more votes than they’d like to contemplate, for unbeknownst to them, most Americans are both patriotic and smart, certainly more intelligent than today’s mainstream media and Democrat politicians apparently believe us to be.

However, since learning about George W. Bush’s leadership role in the very stealthy trilateral North American Union (NAU) agenda, promoted for obvious reasons as the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), I have paid a lot of attention to his unrealistic and anti-Republican stance on illegal immigration.

In the event of the United States, Canada and Mexico becoming a three-country version of the EU, we would inevitably have to sacrifice nearly every aspect of our sovereignty to a higher Congress that includes decision making equality for politicians from two other countries, one with a predominantly socialist government, the other a grossly corrupt one that presides over millions of citizens who feel the need to flee their country in order to feed themselves and their families, or simply struggle unendingly in environments of squalor and disease.

The U.S. Constitution would become moot, as would the Supreme Court.

But back on track, the defeat of the latest immigration bill was a major setback for the Bush/ NAU amnesty aspirations (to say nothing of those of the Democrat persuation), and (Curses, foiled again!) — why spend billions of dollars securing our borders when they’ll be nothing more than turnstiles by 2010?

Let’s take another step here…it’s inevitable that as continental unions come together, for better or, more likely, for worse, they will fall under auspices united under a U.N. umbrella (the United States shouldn’t even belong to an organization represented most by dictatorships and socialist governments, in fact dominated by the latter) — it doesn’t speak very healthily for a world whose majority of nations seek, in a most avid manner, to bring down the one country among them that most supports their economies and is most willing to risk every kind of military assets, including the lives of our young warriors, to protect their rights.

The true decision-makers at the U.N. are like members of the Khaki Mafia were in Vietnam.

Uncle Sam (We, The People are supposed to tell him what to do) tends to surrender all too often to anti-America rhetoric at the U.N., wherein nations that support Islamic terrorist organizations, far-leftist regimes and brutal despots are considered credible global policy debate participants.

The MSM forever neglects to explain the non-military power we command throughout the globe, and our membership in the U.N. diminishes whatever the media misses. Today, using a shamefully distorted series of “reporting”, omission fraught accounts and outright fabrications on Iraq, they are suffering significant decreases in circulation, yet they perservere in carrying on the propaganda debate that glorifies the abandonment of the American way of life, a school of thought that’s been becoming increasingly unpopular among Americans.

Do I digress, or what?

Yeah, yeah, I know…

…but I’m not operating on the Conspiracy Theory plane, I’m looking at political “action and reaction”.

One piece of information that has sent up a flag in my “domain” is that while the Administration is suddenly going “great guns” on enforcing immigration laws, the President is going to meet, in Ottawa, with his counterparts from Mexico and Canada later this month. “What a coincidence!”

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10 Responses to “Please Pardon My Skepticism, But…”

  1. Shoprat Says:

    It’s very possible that he’s up to something and it is equally possible that it’s a case of “if you can’t beat em join em.”

  2. Shoprat Says:

    he is after all, a politician.

  3. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    You may be right… On the other hand, Bush’s scheduled meeting in Ottawa re what is likely “SPP” related falls pretty shortly after the above described 180.

    I’m definitely interested in the contents of the meeting.

  4. Ken Taylor Says:

    Seth, like you I am a skeptic but part of me also wants to belive that finally they get it and realize that the people are demanding enforcement of the law concerning illegals. Both of these moves by the Bush administration follow exactely what we have been telling them forever.

    Also maybe Bush is paving the way for the GOP to actually grasp ontothe issues that will win in 08, illegal enforcement, border security, limited government and less taxation. He is challenging and vetoing anything that crosses his desk with pork, large spending and government growth. Also fighting any Dems tax proposal, this combined with the move on illegals may be the catylist for the GOP finally to get a platform the country can back and a platform that will win.

    It is a shame he didn’t do this earlier . If he had and the Congress had followed the parties leader, last November would not have happened.

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    I sincerely hope your optimism is on target.

    I just find it difficult to see a silver lining: The President not only went against his entire political base in his efforts on behalf of illegals, but in so doing he colluded with the likes of Teddy K. and others who have shown themselves to be enemies of all America stands for. That’s pretty extreme.

    I am curious as to whether the public will be privvy to all the dialogue that takes place at the meeting in Ottawa.

    Previous meetings regarding SPP matters have been kept mostly confidential.

  6. wordsmith Says:

    However, since learning about George W. Bush’s leadership role in the very stealthy trilateral North American Union (NAU) agenda, promoted for obvious reasons as the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)

    Seth, I really think Jerome Corsi is a conspiracy nut. There’s nothing “secretive” at all about the agenda of the SPP- it’s right there on their website. There’s no hidden agenda. Name one politician that thinks a merger is a good idea. It’s certainly not President Bush, who leaves office in a year. Even NAFTA generated years of controversy and a pitched battle in congress

    Robert Pastor, the “father of the NAU”, and no friend of the Bush Administration being the leftist that he is, even denies that a North American Union is a good idea.

    Realistically, how would this play out? I believe John Hawkins, who also gets published at Human Events, over Jerome Corsi on this (and yes, I’ve read Corsi’s rebuttals- I don’t buy it). The Constitutional process to get us there would never happen. Not to say that someday, who knows? In the farflung future of Star Trek and Starship Troopers, we might be some global Federation. For now, it’s a rotten idea that has no realistic possibility of playing out, in my opinion. None of us would stand for it.

  7. Seth Says:

    Wordsmith –

    The SPP has thus far been crafted by PMs, presidents and captains of industry without the participation of our respective legislatures, and their meetings take place in Mexico and Canada. With the exception of one Wall Street Journal reporter early on, who was permitted inside access to an SPP conference in Canada, the media is not given access to the proceedings of the meetings. We only have word for the details of their discussions from their website, the single source.

    I agree with you that none of us would stand for an abrupt political change that would emulate the EU and compromise our sovereignty, but it becomes increasingly apparent that such an attempt is in the offing. Whether it reaches fruition or not will depend purely on the strategies involved.

    Unfounded conspiracy theories generally attract a limited number of believers who participate in a limited number of counter-activities. Belief in the NAU conspiracy is doing nothing but becoming more widespread, to the point that a remarkably large number of Canadians, whose country hosts the lion’s share of SPP/NAU conferences, plan to all but smother the upcoming SPP conference in Ottawa with protests.

    In the course of pursuing my occupation, I have come into contact with a considerable number of mega-rich people and seen how they live and how they do business. This has included setting up very tight, “money’s no object” security on a couple of sprawling estates, during the survey portions of which projects I got some profound insight into how the clients and their families live. The mentality, if that is the right word, is on a completely different plane from yours and mine — it is born of privilege that is a far cry from the life of the common man. The family breadwinners’ concerns involve making decisions on a daily basis that involve tens of millions of dollars or more and the destinies of thousands of people. These folks are more concerned with their financial bottom lines than they are with the limitations/inconveniences/obstructions of national politics. They are also members of the same fratenity that is directly involved in shaping the SPP, and our entire continent served up as a single political entity would benefit them immensely as it would turn all of North America into a homogeneous (tariffs, import-export, labor laws, etc) business environment.

    Regardless of how their finished product affected the rest of us, they would forever remain above any of the drawbacks that might descend upon the rest of the population.

    That said, the days of our electing a President who grew up poor, hiking barefoot 20 miles to school carrying The Bible, Aesop’s Fables and a copy of The Pilgrims’ Progress are long gone. Like most of the Presidents in modern times, Bush came into politics from riches and his father was a member of the Trilateral Commission until Ronald Reagan, his then-boss, insisted he leave that body of ultra-wealthy globalist thinkers.

    At any rate, I would have to combine all the posts I’ve done on the NAU to present an entire argument — instead, I’ll say this: The projected year for the NAU to become manifest is 2010.

    Let’s continue to keep track of political events as we have been, and see what comes to pass up to and including then. And most important, let’s hope that you’re right and I’m wrong, as I sincerely hope I am.

  8. Beach Girl Says:

    I think the NAU can play itself out or into being in a de facto sense through the increased immigration from Mexico (legal and illegal), the dual-citizenship offered by Mexico, and the opening of our highways through the SPP process.

    There are days when I don’t see any of the issues regarding the NAU ever coming before Congress, et al. There are some stores in Texas accepting Mexican money, English speakers of the United States are being forced through default to learn Spanish in some locations. Teachers such as myself, with credentials in California cannot be hired in some districts because I do not speak Spanish. As strange at it seems and maybe I’m just tired today due to all the heat, but the NAU can come about just through something like “attrition.”

    Or everyone just giving up because our laws are not being enforced as it is. I live in an unlikely place for the gardeners to all speak Spanish and no English at least that they’ll admit to knowing and also for a Mass to be given daily in Spanish.

    If 2010 is the year of the NAU, why not? The United States will have “diversified” itself right out of those dreaded “white” Europeans the cause of all the world’s problems; no one knows how many more hospitals will have closed such as the 20-40 that closed in the past several years near San Diego, cities are not allowed to defend their own citizens from illegals and Chertoff has a “gut feeling.”

    And as always, those remaining Europeans will adapt and adjust, learn Spanish, and inter-marry with their Hispanic neighbors - with whom there is no “natural” animnosity that I am aware of. I don’t care much for having to check non-Hispanic white because that tells me that there will be no “affirmative” action for non-Hispanic whites. :)

    But the NAU - yes - the globalists will see to that so that we are all “third-world”. My guess though - to be optimistic - America and being an American is an ideal and an internalized sense of self - the globalists, the UN nut-cases, and the new world order folks simply CANNOT beat it out of us. The good thing is they may get something more than they bargained for when “we the people” - all of us - get our backs up.

    Good post by the way…

  9. Seth Says:

    Beach Girl –


    Spot on comment!

    Having lived in California in recent years and been on top of local politics (to say nothing of walking around with my eyes wide open), it was obvious that I was in the first state to succumb to the Mexican “invasion” — the liberal climate is perfect for multiculturalism to flourish at the expense of our tax megabucks, our quality of life and, eventually, our sovereignty.

    The very fact that English is no longer the “official” language of California speaks for the state’s lack of loyalty to the United States of America. I remember when we fired Gray Davis and hired Arnold, and Lt Gov Cruz Bustamonte was running for Gov, his platform included issuing driver’s licences to illegal aliens so they could drive to their illegal jobs, and there was a lot of support for that.

    Even though the Bush Administration last week did their about-face on immigration, I’m not holding my breath. I believe that Bush, along with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts, are going to attempt to rewrite their strategy at the SPP conference in Ottawa that begins next week. Naturally, that dialogue will not appear on the SPP website.

    The NAU is, by necessity, a stealth agenda: Most Americans wouldn’t stand for it. I am very interested to see how they try to spring it on us in 2010, you can bet that it will happen abruptly in an attempt to bypass Congress.

    I believe that the antics and low confidence rating of the present Democrat led Congress and the output of the Democratic Presidential candidate line-up will ensure both a new Republican President and a new Republican majority on the Hill after the 2008 elections, which will make the attempt at engendering the NAU all that more difficult, but the attempt will be made, regardless.

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