May 27, 2007

We Are Being…

…so short-changed by the mainstream media in almost every area that can be equated with politics, but none so much as our involvement in Iraq.

They deny that we’re fighting an enemy there, peddling a story of pure civil war in which U.S. servicemen are dropping like flies, the Iraqis want us out of there, Iraqi civilian deaths at the hands of terrorists are 100% our fault, etc, etc.

They ignore every positive event that occurs over there.

They make an instant buffet of the slightest allegation that any U.S. troops have committed a wrongdoing, slandering the troops in the most extreme ways before any investigation has even begun.

Since the majority of Americans count on the MSM to deliver them accurate and complete news, the propaganda they actually receive gives them leftward slanted and highly inaccurate reports of the state of affairs in Iraq, and this is the information upon which they rely when it comes time to vote.

The latest example?

Water boarding, keeping interrogation subjects in uncomfortable positions, other techniques that do no physical damage to said subjects, the “plight” of captured terrorists at GITMO, which the left has compared with gulags, concentration camps and the killing fields of the Pol Pot regime, and the embarrassment to which still other jihadi murderers were subjected at Abu Graibh commanded a lengthy and aggressive crusade by the mainstream media, yet graphic pictures of fiendish tortures from a captured al-Qaeda interrogation manual and of the tools of the trade don’t even warrant honorable mention from the MSM. Whose side are they on, again?

Since the left would have the American people believe that there is no al-Qaeda activity in Iraq (that would indicate that we actually have an enemy to fight in Iraq), they ignore other stories that place al-Qaeda in the country.

The mainstream media is doing an outstanding job as a propaganda tool for the left. They are also a discerning lot — the only rank and file soldiers and Marines we ever hear from on that quarter seem to be the scarce few they can find who are against the war. Otherwise, most so-called liberal intellectuals will tell you that the folks who are over there fighting have been duped by Bush & Cheney and don’t know what they’re talking about when they support their mission in Iraq. They ignore the large numbers of volunteers who stick around for a second tour, they ignore our troops’ contributions to the betterment of education, lifestyles and infrastructure in Iraq, and the progress they’ve made in training Iraqi police and military personnel to eventually take over all law enforcement and national security duties. They ignore the courage and spirit of the Iraqi people who turned out twelve million strong to vote in a democratic government. They ignore the success of the post Saddam stock market, the copious publications of the burgeoning free press…

…yet when an American soldier is killed, they crow gleefully and shout about it from the rooftops, adding the casualty to their one-sided scorecard. If a U.S. military unit waxes thirty five terrorists, it is: 35 Dead in U.S. Firefight rather than Marines Kill 35 Terrorists.

Over at And Rightly So, Civil Truth has posted a lengthy but well worth the read compilation of beliefs on the war and U.S. politics by a man who not only survived the destruction of 9/11, but a full tour as a Marine in Iraq as well.

Although I haven’t been what one would term “pro-draft”, the writer makes some convincing points in favor of a draft that have me reevaluating my point of view on that score, and other than his choices for President in 2008, I largely agree with most of what he has to say.

President Bush’s veto of the pork-ridden, cut & run, head for the tall timber, tails between our legs, whimpering surrender redeployment deadlined Congressional rendering evidently backed the Democrats far enough into a corner that they were forced to submit a much more sane and acceptable bill.

Of course, this is only a brief respite from the sabotage tactics crowd over on the port side and their mainstream media hacks, those tenaciously anti-American scumbags progressive souls, to borrow a line from a governor I once successfully voted for, “will be bock!”

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12 Responses to “We Are Being…”

  1. Angel Says:

    Happy Freedom weekend !
    God bless each and every one of our troops~!

  2. Seth Says:

    Angel –

    Happy Freedom weekend !
    God bless each and every one of our troops~!

    Ditto! :-)

  3. MariesTwoCents Says:

    God bless our fallen heros and those serving today.

    You have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend :-)

  4. Seth Says:

    Marie –

    And you, too…

  5. wordsmith Says:

    I feel much of the same frustrations with our media.

    And question their sense of judgment.

    Hoping you are enjoying Memorial Day Weekend.

  6. Seth Says:

    Wordsmith –

    When Bill Keller and friends (and apparently their leakers as well) got away with exposing two secret gov’t ops, it seems that a precedent was set. The MSM can now commit treason with impunity.

    Worse, ABC had to know that their actions could directly result in loss of life and/or good people being imprisoned and tortured.

    The lack of both conscience and patiotism in these people is deplorable. They need to be prosecuted and serve long prison sentences, but of course it won’t happen.

    Between the Democrats on the Hill and the MSM, things are looking pretty bleak. They’re as much enemies of the U.S. as is al-Qaeda.

    My Memorial Day weekend is thusfar being restful, though interrupted by some light work. I hope yours is going well despite the news from Iran and the ayatollahs’ allies at ABC. I’m presently in Chicago, and the city’s full of tourists in for the holiday weekend.

  7. Shoprat Says:

    Either they are monsters who support Al Qaeda or they are cowards who are so afraid of war that they will surrender without a fight. Either way we don’t need them. Our forefathers and others did not fight and die so that their stupidity could trump all reason.

  8. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    What they need to realize is that no one has any respect for traitors and cowards, and that if their treasonous propagandizing is instrumental in taking us down, they will be the first to visit the chopping block.

  9. Always On Watch Says:

    They make an instant buffet of the slightest allegation that any U.S. troops have committed a wrongdoing, slandering the troops in the most extreme ways before any investigation has even begun.

    I note that the media will not publicize THIS, from the Smoking Gun. In vain have I watched for a single peep from the msm, who glory in showing “abuses” at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

    As I see it, the media’s goal is to push the election of a Dem President in 2008.

  10. chicagoray Says:

    Hope you had a great weekend Seth and now it’s back to the work watching and bashing the left.

    As for that Smoking” torture link I’m posting that today and no the left will ignore that until the cows come home because thats real torture, not the Abu Grab-A** college prank crap that went on, or the terrorist sun and fun/games at Camp Gitmo while they abuse the soldiers day in and day out down there, freaking animals.

  11. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I’ve asked a few of the liberals with whom I debate from time to time if they’ve seen or heard anything among their MSM “information” sources re the al- Qaeda torture illustrations and none of them has. The most exposure therein has been that some of the Iraqis found had been “hung from the ceiling and tortured”. No reference to the tortures themselves or to the manual.

    The MSM is no friend of America’s and certainly no friend of the truth.

    They want to see a Hillary, a Barak or a Breck girl, or even an Algore make it into the White House to wreck our economy and make short work of 230 years of liberty and democracy.

    Chicago Ray –

    It was a relaxing weekend, though I must admit that I did spend some quality time bashing the left, as well, an easy thing to do on Memorial Day weekend as those people have no regard or respect for those who have sacrificed their lives so that these same lefties can continue to enjoy the right to bash this nation and all it stands for.

    It’s truly flabbergasting that today’s Democrats and their liberal masters fight so hard to villify their own free country and to promote an enemy whose first move following victory would be to stamp out all their rights and murder them (and the rest of us)at will, and that they do so purely in the name of partisan politics and their hatred of the President.

    If there was ever a case for massive deportations….

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