October 17, 2006

Screwing Israel (and ourselves)

Israel is our only true friend and ally in the Middle East.

Their Arab neighbors, even those that profess friendship with the United States, are at best false friends — they regard us as a high roller in the purchase of their oil and as a country they would not want to go to war with, at least not overtly; they export terrorism while denouncing it for diplomatic purposes, oppose our doctrine at the United Nations when the opportunities present themselves and quietly await the expected Islamic victory over us that will place us at the mercy of Sharia Law — if that ever occurs, we will see how quickly the mask of friendship and even human respect drops from their faces as we are conquered, 7th Century style.

When Israel became a sovereign state 58 years ago, these Arab nations created “the Palestinians” and sicced those miserable, directionless people on the Jews who had “intruded” in their midst, feeding what was to become a terrorist machine disguised as an oppressively colonized underdog, pandering to the sympathies of misguided leftist intellectuals throughout the world. The goal of this propaganda was to gain support in their ambition to wipe Israel off the face of the map or, as the late Egyptian president Gamel Nasser vowed and failed to do, “push them into the sea”.

The Arab countries tried invading Israel on more than one occasion, only to find that this tiny new country of exponentially inferior numbers was able to defeat them in short order — it only took the Jews 6 days to hand them their collective touchases in 1967, and less than a month to repeat the performance in 1973 when Egypt and Syria, calling themselves the United Arab Republic, stormed the small state in a surprise invasion on the holiest of holidays, when the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) was at its least vigilant and most vulnerable.

Before and since, Israel has been under constant attack at home by terrorist organizations, and abroad by numerous countries at the United Nations (spit!), who have sided with Israel’s enemies because of their oil, and as such considered the very existence of Israel to be an inconvenience at best.

Israel’s only true friend in the world has been the United States. We have helped them financially and militarily, and we have been their primary trading partner for intelligence. To the latter end, they have been an indispensable asset in the Middle East. Back in the Cold War days, for example, whom do you think gave us a then state-of-the-art Soviet MiG-23 to dissect?

I know, I know, alright, already! Enough backgroundy stuff! Press on! Oy vey, enough is enough! C’mon!


The Israelis have, from the beginning, bent over backwards to make the bastardly Palestinians a part of their country, to give them equal rights and privileges as Israeli citizens — and all they have received in return has been terrorism. Innocent citizens murdered by bomb, bullet and knife.

Whenever the Israelis have retaliated for a terrorist act, the propaganda forces of the left have condemned them for their actions — it is a one way street, the Palestinians can butcher Jews to their hearts’ content, but as soon as the Jews fight back, even a little bit, it is Naziesque brutality.

Over the last few decades, pressure from the U.N. combined with a genuine wish to see peace in the Middle East have prompted American Presidents and Secretaries of State to take it upon themselves to attempt to broker said peace.

Problem 1: Muslims are not on the same page as the rest of civilization, they are still living in the more barbaric times of the 7th Century and their religious doctrine mandates that they remain there. Their religion encourages lying to infidels to the point of signing on to treaties they have no intention of honoring, and therefore such agreements, for them, are matters of temporary convenience to be laughed off.

Problem 2: No matter how many times this fact is manifest, western politicians and diplomats simply cannot grasp it, their sensibilities are so programmed by their own environments that they truly believe that their logic will work when applied to Muslims.

As a result, every peace accord engendered by the United States has depended upon the “good faith” of both sides and the Israelis, an honorable people whose Jewish beliefs command that they honor their agreements, have always done so while the Palestinians have not. They will watch, smiling, as the Israelis release terrorists from prison and cede territory, honoring no part of an agreement, and the terrorism will continue, the Arabs laughing mirthfully at the stupidity of American politicians, who continually make the same mistake no matter how many times they get burned.

Actually, they don’t get burned — Israel does. At each American mediated agreement, Israel surrenders more of its security and more Jews resultantly die.

… And no matter how often this happens, our stupid, naive, idiot Presidents and secretaries of state keep on repeating their murderous error as though passing on a tradition. Clinton and Albright, now Bush and Rice.

Now, to be clear, I know they mean well, but as long as they refuse to get the obvious message that the Arabs involved are making fools of them, this idiocy will continue.

I recently had an email exchange with a very well informed Israeli who seemed, and I can’t say I blame him, to have developed a certain amount of hostility towards the Bush Administration over its newest plan, which is to pour massive monetary backing into Hamas’ opposition — Fatah, the party of Arafat, to try and oust the terrorist group through peaceful means — he has a very good point: We should have learned from the late, unlamented Arafat what happens when you give money to the Palestinians — whatever their leaders don’t deposit in their personal numbered accounts finances terrorism.

Okay –

Now, as I pointed out to my new Israeli acquaintance, I cannot fault the United States entirely here — the Israelis have been pretty damn stupid in their voting choices over the years, especially in recent ones; electing entirely too liberal leadership and allowing a spineless piece of schmutz like Olmert to remain at the top of their government at this point in time does not speak well for the intelligence of the Knesset, nor of the rank and file Israeli citizen.

Problem 3: America’s benign relationship with the Jewish State has been slowly deteriorating, thanks both to the influence of leftist organizations and the failure of the Olmert government to respond adequately to this situation.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speech at the American Task Force for Palestine’s inaugural dinner in Washington on Wednesday evening was but the latest sign that America’s alliance with Israel is weakening.
Rice’s statement that “there could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state,” just about says it all. The secretary of state of a president who was once friendlier to Israel than any of his predecessors now claims that the establishment of a state for a people who have distinguished themselves as the most overtly pro-jihad, terrorist society in the world, would be the greatest thing American could ever do.


The Democratic Party’s sharp turn leftward in recent years has been a major factor in weakening the US-Israel alliance. The ideological transformation of the party is the fruit of a collaborative effort by leading financiers, radical-leftist ideologues and political activists. Together these forces built organizations that dictate the party’s agenda; finance the campaigns of politicians who embrace this agenda; and work to defeat conservative Republicans and Democrats who disagree with their agenda.

MoveOn.org is the most influential organization of this type established in recent years. Its principal financiers are American Jewish billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis.

To continue excerpting from the GAMLA article,

After Hamas’s electoral victory in January, American Friends of Peace Now, Israel Policy Forum and Brit Tzedek v’Shalom came together in an ad-hoc coalition to shield the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority from Congressional sanctions. Together they worked to sink the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act, which enjoyed overwhelming support in the Congress and the Senate and was backed by AIPAC. The legislation was designed to update US policy toward the PA in the wake of Hamas’s ascendance to power.

The bill called for the immediate cessation not only of direct US aid to the PA but also for the cut-off of US assistance to nongovernmental and UN organizations operating in the PA that had connections to terrorist organizations. The bill defined the PA as a terrorist sanctuary and consequently would have barred the entry of PA officials to and the operation of PA offices in the US, and placed travel restrictions on PA and PLO representatives to the UN. The bill also would have prohibited US officials from having any contacts with officials from Hamas, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The bill was approved by an enormous majority in the House of Representatives. Yet, due to the lobbying efforts of this group of Jewish leftists, the Senate version was greatly watered down, and included a presidential waiver that rendered the bill more or less declaratory. Since there was little common ground between the two versions of the bill, the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act was scuttled.

So, where y’at, Ehud?

To its discredit, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government took no steps to stymie the coalition’s machinations against the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act. Indeed, since 2003, Israel’s governments have gone out of their way to applaud these groups. Olmert’s now infamous speech in June 2005 where he said, “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies,” was made at the Israel Policy Forum’s annual dinner.

Above emphasis mine.

What’s really needed here is strong Israeli leadership of a kind that can sit down with Bush and Rice and tell it like it is, and firmly decline the one-way “peace” proposals the terrorist bastards Palestinians love so much.

Israel’s enemies are certainly our enemies in the Global War On Terror. Had Ehud Olmert been worth even a tiny particle of feces, he would never have gone along with the ceasefire proposed jointly by the Bush Administration and the French (quadruple spit!). He would have said, “Thanks, but no thanks” and continued to make war until the IDF had decimated Hezbollah root and branch.

Israel’s alliance with the US is based on the fact that most Americans support Israel. American support for Israel finds its roots in foundations as diverse as religion, politics, morality, security, culture and economics. While the alliance is visibly weakened, its foundations remain solid. To rebuild American political support for Israel and to enhance the US-Israel alliance, it is imperative that Israel be capable of understanding the nature of this support. This understanding begins by making distinctions between our many friends and our foes and acting on these distinctions. Not all of our friends are Jews and not all Jews are our friends.

Well put, GAMLA….

Read the entire linked article, it’s definitely right on point.

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21 Responses to “Screwing Israel (and ourselves)”

  1. Big Dog Says:

    This is a great article. If the people we elect are supposed to be the best and the brightest, why can they not see the very things you point out.

    I stand strong with Israel and pray she is able to fight back the Islamic terrorists. I also pray that this country never abandons her.

  2. Seth Says:

    Big Dog –

    The greatest problem we face as a society, as a free people and as living, breathing human beings is our political leaders’ naivety re Islam:

    They just won’t get it through their heads that Muslims don’t reason as we do, and that their “religion” dictates that they rule over us.

    It’s like when Ignatz the mouse hits Krazy Kat in the head with a brick and all K.K. can do is swoon and say, “My lil’ angel…”

    Israel is victimized by this stigma, we put it on them, and they cooperate by continuing to elect people who won’t say “enough is enough”.

    I, too, pray that some people will wake up PDQ and take care of business before business takes care of them.

    Israel needs to survive, and we need Israel to survive.

  3. civil truth Says:

    Glad you finally made some appropos comments regarding Olmert and his ministers. After reading today’s Debka story about impending missile sales by Italy to Lebanon — the lastest non-action by the Israeli government that started with unexpected intertia during the Lebanon war and that subsequently has converted to utter passivity in the face of accumulating existential threats to Israel’s existance — I’m starting to think the governing coalition has undergone the political equivalent of a clinical nervous breakdown. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any younger, fresh leaders waiting in the wings.

    I am becoming more pessimistic than ever before as to the viability of Israel in light of its breakdown in political leadership coupled with what is now looking to be increasing hostility of the entire world. I have to look back to the Persian Empire to see such dire straits for the Jewish people. Does the West really believe that allowing the destruction of Israel in the hope of keeping oil flowing will protect them from being the next target?

    “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies,”

    This sentence haunts me. There’s a terminal sound to this, as though the next sentence would be, “Just leave us alone long enough so that we can lie down and die in peace.”

    And if indeed the political leadership has lost the will to live, then there’s little we can do on the outside unless a new generation arises - quickly!

  4. atheling2 Says:

    Excellent article, Seth.

    Olmert’s words are chilling. Defeatist - almost “European” sounding. Why the Israelis elected him is beyond me.

    I cringed when I heard Condi Rice’s words regarding Palestine. This is one of the reasons why many Conservatives are fed up with the Republicans. Yet I will still vote for them because the alternative is worse.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why so many American Jews are leftist when it’s so apparent that the Left would not blink an eye if Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, were annihilated by its hostile neighbors. Is this also a form of self loathing?

    In my town we have a local movie theatre who is owned by a Jewish man who is very liberal, and he constantly shows films which are very left leaning and pro Palestine. He also has guest speakers who also spout their leftwing ideology which is anti Israel. He’s a nice guy, and a good local businessman, but what the hell? Why would he support this? Makes no sense to me.

    But then, most Liberals don’t make sense.

  5. Seth Says:

    Civil Truth –

    In times of leadership with spine, the Israelis would have waited until the Aster-15 systems were set up and fully operational, then sent in commando units to destroy them. Today, under the dubious leadership of Olmert and his merry men, they’ll probably simply ground recon flights.

    …what is now looking to be increasing hostility of the entire world. We have the global MSM and the accusations that Israel’s discontinued defensive action in Lebanon were “disproportionate” to thank for that. As is always the case, atrocities against Israelis by Islamic terrorists are ignored, and the resulting picture is one of Israel being the evil aggressor while the Muslim terrorists and their Islamic supporters are unjustly put-upon victims.

    As I wrote above, I give as much blame to Israel for these problems as I do anyone else: Like our own administration, theirs does not ably communicate its own side of things while its enemies conduct a full scale propaganda war. The result of this relative silence is defeat in the battle for public opinion.

    Netaniahu, or even Sharon before his spine fell out, would have been aggressively vocal where it counted — Olmert seems to have developed laryngitis or, as his recent statements and actions suggest, simply thrown in the towel(which is only good for any nearby Arab in need of a hat).

    Israel also needs to strengthen its ties with supportive American Jews to counter the anti-Israel rhetoric coming from the left, including the Jews who are inexplicably hostile to them.

    The big problem here is time, which we have allowed to grow incredibly short by permitting so many simultaneous 11th Hour situations to manifest themselves via our lack of adequate and forceful pre-emptive measures.

  6. Seth Says:

    Atheling 2 –

    The Israelis inherited Olmert when Sharon’s health deteriorated. However, had they been a little smarter as a collective population than they apparently are today, they would have dumped him. He is, as they say, “giving away the farm”.

    I really don’t know what to say about my fellow American Jews who have taken such aggressive anti-Israel positions, except that they make me ashamed and that I believe they are garbage in every sense of the word. Those that work actively against Israel have no right calling themselves Jews, period, and should not be welcome in Israel should they decide to go there.

  7. Gayle Says:

    It is sad, Seth, that there are so many American so-called Jews working actively against Israel. To me, “liberal Jew” is an oxymoron, just like conservative liberal would be! The Jewish people have always been steeped in many beautiful traditions, at least I always thought so until I began blogging.

    Well, about all I can say is G-d is watching.


  8. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Judaism does have a lot of beautiful traditions — the liberals in question have no business calling themselves Jews.

  9. Always On Watch Says:

    Last Saturday afternoon, an acquaintance of mine called, and we chatted for a while. She eventually brought our conversation around to politics, as she usually does. At one point, she asked me if I supported Israel these days. I replied in the affirmative. Then she said to me something like this: “Look at the bigger picture. The reason Muslims hate us is because the United States supports Israel.” I was stunned! Such blatant anti-Semitism and ignorance of world events! This from a woman who attends a church where exactly the opposite is preached–I know this for a fact.

    She then proceed to defend Muslims, in particular Pseudostinians, as oppressed and victims of prejudice. In the process of her defense, she called Muslim a race. I set her straight on that and also gave her a little history lesson, the latter showing that Muslim hatred of all non-Muslims well predates the founding of the modern nation of Israel.

    Now, here’s the thing about this woman. She considers herself a staunch conservative. And she doesn’t pay much attention to the msm (I’m not sure what exactly she IS reading, probably some kind of weird Armageddon stuff, but I don’t know for certain). She didn’t attend a leftist university; I think she went to Falwell’s Liberty University to get a nursing degree. Nevertheless, she’s swallowed the propaganda about disenfranchised Pseudostinians.

    I know that she’s not wrapped quite right–through absolutely no fault of her own. But still…

    The conversation dismayed me. I don’t expect the left to support our one true ally in the Middle East, but I admit that I’m stunned that someone whom I know to be a conservative would voice the idiocy I heard.

  10. Always On Watch Says:


    She actually believes that if the United States were to withdraw all support of Israel all would be hunky-dory with the Muslims inside Western borders.

  11. nathan finkelstein Says:

    Zionism is a disease that must be crushed by force.
    End Zionism now!

  12. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Your friend has undoubtedly been reading or listening to either the leftist BS or the Muslim propaganda that seeks to hide the true intentions of Islam, by blaming terrorism on our presence in Iraq, our support of Israel, etc — she’s obviously one of those who number among the duller knives in the drawer, as like the rest of those who listen to that mallarkey, she seems to forget that, as you told her, jihad has been going on for 14 centuries, not just since Israel became a state.

  13. Seth Says:

    Finkelstein –

    Normally, I welcome first-time commenters to Hard Astarboard, though in your case, while I will always listen to what a commenter, no matter how misguided or in opposition to my own views he or she may be, has to say, I do not consider your ilk fit to call yourselves either Jews or Americans — to me, your kind is a non-person who is, and I say this without the deaf ears you mention in a post I read at your site, beneath the contempt of any true Jew.

    I notice that in your profile, you identify both the Torah and the Koran as your favorite books, an interesting choice.

    Every religion has its tunnel vision afflicted zealots, such as yourself, who will focus on one scriptural event and amplify it to fill their entire belief envelope, then dismiss all else as unimportant.

    Do you truly think that Islam would see the United States as any different if we did not support Israel? You are obviously an ignorant person, I suppose these days anyone can become a college professor.

    Israel or no Israel, the United States represents everything the Muslims hate, especially the rights to think, speak and worship freely — do you think that Islam would spare you the choice between death, dhimmitude and conversion were they to realize their religious ambition of world domination and the imposition of Sharia law upon everybody?

    Let me add “idiot” to the above.

    Zionism took nothing from anybody — the “Palestinians” were not a sovereign people settled on a sovereign land, they were the unwanted among the Arab nations. They had nothing, cultivated nothing, built nothing — it was only after Israel achieved statehood that they were “created” as a tool to be used against Israel. I would suggest that you mark your places in the Torah and the Koran and try reading some history.

    Your kind are pure filth, and you insult all of Judaism when you dare refer to yourselves as Jews. And yes, you are a traitor to our people and an enemy of Israel, no matter how you might describe those of us who call you and your kind what you are.

    Now crawl back into your Koran in your dark little room and drool quietly, there’s a good ben zona.

  14. atheling2 Says:

    Seth, Ouch! :)
    Nathan, do you enjoy being a useful idiot? You know they’d cut your head off in a New York minute if they could.

  15. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    Scum like this Nathan Finkelstein are just what his name implies — finks.

    They sell out their own people and their own heritage because they can’t live within their own skin, knowing they are the cowardly feces they are and thinking they can curry favor with those who would wipe out followers of their religion if given the chance. They are lowlife pieces of dung.

    Click on the Islamofascist collaborator’s nic and check out his picture on his website — his face is the countenance of a Judas, of a sleazy little worm that would take the appendage of a pig in its mouth rather than be beaten by any entity that claimed to be the master of his kind, or sell out his own mother for 50 cents.

    This disgusting organism needs to be taken out and drowned, slowly…

    You know I tolerate and debate dissenting opinion, but the likes of this… Finkelstein? He is every Islamic terrorist’s dream come true, the infidel who would throw himself on his knees at first contact and plead for dhimmitude.

    He is one of those spineless maggots, spawned by spineless maggot parents and spineless maggot generations, who deserves no human considerations of any kind and certainly no mercy. I pray that he has not fathered any children, because like him, they will grow up to be fiends of Satan.

    Have I in any way come across as critical of any aspect of Finkelstein’s existence?

  16. civil truth Says:


    You definitely missed out on a promising (though hazardous) career as a speechwriter for Hamas, et al. — all you’d have to do is change a few nouns. Or have you been taking Diplomacy 101 at your friendly neighborhood madrassa?

  17. Seth Says:

    Civil Truth –


    This Finkelstein creature is one of my so-called fellow Jews who uses his “Jewishness” as a badge of credibility to erode U.S.-Israeli relations. His kind are the ones who succeed and do real damage. I am not one to lose it like that as a rule, but this pestilence is one of the few inspirations for exception to the rule…

  18. civil truth Says:


    No apology is necessary. Your imprecation was a throwback to speeches I’ve read by 19th century orators, who in the absence of the film media had to paint pictures with their words. However, a truly inspired imprecation needs to be a bit more disciplined.

    Of course, that’s not entirely your fault, as the art of imprecation has been largely lost in the modern West, although this tradition remains quite alive in the Islamic world. In addition to the rhetoric we hear from Iran, Hamas, Hizbollah, etc., MEMRI has many such (translated) examples from sermons and other speeches/articles in Arabic, which we ignore at our peril. The Psalms also contain some delicious imprecations (definitely not rated PC)…

  19. Seth Says:

    Civil Truth –

    Perhaps that’s another reason liberals are so anti-Judeo-Christian venues: Because the Bible and political correctness have nothing in common, heh.

    Finklestein seems to have blocked my IP address from accessing his site, probably because I left a comment there — though nothing as “aggressive” as my reply to his comment here.

    Typical — he was probably beaten up a lot as a kid, and learned to hide as his primary means of self defense. Cowards are as cowards be.

    I have long been endeavoring to complete a couple of novels to my satisfaction, and at times do have a flair for the dramatic — when my ire is piqued, as it was on reading the Fink’s little declaration, I kinda sorta erupted.

  20. Shoprat Says:

    The alternative is war and no one wants that, and some want some want to avoid it so badly that they will create a fantasy world where the Muslims want peace. This is much easier than living in the real world where many Muzzies want us dead.

  21. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    Agreed. The problem, from the standpoint of the Utopians, is that when their dream becomes a nightmare, it will be one they’ll find they can’t wake up from.

    While many people believe that you can’t blame the ignorant, and that terrorists are 100% to blame for their “successful” operations, I tend to attach exactly as much blame on the useful idiots who allow it to happen as I do on the perpetrators — they ignore the obvious in order to remain shielded from reality and somehow believe that this will protect them.

    They are like someone hiding behind a thin tree that only conceals the middle of their face, and since they can’t see beyond the tree, they believe no one on the other side of the tree can see them.