October 12, 2006

Omaha Steaks

I recently received an introductory shipment from Omaha Steaks — it was a highly discounted assortment of stuff intended — successfully in my case, I might add — to promote their products. They now have a new customer.

I received fillet mignons, top sirloins, Italian style meatballs (pre-cooked), potatoes au gratin, burgers, boneless pork loin chops, gourmet hot dogs and stuffed soles.

First off, though, I gave the soles to a friend who isn’t as anal about seafood as I am; I have a thing about only eating locally — wherever I happen to be — caught fish {the exceptions being salmon in various forms, mussels and clams}. Everything has been excellent.

I had a couple of friends over and barbecued the top sirloins and the filets over mesquite and they were awesome, especially with the burgundy, olive oil and shaved garlic marinade I used. The hot dogs were fat and contained no fillers to speak of, also something I’ll order again and the potatoes au gratin were an excellent side dish. The two pork chops I’ve inhaled so far were another thing I’ll order again.

Moving on to the meatballs, there were two 1 lb. packages in the shipment — the first pound went to meatball subs I made with marinara sauce. The remaining 16 oz went into last night’s dinner, and munchies for the next couple or so days >>>> I made a pound and a half of spaghetti and a garlicky red sauce containing a generous quantity of ground mild Italian sausage, added the meatballs, swamped it in shredded mozzarella and baked it. Mmmmmm!!!! I ate part of it last night and accompanied it with my own garlic bread and about half a bottle of 2 year old Bell’agio chiante (a dollop of that went into the sauce before the fact). A feast!

So, yeah, though they’re just a bit on the pricey side, I’d go with Omaha Steaks anytime. Prior to receiving the promotional deal and with it a catalog of all their products, I had no idea how many different items they sell, but there are a lot. In fact, before they sent me the offer for the promo deal, I thought they only sold steaks….

Anyway, I just thought I’d give a brief review of a good thing, as promised in an earlier comment thread.

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8 Responses to “Omaha Steaks”

  1. atheling2 Says:

    MMMM, Seth, it all sounds so good! A while back I bought some Omaha Steaks on a good offer too… I even got a set of knives as well, which were not very good, but serviceable, so they went to a homeless shelter.

    Their steaks are so tender you can cut them with a butter knife. I’m cutting back on red meat so I don’t think I’ll buy again, but once in a while a nice juicy hamburger or a medium rare steak is in order!

  2. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    I got the knives (you’re right, they’re not very good, though from a couple of feet away they look as though they might be, and the plastic cutting board is nearly thin enough to shave with, LOL) and a small cookbook thing with their recommendations on how to prepare their products.

    But yeah, the quality of their steaks is what the quality of steaks ought to be, definitely melt-in-your-mouth goodness….

  3. Raven Says:

    I ALWAYS love their meats and foods. Like I told you before, I shop at the local meat market now..but if that place ever closes up…it’s Omaha again!

    Sheesh I get hungry reading this. Hmm. Wonder why.


  4. Seth Says:

    Raven –

    It’s great that you have a good meat market to go to. Giant supermarket chains have pretty much priced good, old fashioned butcher shops out of business.

    When I was a kid, we had a small butcher shop right around the corner, one of those places where the butcher knows everybody in the neighborhood and how they like their meats cut, etc.

    There are a few things I really hate to see disappearing — as they are disappearing for good, and butcher shops are one of them.

    Egad! It’s like hippies used to say back in the late 1960’s — everything’s turning “plastic” on us. Look at architecture, car body design, etc.

    Yep, once again, glad I’ve passed the 1/2 century mark and don’t have to go through the first 50 in today’s environment, heh.

  5. atheling2 Says:


    It’s true, a good butcher is hard to find. Fortunately there’s a small corner grocery in my town (which, incidentally, is the oldest grocery store standing in Washington State) that has a great butcher and fishmonger.

    You can get wonderful fresh Alaska King Salmon, fresh ground buffalo, and all kinds of shellfish. I like to buy fresh pork sirloin and have him grind it for me. Ditto with the chuck roast - ground chuck makes a great meatloaf.

    As a matter of fact, I’m having a dinner party on Monday night to celebrate the arrival of autumn (yes, it’s officially cold here now):

    Glazed Meatloaf (beef, veal and pork)
    Roasted root veggies from the Farmers Market (parsnips, yellow finn potatoes, golden beets and carrots)
    Sauteed beet greens in garlic and olive oil (add a squeeze of lemon)
    Steamed delicata squash with maple syrup.

    Think I’ll break out a bottle of claret with this one. :)

  6. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    That sounds like a feast.

    My motto has long been, “I’ve never met a meatloaf I didn’t like.” Beef veal and pork combined has to be awesome!

    I’ve never tried maple syrup with squash, but imagining the taste, and being fond of both, I’ll have to give it a try….

  7. civil truth Says:

    Omaha Steaks makes tasty products, but they’re not fiscally feasible for a family of four (including two teens). We’ll stick with Trader Joe’s for now…

  8. Seth Says:

    Civil Truth –

    I used to shop at Trader Joe’s regularly when I lived in S.F. Great place to shop, and the prices were quite reasonable given the quality of their food products.