October 9, 2006

Islam And Reality

My last post referred to the stoning of a young Muslim schoolgirl in France by other children because she was having a snack during the day instead of fasting for Ramadan. There was an indication that she may have had a medical condition that, according to the laws of Islam, qualifies for exception to the impositions of the fast. According to an Islamic authority in France, students aren’t adequately taught Islamic law in French schools and therefore might not have realized that the girl was exempt.

Oh, okay, fine. The schools in that western country are at fault for not including more thorough Islamic instruction in their schools, otherwise those little monsters would have realized they shouldn’t have stoned her. Boy, is that ever a relief, knowing the French are to blame for an oversight(man, how I hate taking sides with the French!), and not the children who did the stoning, their parents for raising them to stone other children for religious infractions nor, of course, the tenets of Islam, thank Allah!

I’m glad we got that bit straightened out, now it all makes perfect sense.

Funnily enough, when I was a school kid in New York, we weren’t taught the fine points of Christianity or Judaism in school; for that, we attended classes at our churches and synagogues, ie Sunday School or Hebrew School. Those Muslims are so special, they even feel the non-Muslim taxpayer should be required to pay for their child’s Islamic education.

Then again, Islam neither respects nor condones the existence of any other religions, nor does it respect the sovereignty of any non-Islamic nations, nor the right of those nations to allow freedom of non-Islamic worship or even exist under any but Sharia law, so they see nothing wrong with emigrating to a non-Islamic country and, rather than respecting that country’s beliefs and customs, demand that the country change to suit their Islamic beliefs.

In some circles, that might be called chutzpah.

But that’s not the sum total of what I’m posting about here, merely yet another chapter in the story of Islam’s modern day western migration.

I won’t even go into 9/11, the bombings in recent years in England and Spain or the aborted airplane bombing plot brought to light even more recently. No, forget those. They were the work of organized Islamic terrorist groups.

Instead, let’s look at the “small stuff”. The rioting in France several months ago, wherein Muslims burned hundreds of other people’s cars, committed untold property damage and assaulted people who had never borne them any ill will. The demonstrations on which we’ve seen photos, in which people held signs bearing such legends as “Behead those who insult Islam” and “Europe, your holocaust is coming”, worldwide rioting, property destruction and violence over a few cartoons of Mohammed and Muslims’ debacle over the Pope’s recent speech.

And the Muslim-on-Muslim stoning of that poor little girl by children who could only have been responding to their upbringings by parents who would undoubtedly have endorsed their “proper” Islamic actions.

The only response Muslims ever have to anything they feel insults their religion or its sick, twisted founder, Mohammed the Pedophile, is insane violence. Destruction, murder, threats of beheading….

Yet, despite these repeated occurrences, in their uniformity, intensity of violence and the disproportionately picayune events that provoke them, our western media and our western politicians continue to accept Islam as “the religion of peace” and make accommodations accordingly, welcoming this abomination into our midst and extending it significantly more respect than they accord our own customs and religions.

An American public school will suspend or even expel your child for attempting to spread a Judeo-Christian message among his or her fellow pupils under the auspices of liberals’ exaggerated “Separation of Church and State” bull droppings, yet will have no qualms about requiring the same pupils to take classes on Islamic scripture or religious customs, or to participate in simulations of Ramadan, act out the Pilgrimage of Haj or recite the Five Pillars of Islam, all on the overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian taxpayer’s dime.

Under the dubious “merits” of political correctness and multiculturalism, a couple more liberal contributions to the current state of affairs, Muslims are somehow a protected species – terrorism is merely the work of “radical extremists” and their violent, homicidal, destructive, mindless riots are invariably the fault of whichever western government and society happens to be hosting the perpetrators.

Organizations like CAIR {Council on American-Islamic Relations}, which is nothing more than a propaganda and litigation instrument for the Islamic infiltration of the United States, wage their campaigns to silence dissent and smother the truth as a way of running interference for the U.S. front of the global jihad now in progress, always right on top of any truth that rears its head that might in any way expose the invasive intentions of Islam for America, and they are backed up by leftist organizations like the ACLU, which was founded with an eye toward transforming this country into a totalitarian enterprise. Ironically enough, should the Islamic revolution succeed, the Marxists of the ACLU would be given short shrift by the Muslims with whom they have allied themselves – they are, after all, infidels like the rest of us and as such have less than no standing as human beings within the framework of Muslim beliefs.

And thanks almost entirely to the hacks that comprise today’s liberal dominated media and to politicians for whom being politically correct in order to gain votes is the order of the day, the majority of Americans are kept completely in the dark while Islam gradually establishes a powerful market share in the west.

Witness goings-on in France. Look at the way British society labors vigorously to accommodate Muslims by changing their traditions. What’s really disheartening and not a little frightening, is the fact that while the French, past masters of surrender and certainly not any kind of ally of America for over two centuries, resist change until they’ve been hammered enough by applied Islam, the British, historically a nation of great backbone, strength and fighting spirit, have been giving in to the demands of Islam before any Muslims even venture any. Britain has long been one of our truest allies.

“What—” as they say, “—‘sup with that?”

To cut to the chase, Islam is not the peaceful religion its marketing folks have apparently convinced the media and the leaders of the free world that it is. Islam is totally incompatible with the west, it is a religion based upon slavery and murder. It is a 7th Century cult that treats its women like dog doo and mutilates or butchers anyone who doesn’t go with the program. Its mandate is a planet dominated by Muslims.

Once this goal has been reached, the violence will not be completed – the next phase will be its various sects warring upon each other, the same horrors enacted until one sect – Sunni, Shiite, whichever – rules the roost. The various sects of Islam are already, and have long been, killing each other off and will do so even more vigorously once all infidels have been eliminated from the equation – converted, killed or enslaved as dhimmis.

Britain and France have about run out of time – the only way they will still be free countries ten years from now will be to employ brutally extreme corrective measures that will be fought by all but the most hardened hearts. The United States still has time to exercise options that, while in many ways distasteful, could save the republic.

Our leaders, those folks whom we have elected to defend us, need to wake up really fast……

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24 Responses to “Islam And Reality”

  1. Ogre Says:

    And they won’t. They’re blinded by political correctness. France and Spain are already Muslim. England is losing quickly. We’ve already lost California. By the time the “leaders” of this country wake up, it will be too late.

  2. GM Roper Says:

    Ogre, PC is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem lies with an absolute willingness to turn a blind eye to the depredations of the Islamofascists. As the motto of Gates of Vienna say, “We are in a new phase of a very old war.” War not waged aggressively, is war that is a lost cause. Will we be the victors ultimately? I have my doubts at times, I surely do!

  3. Seth Says:

    Ogre –

    I can see most of Europe succumbing to Islam, ostensibly because they are no longer what they once were — in mere decades and in centuries gone by, European countries like France and Britain were colonial powers that spread their influence to other parts of the world, to this day French is still the second language in many countries, most notably Muslim countries, talk about a coincidence, heh — today, they’re withdrawn back into their own borders and their empire days are history — so, obviously, are their senses of national pride and identity.

    But America is a young country that, without having had to resort to colonizing outside our borders, has left the rest of the world in the dust in terms of both wealth and military might.

    It really is amazing that in only a few short decades, we have come so close to following the Euro countries into their own present state of decayed national identity in which the likes of liberal socialists are able to influence our social, political and defense policies and enact changes that are contrary to every concept on which this country was founded and on which it has thrived as it has.

    In this, California has been our weak spot for some time, and its decline may well be a precursor for what the rest of the country has in store.

    Things in that respect are bad enough, but Islam is bringing us a nightmare that those “leaders” of ours had damn well better wake up to — personally, I tend to agree with you that they won’t, at least not early enough to save us from the profound misery that’s knocking at our door.

  4. Seth Says:

    GM –

    It’s a shame that rather than “confidence inspiring”, our leaders today are more “doubt inspiring”.

    Vietnam set a very bad precedent — it taught the left how to use the media, the courts and the self serving qualities of our elected leaders against us. Ever since, they have been milking their new know-how for all it’s worth, weakening the moral fabric and patriotic spirit of our country at every opportunity, ripping away at the integrity that made us the greatest country in history.

    Today, they are a ball & chain where fighting an aggressive war is concerned — they examine every last offensive or defensive measure we take, looking for any detail they can attack as “immoral” or “racist”, undermining our every attempt to fight the War on Terror.

    They have successfully divided the country and as such our necessary combined resolve to win this war at any cost.

    To borrow from Las Vegas, “This is not your father’s America”. Now, I’m only 51, but for you that must have even deeper meaning, LOL.

    In short, I agree with both you and Ogre here — things don’t look too promising; as a nation, we seem to be committed to losing this war rather than winning it, and of all the wars we’ve fought since we relieved the Brits of this piece of prime real estate, it’s the one we can least afford to lose.

  5. Robert Salaam Says:

    Wow, Im not so much surprised, but increasingly disturbed that somehow, people still believe that because someone acts out of zealous fanatacism they somehow are representative of their religion and all the members of that religion.

    When we take the blinders off and see what is there versus what we want to see, it will be apparent that what “we” face is not a threat by a religion, but a threat by a collective ideology that is hell bent on barbaric ideas and practices. What will become even more clear is that those ideas and practices against common belief and perception, do not in truth represent the religion they claim or the masses of the followers of that religion.


  6. civil truth Says:

    Robert, you’re building a straw-man argument here. No one is saying that acts of zealous fanatacism in and of themselves are representative of a religion and all its adherents.

    The problem with your argument is that (1) you have not defined any criteria for determining the teachings of a religion, nor (2) have you defined what makes a person a follower of that religion. Perhaps in the U.S. (and much of the West) operating under the precepts of liberal religion, anyone can self-identify themselves as a follower of a religion, but in the rest of the world (and throughout history), religion is objectively defined and people have to conform to certain standards in order to be recognized as followers of that religion.

    Furthermore, your effort to separate “ideology” from “religion” simply reflects a subjective attempt to define “religion” in terms of what you would want it to mean, and to take those ideas and teaching you disagree with and by legerdemain to define them as “ideology” divorced from religion, despite the fact that the Islamists proclaiming these teachings you call ideology are actually Muslim clerics who state that their teachings represent true Islam. In other words, calling a horse a pig doesn’t make it one.

    Rather, to determine the teachings of a religion (and to define a follower), one would examine present commentaries and conversations among the leaders of that religion, and then analyze them in the context of 1) the foundational religious texts (e.g. Bible, Koran), 2) historical commentaries, 3) historical practices.

    By this examination, looking at the totality of public statements by Muslim leaders and sermons, both in their native languages as well as in English (see MEMRI for examples), looking at the actions of Muslims around the world, and in light of historical and textural support for these teachings and actions, the burden of proof now rests on those opposed to Islamist teachings to demonstrate (by more than just a few selected passages) just how Islam can coexist with the non-Muslim world without seeking to subject the latter to Islamic governance by force or intimidation.

  7. Always On Watch Says:

    Those Muslims are so special, they even feel the non-Muslim taxpayer should be required to pay for their child’s Islamic education.

    The Koran and the Hadith tell them how special they are. **snerk**

    The concepts of Islam are so primitive that some people just can’t believe that such beliefs are held in the 21st Century. “Behead those who insult Islam”–medieval at best. Yet such placards have appeared on the streets of London.

    The small stuff isn’t really so small. And the small stuff gets no time in the news, as far as I can tell.

  8. Seth Says:

    Robert –

    I think Civil Truth pretty well answered your comment, but I’ll add this:

    I know a lot of Muslims whom I’ve called friends and today, when I ask them to tell me why their fellow Muslims are acting as they are, the gist of their answers is: “I don’t know what to tell you.” Period.

    Yet none of them, and I mean not one, has anything of a critical nature to say about the violent expression of Islam — it seems that they accept it, and I would venture to say that that’s because it’s what they expect — Islam is a religion of death, of murder, of decapitation of any who oppose it. It is a dogma that has no room for liberty, for freedom of thought or speech.

    It comes from the 7th Century and that is where it belongs, back where it came from. It simply doesn’t belong in this century.

  9. Seth Says:

    Civil Truth –

    Nothing I can say, except — Spot On!

  10. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    It gets little or no time in the news because it would be politically incorrect to report it, even though it’s the truth.

    The media is Islam’s best friend.

  11. Always On Watch Says:

    It gets little or no time in the news because it would be politically incorrect to report it, even though it’s the truth.

    And that’s why I’m always online.

  12. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I gave up on most print media a long time ago — the only place I look for news anymore is on-line.

    Recently, when I was at the supermarket, some guy at a little table near the front of the store started to pitch the local rag to me and I just started laughing and kept walking.


  13. Gayle Says:

    Online is also the only place I look for news, although my husband often gives me tips to things he’s heard on the national news, mainly Fox news.

    I was going to answer Robert, but I think you’ve done a better job of it than I could have!

    This is an excellent post, Seth, and it is the truth regardless of what the left may think. I’ve truly given up caring about that too! It seems we have two wars on our hands. Terrorism is far from the only thing threatening this country!

  14. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Thanks. I wish our politicians and the idiots of the MSM would get real about Islam and the threat it poses.

    Liberals are the prerequisite enemy, so to speak — the patriotic half of the government has to first fight its way through the left before it can fight the enemy that threatens all of us.

    Liberals blast FOX as a right wing propaganda tool because they report events accurately and without the piling on of PC B.S. and the dedicated, everpresent anti-Bush spin we get from the MSM.

    I’ll take FOX any day.

    Actually, Civil Truth did most of the corrective commentary re Robert’s comment, I just sort of tacked on my own two cents. :-)

  15. Mustang Says:

    Teaching Islamic Law:

    Hold grenade in left hand.

    Stand next to an innocent person.

    Pull pin.

    Release spoon.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  16. Seth Says:

    Mustang –

    And explode into Paradise, LOL — WWMD — What Would Mohammed Do?

    Once these “brave” jihadis arrive to claim their virgins, and I’m basing this on Mohammed’s preferences, my guess is that they’re SOL if they haven’t brought along lots and lots of pampers. 72 little girls….

  17. atheling2 Says:


    Do you really think that we need to fight the liberals first? Obdurate, obtuse, willfully blind… How does one combat invincible ignorance? I think they’re a lost cause. If you have 2 enemies and one is bent on killing you outright while the other stands on the sidelines encouraging him, who would you shoot first?

  18. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    The left is the enemy we’re not allowed to kill, LOL. Their assault on the rest of us comes in the form of their obstructing the country’s efforts at self defense whenever and wherever possible, while their tame media seeks to place blame for terrorism on Bush and at the same time play it down — depriving Americans of the truth they expect to receive when watching the news or reading the papers.

    You’ll notice that MSM venues rarely refer to the activities of terrorists during the Carter and Clinton Administrations — since they came before, it would remind folks that Bush inherited the brunt of our terrorism problems from Monica’s ex.

    You have to shoot the guys with the weapons and explosives first, then you have more time to deal with the traitors who gave them the encouragement. :-)

  19. merge Says:

    Excellent post Seth, and we are most definitely headed for a conflict. The amount of incidents seems to be increasing in frequency every year.

  20. Seth Says:

    Merge –

    Welcome, and thanks.

    The incident volume has been multiplying every year. If you include civil disturbances and so forth, this year has far outstripped previous years. I believe we’re closing in on Hour 11 rather quickly.

  21. Always On Watch Says:

    I see that Mustang understands the jihadists’ methodology. It’s really quite simple. Why doesn’t the West get that?

  22. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    It’s because we’ve been getting a spineless crop of naive politicians these days. Mustang should run for Congress — he’d get my vote.

  23. Madzionist Says:

    Expel the vermin. Islam is a terrorist organization, and those who consider themselves members must be rounded up and removed from society or innocvent lives will be lost.

  24. Seth Says:

    Madzionist –


    I can find no fault with this concept. I’m all for mass expatriation, back to where the taxis they drive are either bactiary or dromedary.

    It has become progressively clearer that allowing Islam to dwell in our midst is inviting disaster. They are not here to assimilate, they are here to conquer.