October 2, 2006

Democrats — The “Brown Party”

In a very well written post, Thespis at Thespis Journal talks about another lefty member of Congress, Ohio’s “The Dishonorable” Sherrod Brown, and his blatant self exposure as a bald-faced liar.

I mean it when I say that Democrats have a recent years’ record of voting irresponsibly, because a) they don’t take the trouble to learn exactly who and what they’re voting for, b) they are profoundly gullible, or c) they prefer to be represented in Congress or have in the White House adulterers, cheats, liars, traitors, whores and pimps.

Hell, if you contributed enough to Bill Clinton’s campaign, you were permitted to punch notches in the Lincoln Bedroom. On the streets a structure that affords that sort of arrangement is called a “trick pad”.

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4 Responses to “Democrats — The “Brown Party””

  1. Arthur Stone Says:

    Still working on the post regarding ‘The Party of Foley’?

    Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Seth Says:

    Arthur –

    It’s truly amazing how you lefties can forget the infinitely more extensive activities of an adulterer, rapist and liar who demeaned the White House for 8 years during the 1990s.

    Oh, wait, what am I saying? — you haven’t forgotten, because adultery, rape and lies are supported by today’s Democrats, and made Bubba a heeero to the Preferred Party of Perverts.

    It’s only when a Republican politician does something Democrats do as a matter of course that there is a “problem”.

  3. Arthur Stone Says:

    Thanks for avoiding the question Seth. So much for the personal responsibility of the rugged conservative side of the aisle.

    Have a great day.

    Bye the bye. Clinton was no rapist.

    Even you know that.

  4. Seth Says:

    Arthur –

    You rarely ask questions. You make statements and mask them as questions, so you can later say your question was never answered.

    In your above comment, assuming that was indeed a question, it was one of those idiot spewings that doesn’t really rate an answer.

    Clinton committed what amounts to “date rape”, only without the benefit of being on a date, numerous times. You being a liberal, that probably doesn’t constitute rape in your book, any more than Bubba’s uninvited, intimate groping of women on his staffs would constitute sexual harrassment or assault.

    Arthur, get some help.