August 15, 2006

Term Limits

A few years ago, I wasn’t all that concerned at the concept of a senator or congressman spending several terms in his/ her office, but I’ve since developed a different opinion as I’ve watched these folks “do their thing”.

The majority of voters, Democrat and Republican alike, read the papers, watch the news and so-forth, but don’t really delve into the details of their senators’ and reps’ job performances. They reelect a lot of complacent, useless, pontificating assholes because they simply don’t have time to do any research. Many figure, “Who cares? They’re all the same!”

Because of the above, we now have a permanent ruling class, people who have been in Congress forever and take their jobs for granted the same way semi-literate union factory workers might take their own positions.

It gets worse: Now these same parasites are fighting their constituencies’ efforts to impose term limits on their miserable, lazy, useless asses!

A Monday editorial at WSJ’s Opinion Journal by John Fund sums it up nicely.

If elected officials were half as imaginative at solving real problems as they are at perpetuating themselves in office, we’d see real confidence in government restored. Alas, the big issue on many pols’ minds right now is getting rid of the term-limit laws that threaten to knock down their impregnable incumbent fortresses.

Read the entire OpEd here.

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3 Responses to “Term Limits”

  1. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, I’ve long been in favor of throwing these semi-literate union factory workers ruling elites out of office at the completion of their second term - never to return. To paraphrase a departed free world leader; we’ll have government when representatives love their constituents more than themselves.

  2. Old Soldier Says:

    Sorry, it didn’t take: the “semi-literal factory workers” was supposed to be lined through…

  3. Seth Says:

    Old Soldier –

    I just tested it, LOL. “Strike” doesn’t seem to be available among my comment HTML tags (bummer), only in the blog itself. If you want me to alter anything, just tell me and I will.

    When SCOTUS ruled against term limits for denizens of The Hill, they are violating states’ rights — what if the people in a given state wanted to place term limits on those representing them in Washington?, and when local politicians of various stripes try for the same thing and are resisting the will of the majority of their constituents in so doing, we are looking at, if not actual violations of the Constitution, definite breaches of the spirit in which America was founded. It is the few members of the ruling class asserting their continued rule, against the will of the majority.

    This was not supposed to happen. J.Q. Citizen, recognized by his peers as someone who could represent them well in government, is elected by them to serve a term in office, then step down and reap, once again a private citizen, what he has sown while serving.

    Instead, what we have is a politics machine owned and operated by a consortium of complacent career rulers who back-burner the needs of their constituencies to higher priorities like their personal political careers and “all politics, all the time” work ethic.

    I will say that things are considerably worse on the DNC side than on the GOP side, though. The very idea that they would give any creedence to someone like John Kerry, let alone run him for POTUS only serves to indicate that Democrat politicians, even those who once came across with conservative values, have sold out to the increasingly more lucrative campaign funding coming from the looniest reaches of the far left.