June 8, 2006

Tancredo Rocks!

So, yeah, I love singing the praises of Tom Tancredo — he is the man who should represent the GOP in the next Presidential election. He’s a solid patriot who, in view of his stance in our present national debate on illegal immigration and border security, is obviously more concerned about America’s well being than President Bush seems to be, which is a major disappointment to me as I’ve been a strong Bush supporter from the start.

In perusing the web this fine early morning, I ran across an interview with Tom Tancredo at Right Wing News. I have no idea when this was posted, as there are no dates on the page that I can find. The interview was a masterful exchange. Of everything he said in the interview, the two paragraphs that most stand out for me, because they precisely reflect my own thoughts, are —

You know, I’m a Republican, I’m a Conservative, I voted for George Bush. In many ways, he’s a fine President and I’m glad that he’s there. But this achilles heel that he has on immigration is so threatening to the survival of this nation that in my mind it begins to overwhelm all of the good things that he does. He can fight terrorists overseas, but he leaves our borders so they can come in here and do their thing. Does that make any sense? We send troops thousands of miles away to fight terrorists, but we refuse to put them on our own border to keep them out. Then we tell the Justice Department to find them when they’re here, swimming in a sea of illegals.

This issue, if not addressed, leaves any President, including George Bush, open to the criticism that they are essentially ignoring the destruction of the nation and I believe that with all my heart. I believe that is what we are actually facing here.

Read the entire interview here.

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