June 5, 2006

“Global Warming” Revisited

I recently did a post on the myth of global warming, in which I opined that the entire issue is a piece of nonsense that liberals have used to engender a goodly quantity of “political hay”, such as Robert Kennedy, Jr’s assertion that Katrina was Dubya’s fault, because he didn’t go along with the Kyoto BS and resultantly, Hurricane Katrina did its number on the Gulf Coast. The wingnut journalist, a Kennedy, hmmmm, actually bade us look to “the science” as proof that the hurricane was all Bush’s fault.

One of the commenters to the post, a liberal thinker, gave me the usual politically inspired argument and I answered with a link to one of the many websites debunking the myth and I haven’t heard from him since, though I would appreciate his input after reading at that site.

However, he hasn’t been back, and since then a blogger for whom I have a ton of respect has done a post on the issue that links to some profoundly definitive websites.

I refer you, at this point, to Pat’s Rick…

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2 Responses to ““Global Warming” Revisited”

  1. Shane Says:

    Actually, I just posted back to that link. I was out of town on business. But how do you know that I’m a liberal thinker? I’m actually a registered independent, have voted for a number of republicans, am strongly fiscally conservative (unlike our current President), and go to church every week. And it’s my Christian faith that drives me to be a good steward of the amazing planet God has gifted to us.

  2. Seth Says:

    And for all that, Shane, you’re still espousing opinions that brand you as a liberal. What can I say?