March 15, 2006

Senator Feingold: One Lonely Man

Senator Russ Feingold’s proposal to censure President Bush over the Chief Executive’s counterterror measure of having the NSA monitor telephone calls between terrorists and their co-conspirators between phones inside the U.S. and phones overseas has his fellow Senate Democrats scuttling around in profound embarrassment as they desperately “avoid the media at all costs” on the issue.

Democratic senators, filing in for their weekly caucus lunch yesterday, looked as if they’d seen a ghost.

“I haven’t read it,” demurred Barack Obama (Ill.).

“I just don’t have enough information,” protested Ben Nelson (Neb.). “I really can’t right now,” John Kerry (Mass.) said as he hurried past a knot of reporters — an excuse that fell apart when Kerry was forced into an awkward wait as Capitol Police stopped an aide at the magnetometer.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) brushed past the press pack, shaking her head and waving her hand over her shoulder. When an errant food cart blocked her entrance to the meeting room, she tried to hide from reporters behind the 4-foot-11 Barbara Mikulski (Md.).

“Ask her after lunch,” offered Clinton’s spokesman, Philippe Reines. But Clinton, with most of her colleagues, fled the lunch out a back door as if escaping a fire.

So this one senator, who mistakenly “spoke for his party”, now feinds himself standing by himself after putting his fellow Dems on the spot. It seems that as the midterm elections grow nearer, even the Democrats who have shamelessly slandered the President over the War On Terror are beginning to attempt to try and create temporary facades of responsibility and patriotism, and Mr. Feingold is raining on their parade.

It’s enough to make you laugh with free, uncontrolled mirth at the way these opportunists and liars suddenly hide themselves from their own media to the point of sneaking out convenient back doors.

Poor, lonely Senator Feingold is understandably piqued at the lack of backup he’s receiving from his Democrat colleagues.

Sen. Russell Feingold on Tuesday blamed fellow Democrats for inaction on his stalled resolution to censure President Bush for his authorizing the National Security Agency’s electronic terrorist surveillance program.

“I’m amazed at Democrats … cowering with this president’s numbers so low,” said Feingold, D-Wis. “The administration … just has to raise the specter of the War on Terror, and Democrats run and hide.”

Heh heh heh….

Hat Tip: James Taranto

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2 Responses to “Senator Feingold: One Lonely Man”

  1. Michael Says:

    They are all in the smae camp and don’t know what to do….Crap or get off the pot…

  2. Seth Says:

    Ahh, they’re just doing what they’ve been doing the last 5 years: Helping boost GOP campaigns by driving sane voters away from them and over to us. :-)