June 26, 2012

Our Monarch, His Majesty B. Hussein, Strikes Again

Well, the Supreme Court have rendered their decision on Arizona’s Immigration law.

Amid all the pronouncements of liberal victory against Arizona’s immigration law since the Supreme Court announced yesterday that it struck down three of four provisions of SB 1070, there’s an important point that some in the mainstream media are overlooking.

Obama lost. Big time.

The court, in 5-3 votes with Elena Kagan recusing herself, struck down three provisions having to do with state criminal penalties for immigration violations.

The fourth provision gives police the right to stop and demand to know the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect are in the country illegally.

Of course, they’re dealing with The Obama here.

It’s the fourth provision at the heart of the law that really had the administration worried, and that’s the provision that the court upheld unanimously.

Historically, a unanimous Supreme Court decision on anything seals the deal. Challengers need not bother. Adios. Hasta la vista, baby.

And, as we’ve been learning, even the Supreme Court can’t usurp the power of our king, you know, that guy up there in the White Castle House.

But the justices didn’t realize they were dealing with King Obama. Instead of accepting the decision of the court with good grace and committing himself to upholding the ruling as is the president’s duty, Obama immediately set about finding ways to get around it.

First came the promise that Attorney General Eric “Blind Eye” Holder was going to watch Arizona very closely for any signs of “racial profiling.” I give it two weeks before he sues Arizona again.

Then, just to hammer home the point that His Majesty was not pleased, almost immediately following the court’s decision came the announcement that Homeland Security was suspending existing agreements with Arizona law enforcement regarding immigration, meaning they would ignore most immigration calls from Arizona.

With a president like Obama, who needs a supreme court or, for that matter, even a congress, anyway, when that one man there in the Oval Office is, evidently, all the government we need?

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10 Responses to “Our Monarch, His Majesty B. Hussein, Strikes Again”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    I’m guessing here - but I rather think any Democrat in public office in Arizona could be a very rare animal in the not too distant future. Any bets on when border states will start trying to secede from the Union if Obama wins a second term?

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    The main supporters of lefty Democrats in states like Arizona are, according to Seth (he has relations of some sort there, and they seem, he said, to exemplify their “ilk” politically), what he calls the “Gated Community” liberals. These people have made their money via levels of professionalism that are far above those skills or lacks of specific skills of the jobs that illegals from down south usurp by working for coolie wages, and therefore consider themselves to be “the elite”; what they perceive as the so-called “moral high ground”, while making them feel good about themselves, is highly destructive to the rank and file citizen trying merely to survive and raise a family.

    These well to do liberals are as much a problem as the illegals themzelves, since they support the diregarding of our immigration laws and generally every other liberal concept that comes along.

    The misery they promote for the less affluent doesn’t touch them, so they ignore it rather than acknowledge what they’ve helped cause by voting for other liberals.

    While I don’t see things going as far as attempts at secession, I do foresee a lot more hostility at grass roots level as the illegals not only take jobs from Americans, but also as illegals’ violent crime rate increases (it’s already considerable, witness the significant percentage of illegal aliens in U.S. prisons doing time for crimes of violence).

    I also foresee, as do you, a lot of Democrat politicians being told on local election days to start typing their resumes as the people become steadily more disgusted.

    One of the biproducts of an overabundance of illegals, particularly from Mexico and South America, is overcrowded domiciles (houses, apartments), which are the means by which these people can afford to undercut legal U.S. citizens and work for low wages.

    The inevitable results are gang violence and devalued neighborhoods, which means house prices bottoming out so longtime home owners who want to bail out and move cannot get decent prices for their homes.

    Wolf and Seth have both thought one solution would be a lot of big, beefy rednecks riding around in pick-up trucks with baseball bats and bad attitudes, administering street justice en masse.

    Just sayin’… :-)

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    I take your point about the ‘gated liberals,’ they are a plague everywhere. As you say, they advocate and vote for policies and politicians who have a major impact on everyone except them - and, as I have written on my blog today, really do not wish to know the problems or admit their part in them.

    Seth and Wolf may have a point, the problem is vigilante ‘justice’ eventually turns bad.

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    Like might have been said on the liberals in question in a James Clavel novel: “The pox on ‘em!”

    …vigilante ‘justice’ eventually turns bad.

    True, perhaps the good ol’ boys should drive their pick-up trucks into the gated communities instead. They could clean up quick and be out and retired (despite their pestilent effect on the country, the libs in question are a minority) before they’ve had the chance to turn bad. ;-)

  5. The Gray Monk Says:

    Sounds like a good plan, but I read today in the German news, that a new poll in the US shows that 75% of Americans think the current President is good at protecting them from “aliens.”

    Which “aliens” would they be then?

  6. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    Protecting us from aliens, LOL. That’s funny.

    It must be the space kind they’re talking about, because the O Admin sure isn’t protecting us from the illegal ones.


    Actual prosecutions for illegal presence in the U.S. have dropped during his administration and, as we know, they’re at war with Arizona over that state’s anti-illegal immigration laws, so much so that Obama’s goons are refusing to prosecute anyone detained as an illegal by state or local police.

    It’s more like Obama’s protecting the illegal kind from our laws. Unfortunately for many of them, however, the Obama economy has caused a drop even in jobs for the illegals, so, while loudly complaining, many are going home, and the riddance is divine.

    Now, if it’s space aliens, that’s another story….

  7. The Gray Monk Says:

    I figured it was the space kind … Perhaps they arrive, take one look at the White House and do the “Beam me up Xzppprtl! There’s no intelligent life her to negotiate with.”

    I must say it did seem to be at odds with the reports I read elsewhere.

  8. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    You should see the streets of Manhattan (NYC).

    The curbs are lined with ever growing numbers of street vendors’ carts and tables (food, bric a brac, tourist items, food from hundreds of stands and trucks, etc) and there are more and more “undocumented” mothers sitting against building walls panhandling, babies in arms, still others out with their small children at all hours picking up cans and bottles from the trash for 5 cents apiece recycling; It’s beginning to lok like a third world country.

    Couple that with the fact that more conversations you hear on the street seem to be in languages other than English as are the cuisines in most restaurants here, and well…

  9. The Gray Monk Says:

    Ah, sounds just like London then …

  10. Mrs Wolf Says:

    London’s got it too… At least we’re not alone!

    It’s weird, walking down 5th Avenue and feeling like one’s at a bazaar in some 3rd world country!