June 24, 2012

Come on, now! Is this SERIOUS!?

We all know that liberals are capable of some pretty farfetched things, and that Barack Hussein Obama’s probably one of the most shameless of the bunch, BUT THIS!?

When it comes to the 2012 campaign, team Obama has made more than their fair share of embarrassing gaffes. Chronicling them would take thousands of words, though certainly such hits as Attack Watch and the Life of Julia stand out. However, those gaffes, idiotic though they may have been, at least had a rationale behind them that was discernible, if stupid.

This is most unequivocally not the case when it comes to the Obama team’s most recent fundraising initiative. It is impossible to dream up a rationale for it without sounding silly. It can‘t really be set up in any way that softens the incredulity you’ll feel looking at it. So we’ll just repost an image below and let you see:


Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?

Let your friends know how important this election is to you - Register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the president on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate - and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.

Setting up and sharing your registry page is easy - so get it started today.

Is this real? Is this even believable, or are we about to be contacted by a white rabbit in waistcoat, bearing a pocket watch?

So many questions abound after reading this short message, “Why” being chief among them. Why should a wedding correlate with donating to the President? Along with “saving jobs,” is the President now claiming credit for every wedding officiated on his watch? How does he statistically measure “wedding creation” if he is? If you divorce, does that mean you can ask for your money back? Why do anniversaries correlate to donating? Why do birthdays? Why, why, why?

Oh, and did you notice that creepy “It’s a gift we can all enjoy” part, as though by giving money to the President, you’re giving a gift to the entire country? Talk about a sinister idea. No matter how much of a patriot you are, we doubt you want the entire country crashing your wedding party, asking for a gift they can “all enjoy.” It’s your anniversary/wedding/birthday, after all, not theirs. If you want a gravy bowl instead of four more years of gravy for lobbyists, that’s your right.


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