April 6, 2012

G.O.P. Catching Up on the $$$$ Side

While we here at Hard Astarboard certainly don’t make a point of reading the Grey Whore Lady (except occasionally to see what Kommunist Media Central is up to, from time to time), this front pager over there did catch my eye earlier, enough to inspire a second post just because it’s rare to see the truth printed in that rag when it doesn’t propagandize in their favor.

Once teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and irrelevance, the Republican National Committee has raised more than $110 million over the past 15 months and retired more than half its debt, accumulating large cash reserves that could give Mitt Romney a critical boost later this spring as he intensifies his campaign against President Obama.

With the divisive and drawn-out Republican primary season moving toward a close, the committee reported more money in the bank at the start of last month than the Democratic National Committee, which raised about $137 million during the same period but also spent far more.

So much for Democrats bragging that their party has been raising so much more money than the Republicans!

Article here.

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