April 6, 2012

If we believe THIS, we’ll believe ANYTHING

From the Washington Times:

A lawmaker from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said Thursday that there would be “no referendum at all” on the country’s peace treaty with Israel, hours after the Islamist group’s presidential candidate made his unexpected bid official.

Come again?

Asked whether a Brotherhood-led government would put the 1979 Camp David Accords to a referendum, as many of the group’s leaders have promised, Mr. Dardery said no.

“No referendum at all concerning international obligations,” he said. “All our international agreements are respected by the Freedom and Justice Party, including Camp David.”

These are the same people who said they would not run a candidate to take over Mubarak’s former job as president of Egypt. If I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly what they’re doing now.

Of course, our gullible politicians, along with every Islamist’s friend Barack Hussein Obama, (and the missus) will choose to believe that this parent organization of Hamas is sincere, not simply trying to gain friends in the U.S. Government and support from Washington for its candidacy.

No matter how often Islam’s miscreants prove to us that it’s okay, in their belief system, to lie to infidels, we continue to act as though they are credible people.

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