June 13, 2010

Real Lawmen, Not Politicians’ Boot Lickers

You can’t say the same about most California cops anymore, they’re too busy performing the “kiss where the moon don’t shine” on far left politicians who see their come-one-come-all policy toward illegal immigration.

If they gave a damn about anything more than just having a job, like maybe enforcing the law, they would let the courage of their convictions take them down a different road, up to and including going to other states and getting on the cops there.

Maybe that’s just me, perhaps I just believe that a man needs to stand for something.

Like Arizona cops.

From One News Now:

PHOENIX - Sheriff’s deputies raided two Sizzler steak house restaurants in Phoenix on Saturday, arresting nine employees who are suspected of being illegal immigrants and using fraudulent documents to get jobs.

The raids were part of a yearlong investigation into whether the operators of the two Sizzler locations broke a civil law by knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian Lee said in a statement.

Deputies were looking for 23 suspects wanted for identity theft, Lee said. Authorities believe one of the suspects was deported three times and has been hired back by Sizzler each time he returned.

The sheriff’s office received a tip from a former Sizzler manager who claimed he had been fired for his refusal to hire employees without the proper documents, Lee said.

“This is another example of a case where desperately needed jobs are being occupied by illegal aliens who have disregarded our laws and our borders,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in the statement.

Arpaio, known for pushing the bounds for how local law enforcement agencies can confront illegal immigration, frequently raids workplaces in the greater Phoenix area for people in the U.S. illegally.

A message left at one of the two restaurants wasn’t immediately returned Saturday afternoon. A manager at the other restaurant declined to provide his name and publicly comment on the raid.

Hats off to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lt. Brian Lee, for doing what a law enforcement officer is supposed to do: Arresting criminals.

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