June 12, 2010

Why Not Be Amused?

Earlier, I came upon a sidewalk Lyndon LaRouche stand on a street corner that bore colorful abstract banners that said:

Save NASA, Impeach Obama!

The workers there were attempting to acquire signatures and cash donations to support the impeachment of the president.

“Never happen,” I said.

“If we work hard and get the support we need…” A worker told me.

“No, it won’t.” I insisted. “I’d love nothing more than to see that corrupt commie bum get the boot, but the reality is, it just ain’t gonna happen. Even if it did, then what? Biden’s next in line, then Pelosi, the fate worse than death, and then, if the country’s still around, Hillary.”

“Oh, we’ve got a plan for that.” he assured me. “We let Biden know that if he doesn’t get it right, he’ll be next, then Pelosi –”

“Keep dreaming.” I said.

As I was about to leave, he handed me a flyer with some LaRouche politics on it, which I took with me and subsequently read.

The narrative on one side ended with:

“Anyone who is not moving for Obama’s ouster is not for real. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is one more demonstration of why Obama must be expelled from office on an emergency basis. If you want to save the nation, he has got to go. Either he goes or civilization goes.”

I kid you not! Either he goes or civilization goes.

Now, this came off an oh - fish - ial Lyndon LaRouche hand-out. I looked around on-line to try and find it in one linkable place or another, since many might find it difficult to believe that someone with so many followers wouls actually print up something like that, and this is the only one I found.

If what this guy was saying and the editorializing on the letter size, small print flyer are core LaRouche (pure frantic alarmism, well beyond even the more dramatic rants one hears on the right, mixed with a heavy dose of paranoia), we are one lucky republic that the man never made it to the White House.

What’s still frightening, though, is the number of people who take him seriously.

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2 Responses to “Why Not Be Amused?”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Ol Larouche is pushing 90 now and he wasn’t that bright as a college student. He runs for president every four years, apparently trying for he Guiness Record, and yes..tis odd he still has loyal
    followers. Yep, amusing, Chuck: interesting find!

  2. Chuck Says:


    I had a few chuckles out of reading the flier.

    The surreal concept of an auditorium full of people listening with rapt attention, serious, even stricken expressions on their faces, as LaRouche expounds upon the certain fate of the world as we know it if some strategy of his isn’t implemented, forthwith, by governments everywhere, would be a good opening scene for some cult film, I suppose.

    Having seen those followers of his at their stand and listened to one of them talking, I have to wonder if, before they fell under the dubious spell of Lyndon LaRouche, they were among those who saw Elvis in the supermarket, right between escaping from the aliens who’d abducted them and joining the Moonies. :-)