June 11, 2010

Treason Is As Treason Does

Got some time to post a bit more.

If the allegations against an Army intelligence analyst by the name of Spc. Bradley Manning are indeed true, he needs to be dealt with as a traitor should be dealt with, this in time of war, to boot, without compassion or any form of lenience.

A Soldier who allegedly gave video of an Army helicopter attack to an online whistleblower has been arrested in Kuwait, according to Wired magazine.

Spc. Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst, is reportedly the source of the 2007 video that the website Wikileaks dubbed “Collateral Murder” when it released the video online in early April.

Manning, 22, was arrested about two weeks ago while stationed at Forward Operating Base Hammer, about 40 miles from Baghdad, according to the magazine.

In a statement on Manning’s arrest the Army did not refer to the Apache attack video, but said Manning “was placed in pre-trial confinement for allegedly releasing classified information and is currently confined in Kuwait. The Department of Defense takes the management of classified information very seriously because it affects our national security, the lives of our Soldiers, and our operations abroad.”

I have no brief for any member of the Armed Forces who divulges classified information, or any data related to operational circumstances that has not been cleared for release by the member’s superiors. It gets other people killed.

The whole story.

Traitors, unfortunately, also come in politician form and I can think of a few offhand, whom I won’t name, who go by the initials BHO, NP and HR.

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