June 11, 2010

Something For Friday

I’ll be spending most of my time this weekend doing some work on my boat, as I may take another of my long cruises south along the Mexican coast really soon, and want to have everything 4.0 when I do it.

But this morning…

Something we already knew,

to whit:

When asked to compare Nancy Pelosi to previous House speakers, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) didn’t hold back. In an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, Pence excoriated her as the “least democratic speaker in the history of the House of Representatives,” arguing that she’s blocked a “free and open debate” in Congress.

Watch The Video.

Moving on, we all know that today’s feminist movement is not about women’s rights or opportunities as it purports to be. The reason they ignore the plight of women in many Muslim countries is because their politics, based on the “progressive” school of politics, demand butt munching Islam from the left side of the aisle.

Feminists are hypocrites who pursue the left wing agenda, and anyone not contributing to that gets short shrift like those Muslim women do.

As for any woman in politics who is not supporting “progressives”:

Former New Yorker editor Tina Brown appeared on Thursday’s Good Morning America to deride the mostly Republican women who won primaries on Tuesday as “wingnuts” and to sneer that they represent a “blow to feminism.”

I’d say it’s only a blow to the far left.

From Caroline Glick:

The first rule of strategy is to keep your opponent busy attending to your agenda so he has no time to advance his own. Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders seem unaware of this rule, while Iran’ rulers triumph in its application.

Over the past few weeks, Israel has devoted itself entirely to the consideration of questions that are at best secondary. Questions like how much additional assistance Israel should provide Hamas-controlled Gaza and how best to fend off or surrender to the international diplomatic lynch mob have dominated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s and his senior ministers’ agendas. Our political leaders — as well as our military commanders and intelligence agencies — have been so busy thinking about these issues that they have effectively forgotten the one issue that they should have been considering.

Israel’s greatest strategic challenge — preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons — has fallen by the wayside.

Seriously good insight. Here’s the rest.

Another worthwhile and amusing read comes from Wesley Pruden, all about Obama’s search for that “ass” he says he wants to kick. :-)

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