June 8, 2010

The Real Reason Behind The Border Incident

In the bad old days of my military service, I had occasion to witness the self inflicted deaths of more than one adolescent. Those deaths were death by explosives, those kids self-detonating in order to take the lives of others.

The incidents did not occur in or near the United States or even on the North or South American continents, but in third world countries oceans away.

Even though these children died commiting murder, I felt heartache at people in such an early stage of life dying needlessly. And it was needless, there is little doubt in my mind that they were either compelled to do what they did or persuaded to do so by cowardly adults who preferred to use kids as weapons to crawling out of their holes and fighting like men for the causes they espoused.

When I read about this incident, I was just as depressed.

The teenager died needlessly.

Not because a Border Patrol agent saw fit to shoot him (I was not there, and the circumstances as reported are still apparently a bit muddy), but because the kid was there to begin with.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent fatally shot a 15-year-old Mexican boy after a group trying to illegally enter Texas threw rocks at officers near downtown El Paso, U.S. authorities said Tuesday.

The shooting, which happened Monday evening beneath a railroad bridge linking the two nations, drew sharp criticism from Mexico, where President Felipe Calderon said Tuesday that his goverment “will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.”

The above quoted paragraphs indicate the blame for the incident, investigation results notwithstanding, and tell us exactly who is to blame for the boy’s dying there.

Calderone: the rights of Mexican migrants

People his government should be stopping on their side of the border, except that the corrupt sleazeballs, including Calderone himself, see it as being in their best interests to palm off their poor on the U.S. so they can pocket more of the money they’re not spending looking after their own citizens.

Mexican migrants? How about “criminal aliens?” Felony trespassers upon sovereign U.S. soil?

What rights? These people were crossing our border illegally, they did not belong on this side of the border, therefore they had no rights.

Americans who employ undocumented aliens: illegals sneak across the border because they can get work up here from criminals who, in order to obtain cheap labor, ignore the laws that prohibit them from hiring these people.

“Progressive” U.S. Politicians: These folks are just as criminal as the scumbags that hire illegals, because instead of allowing their law enforcement agencies to apprehend illegals, they provide sanctuary cities and states. They speak out in favor of illegal immigrants, sending them a message that they’re welcome here.

In California, well, just look at L.A. County alone. There’s a corrupt, greasy, anti-American L.A. mayor named Villarago — Villarai — whatever, who champions the cause of illegals and condemns a state like Arizona for protecting itself by enforcing immigration laws. There are boulevards like Olympic in Santa Monica where the city actually puts out porta-cans along the roadsides where the illegals stand around waiting for contractors to pick them up, so the felons will feel more comfortable waiting there.

Isn’t that nice…

Meanwhile, illegal aliens are putting hospitals out of business in California, contributing to the bankruptcy and unemployment and crime, and these “progressives” ignore it all.

The Federal Court System: What happened to Tyson and others when they were caught red-handed with plants overflowing with “undocumented” workers?


Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Where the hell are they?

The President, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, all the Democrats on the Hill, and, of course,

The Mainstream (lefty) Media: For their heartfelt support and encouragement both of illegal immigration and the lack of enforcement thereof.

Naturally, the blame will fall on the Border Patrol agent who pulled the trigger, although in the scheme of things, he is the least responsible, for that boy dying, of any of the above.

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