June 2, 2010

Yeah, We’ve Been Here Before


I just read an interesting column by John Stossel, where he weighs in on the issue.

“Backwards and hateful ideas … oust John Stossel,” said Colorofchange.org.

In a newspaper, the organization went on:

“It’s time that FOX drop Stossel … we’ll go directly after the network with a public campaign unlike anything we’ve pursued to date.”.

Media Matters joined: “By airing Stossel’s repugnant comments, Fox legitimizes his indefensible position.”

What “indefensible” position did I take?

I said this: “Private businesses ought to get to discriminate. I won’t ever go to a place that’s racist, and I will tell everybody else not to, and I’ll speak against them. But it should be their right to be racist.”

Read that carefully: I condemned racism. I said I’d speak out against and boycott a racist’s business. But to some people, I committed heresy. I failed to accept the entire catechism. I didn’t say that we need government to fight racism and prohibit racist policies in private establishments.

That’s always the way of the Racecard Left, ain’t it? You’re in for a penny, in for a pound. Their way or the highway and anyone who’s for the latter is a racist.

Here’s the entire column.

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2 Responses to “Yeah, We’ve Been Here Before”

  1. Tony Says:

    I see exactly where Stossel is coming from here, and tend to agree, if only because I have come to understand where things can go once government sets the precedent of being able to legislate non-governmental concerns in the private sector.

    It is pretty much the point you made, Chuck, in the previous post on the subject.

    Pursuing Stossel through his network, demanding that he be fired is the kind of thing that indicates that those demanding his firing do not believe in the freedom of speech granted us in the Constitution, yet these same people rarely have any qualms about their own views being expressed in as extreme terms as possible.

    Didn’t they once call that “fascism”?

  2. Chuck Says:


    those demanding his firing do not believe in the freedom of speech granted us in the Constitution…

    And that’s the whole thing in a nut shell, as they used to say.

    The left has managed to interpret the First Amendment as applying only to them, so that when anyone publishes or expresses on the air an opinion that differs from theirs, they believe those expressing it should be all but stamped out of existence.

    They use racism to cover every perceived evil, overusing, abusing and misusing the concept, mainly as a con job on less intelligent members of minorities in order to secure their votes, and to try and induce shock, guilt or other emotions among the well intentioned.