May 27, 2010

Larry Elder On The Rand Paul Debacle

In today’s Jewish World Review:

Libertarian Rand Paul, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky, shocked many conservatives when he refused to give full-throated support for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act criminalized public sector racial discrimination, and struck down laws that required discrimination and segregation. But it went much further. It outlawed racial discrimination by private actors such as restaurant and hotel owners who refused to serve blacks.

Yes, it did.

Funnily enough, though, we have here a bill that was passed by Republicans whose stipulation, as described above, was extension of its equality provisions to the private sector. Since we all know that it was Democrats who were doing most of the persecuting (see the all Democrat, all the time KKK as a prime example), the Republicans were, in effect, protecting the rights of blacks from Democrats.

Now a libertarian, who by definition is much closer to a Republican than to a Democrat, who says he doesn’t believe the government should force private businessmen to tow the line, is under fire from the Democrats, who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to begin with.

The word “convoluted” comes to my mind.

Rand’s critics also unintentionally expose the condescending way “compassionate conservatives” deem that blacks — still standing after slavery and Jim Crow — are in need of protection by rare “noble” whites from the bigot-infested world through which blacks are obviously incapable of navigating. Why else throw overboard the just and basic principle that private actors, short of engaging in force or fraud, should behave as they wish?

What about the pro-life pharmacist who considers it immoral to stock and sell the morning-after pill? What about the landlady who thinks homosexuality is immoral and refuses to rent to a gay couple? What if she refuses to rent to an illegal alien? What about the “morally straight” Boy Scouts organization that discriminates against an openly gay scoutmaster? What about the healthy 25-year-old who refuses to purchase health insurance?

Republicans go all deer-in-the-headlights when someone questions their colorblind bona fides. But when Nazi sympathizers want publicly to march, many conservatives correctly defend the “right.” Constitutional rights extend to both saints and sinners and those in between, no matter the outrage — in this instance of Jewish Holocaust survivors over the prospect of swastika-wearing fascists parading through their neighborhood.

This is freedom 101.

I find Larry Elder’s point of view highly defensable, and by extension, Rand Paul’s. Now, I also understand that the name “Paul” is not among the favorites in the GOP’s house, but on the other hand, because Rand Paul is actually right here, I wonder why the Republicans can’t seem to find the time to lend him just a little support.

Oh, I forgot.

No matter how hard they are now fighting to protect our liberty from Obama and his lefties, they are still the same Republicans who let us down in the first half of this decade and as a result lost both houses of Congress to the “progressive” lefty legions of Pelosi and Reid, and they don’t want to rock any vote-getting boats that might restore them to the majority on Capital Hill…So they can revert back to the lackadaisical, complacent, “career first, America second” fatcats they were before.

The well-intended, but misguided, passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — as applied to private conduct — sought to change not only whites’ behavior but also their “feelings.” Some blacks perceive racial hostility toward them from their local Korean grocer. But if treated with a smile and offered quality goods at fair prices, most blacks patronize the store. People expect and respond to a certain measure of respect as a customer, regardless of how the proprietors may personally “feel” about them.

Instead of defending Paul on this issue against race-card-playing leftists like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, conservatives/Republicans/pundits panicked. How are we to get the country back on the course set by its Founders if we cannot stand with the Rand Pauls of the nation on the bedrock principle of maximum personal liberty?

Well said.

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2 Responses to “Larry Elder On The Rand Paul Debacle”

  1. Tony Says:

    Interesting blog.

    The title of this post was what brought me here, because I have been reading Larry Elder’s columns for a few months, and after years of following the media and going along with what now seems to me to be pure crap, I decided to start looking at the point of view of black conservatives, one of which I seem to be becoming.

    Reading Elder, Walter Williams, Ken Blackwell and of course Thomas Sowell really got me to thinking and reevaluating all the rubbish I’d been absorbing for so many years, the “Republicans are racist, but the Democrats love you” rhetoric that I’ve learned has been nothing but a course of brainwashing blacks for our vote.

    Having said all that, I tend to agree with Paul as well.

    I can’t speak for other blacks in this, but I would feel extremely uncomfortable in a work environment in which my employer despised or mistrusted me because of my skin color, religion, or anything else outside my character and employed me only because he was forced to by law.

    On the same token, while I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body where other ethnic groups are concerned, if I had a personal reason for not wanting to hire somebody to work for me and the government forced me to do so, it would be pure fascism, as far as I was concerned.

    Making equal opportunity employment hiring mandatory in the public sector is another thing entirely, since our governments, whether federal, state or local, belong to all the people.

    Even then, though, I don’t believe in so-called “affirmative” action, because that is, as I’ve heard many whites say, “reverse discrimination”, which to me is simply “discrimination”, no better than the other way around.

    Good blog, and thanks! :-)

  2. Chuck Says:


    Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Hard Astarboard. :-)

    It’s good reading your input here, as being in California most of the time, most of the folks of all minorities I meet are totally brainwashed by the left and consider the term “Republican” akin to a four letter word.

    It has seemed to me that in the last few decades, whenever we’ve gone outside the Constitution, it has had something to do with politicians going after the votes of a special interest or minority at the expense of the rest of the country, yet there are always those like yourself who resist and do well on their own.