April 24, 2010

One “Not Guilty”, Two To Go

So far, one third of a travesty of justice has been rectified.

A U.S. military jury cleared a Navy SEAL Thursday of failing to prevent the beating of an Iraqi prisoner suspected of masterminding a 2004 attack that killed four American security contractors.

The contractors’ burned bodies were dragged through the streets and two were hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates river in the former insurgent hotbed of Fallujah, in what became a major turning point in the Iraq war.

The trial of three SEALs, the Navy’s elite special forces unit, has outraged many Americans who see it as coddling terrorists.

Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas, 28, of Blue Island, Ill., was found not guilty by a six-man jury of charges of dereliction of duty and attempting to influence the testimony of another service member.

As far as I’m concerned, the so-called “victim” (Ahmed Hashim Abed, scumbag) is damn lucky that I wasn’t there, and yeah, these politically correct assholes who in any way believe the SEALs in question should even be in the position of having to defend themselves in this case are coddling friggin’ tangos.

Huertas is the first of three SEALS to face a court-martial for charges related to the abuse incident. All three SEALs could have received only a disciplinary reprimand, but insisted on a military trial to clear their names and save their careers.

The trial stems from an attack on four Blackwater security contractors who were driving through the city of Fallujah west of Baghdad in early 2004. The images of the bodies hanging from the bridge drove home to many the rising power of the insurgency and helped spark a bloody U.S. invasion of the city to root out the insurgents later that year.

The Iraqi prisoner who was allegedly abused, Ahmed Hashim Abed, testified Wednesday on the opening day of the trial at the U.S. military’s Camp Victory on Baghdad’s western outskirts that he was beaten by U.S. troops while hooded and tied to a chair.

…beaten by U.S. troops while hooded and tied to a chair. is, to my way of thinking and whether it happened or not, quite a bit milder than burned bodies were dragged through the streets and two were hanged from a bridge, but a certain species of service personnel known as REMFs, along with a whole lot of civilians back home with spines of asparagus or a general bone to pick with the brave folks who keep ‘em safe and preserve their freedom, can’t seem to tell the difference.

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin DeMartino, who was assigned to process and transport the prisoner and is not a SEAL, testified he saw one SEAL punch the prisoner in the stomach and watched blood spurt from his mouth. Huertas and the third SEAL were in the narrow holding-room at the time of the incident, he added.

PO3 DeMartino probably enjoys “don’t ask, don’t tell” status, giving him the privilege of getting to hang around real men, even though he has to keep the fantasies he entertains about them to himself.

But defense attorneys tried to cast doubt on the beating claims, showing photographs of Abed after the alleged beating in which he had a visible cut inside his lip but no obvious signs of bruising or injuries anywhere else.

In her closing arguments, Huertas’ civilian attorney Monica Lombardi pointed to inconsistencies between DeMartino’s testimony and nearly every other Navy witness. She also reminded the jury of the terrorism charges against Abed, who is in Iraqi custody and has not yet been tried, saying he could not be trusted and may have inflicted wounds on himself as a way of recasting blame on American troops.

Lombardi is no doubt correct.

But prosecutor Lt. Cmdr. Jason Grover said DeMartino said the SEALs were itching to abuse Abed as payback for the killings of the Blackwater guards — two of whom were former SEALs.

DeMartino will most likely resign his commission in due course and become one of those civilian lawyers who make their lucre through fraudulent and frivolous lawsuits, following in the footsteps of one John Edwards, priss.

Let’s see what happens with our other two brothers. If either of them is convicted, justice will not have been served to the extent it needs to be. In fact, the whole thing will be, as I said above, a travesty of justice.

The only justice here would have been served if Ahmed Abed was dead (hey, that rhymes!).

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4 Responses to “One “Not Guilty”, Two To Go”

  1. Seth Says:

    Amen to that, buddy.

    True justice will see the other two SEALs off the hook and Abed en route to his 72 virgins.

  2. GM Roper Says:

    “As far as I’m concerned, the so-called “victim” (Ahmed Hashim Abed, scumbag) is damn lucky that I wasn’t there…”

    That makes two of us. Given the heat of the moment, he just may not have survived at all.

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    While I have serious reservations about the use, prety widely and in some really explosive areas, of “contractors” answerable to no one except their bosses, I am also very doubtful of the legitimacy of the current PC mob and their attempts to bring charges against our soldiers, sailors and airmen for “crimes” committed in prosecuting a war. I do not believe that any court in the world is competent to judge any action taken in the heat of battle or in the immediate post engagement stress.

    Such trials are a charade, and in my view the prosecuation’s “star” witness in this case should have his record and his own actions examined very closely indeed. It sounds to me as if he is hiding his own part in this by concocting a story to blame others.

  4. Wolf Says:


    That’s my take, though the tango’ll probably end up living in a comfortable cell with three Muzzie approved squares and a Dem oversight committee standing by to see he’s properly respected and stroked.

    GM Roper,

    You got that right! I sure would like the opportunity to have a “chat” with the sonofabitch.

    Gray Monk,

    The entire situation is a show trial, the brass kissing up to the forces of political correctness. That fits in with their fear lest some Islamic terrorist support group, misguided civil liberties group or mega-vocal liberal politicians object — or the wimps running the Democratic party proclaim their absolute horror at the very idea of Americans in uniform so much as looking harshly in the general direction of the asshole.

    The witness, this Kevin DeMartino, for the prosecution would make a great mine sweeper, best yet if his only gear was a very short screwdriver.