April 16, 2010


…Let’s see, what am I thinking about today?

Well, a column I read today by Michelle Malkin comes to mind

The House Democrats’ Torquemada got cold feet. Self-styled “chief inquisitor” Henry Waxman announced this week that he’s canceling a planned show trial of corporate executives who called public attention to the financial hit they’re taking as a result of President Obama’s health care mandate. Business owners can breathe a small sigh of relief. But the witch hunt isn’t over.

You’ll recall that Waxman fired off nasty-grams to the heads of Deere, Caterpillar, Verizon and AT&T last month, demanding their presence at a congressional auto de fé. Their sin? Publicly reporting the costs and consequences of federal health care taxes on their firms’ bottom lines. A vindictive Waxman sought internal documents and e-mails from the CEOs about the profit charges. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke took to the White House blog and TV airwaves to condemn the “premature” and “irresponsible” disclosures.

I’m reminded of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” here, when the America hating, communist scumbags who have infiltrated the House and Senate “progressives” in Congress attempted to bring about legislation that would — or so they hoped — bring about the demise of conservative talk radio.

Of course, any fool could see what these maggots distinguished ladies and gentlemen would really like to see happen — between the “Hate Crimes” bill, the “Fairness Doctrine” and the rest of their repertoire, it’s more than obvious that having a propaganda department (they have the mainstream media, but they want more) and a few squads of Ton Ton Macoutre types on call to still dissent via “disappearing” naysayers in the small hours of the morning, spouse, infants, dogs, finches, goldfish and all.

These are the same folks that place their hand on a Bible while swearing to “protect and defend the Constitution”.

Speaking of which the National Day of Prayer kerfuffle, y’know, another piss-pot judge with another Atheist 101 version of the Constitution sitting in his desk drawer, ruling America from the bench…Welllll, we weren’t speaking of it, but since I brought it up, let’s run with it. This quote would better define my own opinion as well as, if not better than, I myself could:

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-Virginia) is one of the 31 members of Congress mentioned by Sekulow. He says Thursday’s decision “represents a movement we are seeing across the country of a small minority who want to exclude faith, religion, and morality from the marketplace of ideas” and “seeks to unravel [the] very foundation our nation was built upon.”

The entire article is here.

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2 Responses to “MMMMMM…….”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Welcome to Socialism, atheist/humanist and utterly Godless. Morality is now a matter of my prejudices versus yours.

  2. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    I truly hope that the Republicans, having lost their majority in the November, 2006 elections due both to complacency and failure to represent the wishes of their voting base, fight hard enough at this juncture to not only redeem themselves, but to emerge victorious, as they are now engaging the last stage of the left’s long awaited victory over Constitutional democracy.

    It is pretty much our last chance, short of a shooting revolution, to get this country back onto any semblance of a “right track”.