October 5, 2009

I Managed To Find…

…a few minutes to check my email before being obligated for the rest of the day, and right off the bat, ran across a perfect example of a liberal elitist in action can be found here.

Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told CNSNews.com “it’s absolutely a good thing” for government to drive private health insurance companies out of business and replace them with a single-payer system.

President Obama, Moore said, should stop trying to sneak a single-payer health care system through the “backdoor” and come straight at it instead. Moore said he would advise the president to tell the American people: “Look, we should be like every other Western Democracy and have a single-payer health care system. Pure and simple.”

Do you think that extreme leftist, disgusting, fat tub of treasonous combination of lard and excrement Michael Moore will, if the “single payer” system is passed, victimize himself with it as he is so determined to see the unwashed masses© so victimized?

Of course not!

A corpulent human balloon like that would no doubt be terrified, given his certain future of heart problems and other obesity related ailments, of subjecting himself to the government controlled healthcare he wishes on the rest of us, and I’d bet that if he wasn’t a very rich man (wealth “earned” by means that only a traitor could lay claim to), we wouldn’t hear a peep from the blimp-like son-of-a-bitch about this.


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3 Responses to “I Managed To Find…”

  1. Tom Says:

    He really should look at Cuba’s health care system a lot closer than just a prop for a stupid movie. It’s not the best in world, no matter what he put in his movie, but the health care system in the US is.

    I think he should be exiled to Cuba, Canada, or England in his later years.

  2. Shoprat Says:

    England is still too civilized for him. Send him to Zimbabwe.

  3. Seth Says:

    Tom –

    Assuming that Moore actually believes all the the idiocy he puts into those anti-U.S. films of his, he should be given a one way ticket someplace, that’s for sure. My own choice, though, woukld be sort of like the other garbage, the kind that floats in space.

    Shoprat –

    If it had to be earth, I don’t suppose we could go far wrong sending the mutt to Zimbabwe.