August 22, 2005

Michael Graham Fired

Talk radio host Michael Graham, who was recently suspended from his job at WMAL radio, a subsidiary of ABC for making comments linking Islam with terrorism due to complaints from CAIR{Council on American-Islamic Relations} has now been fired.

It seems CAIR, not content with his suspension, kept up the pressure and the network gave in, axing one of their most popular hosts. CAIR, like many other Islamic organizations, does not make a policy of condemning terrorism. In fact, these folks even help arrested Muslim terrorists obtain legal counsel.

It appears that ABC Radio has caved to an organization that condemns talk radio hosts like me, but has never condemned Hamas, Hezbollah, and one that wouldn’t specifically condemn Al Qaeda for three months after 9/11.


Read the article, there are links therein that can be used to submit comments both to ABC and WMAL.  

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2 Responses to “Michael Graham Fired”

  1. NYgirl Says:

    This is outrageouse. It’s censorship. We are forbidden from speaking the truth & all the ACLU can think of doing is whining about the Patriot Act.

  2. Seth Says:

    They can bomb us, call us “Infidels” and the “Great Satan” and threaten us with genocide, and that’s acceptable.When we point out the above, we are “racists”.Works for them.