August 16, 2009


America is this blog’s first love.

Over two centuries ago, we took this great piece of real estate away from the Brits, who have since then become not only the cousins they were, but the friends they are.

What better tribute than a live video of a 1970s song from a British rock band, a version its original composer, American Paul Simon, complimented guitarist Steve Howe on this version of?



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2 Responses to “America”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Would that be the Paul Simon, American singer & song writer who donated generously to Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and Al Franken? :)

  2. Chuck Says:


    Just goes to show that talent and common sense don’t always go hand in hand.

    Or, another example of how a liberal, appreciating the greatness of our great country, prefers to use the unique set of rights with which he is blessed to lemmingly (my word, I think) erode the same rights by supporting enemies of all America stands for.

    Witness all the others who, having made themselves fabulously rich off America and the American people, come to consider themselves above the misery socialism will inflict upon those who made them wealthy and proceed to play elitist, victimizing those same people by playing with their lives and the rights therein.

    Sickening and disgraceful, but there it is.