March 25, 2009

I Dislike Sounding Like A Conspiracy Theorist, but…

…when I look at the way things have come together for the worse in America, well…

Fannie Mae and other unconstitutional governmental (thanks, Democrats) incursions into the mortgage millieu snowballed, gradually gaining girth until we were looking at a voluminous downhill juggernaut that, very rudely, took the rest of the economy with it as it headed on down the hill.

Waiting conveniently at the bottom of said hill, we found any right thinking American’s worst nightmare — profoundly far left majorities in the House and Senate with the likes of a Barack Obama waiting to be sworn in as President of the United States (no, I’m not throwing rocks at the man, I’m merely making what I prefer to refer to as an astute observation).

We have foreclosures, we have failing banks and brokerage firms, we have failing auto makers.

We have the annual multi-billion dollar illegal immigrant problem, all those criminal aliens our political left, those same critters now running the country, want to legitimize.

At any rate, things aren’t looking all that rosy right now, and given the crock of shit stimulus package these people have dropped on us, they look even bleaker for the future.

Forget the AIG bonuses and all the rest of the stuff that’s making making the public’s blood boil; All the rage we expend on those picayunes — yes, they are bagatelle when placed beside the Big Picture, and they also help to distract Americans, to the joy of President Obama and the Democrats on the Hill, from those things that should be our primary concerns:

We are in the process of nationalizing the banks and other financial institutions, by purchasing their stock, which gives the government a “say” in the day to day affairs of these concerns.

We are being committed to programs that make children as yet unborn into unwitting moneylenders, only lenders with a twist — they will also be the debtors, paying back both principal and interest in the form of taxes.

We are watching a liberal president and a liberal Congress allocate billions of dollars into the coffers of PACs and unions that support their leftist campaigns so that they’ll have these same funds on hand to donate to future liberal campaigns — this is nothing short of robbing all American taxpayers in order to perpetuate the careers of a few politicians who have little or no use for the letter of the Constitution. The most descriptive terms I can think of for this are Grand Larceny and Treason.

We are witnessing the greatest rape of our economy in history, trillions of dollars we neither have nor can afford to borrow being poured like water into bureaucracies, agendas and political programs that will lead us into the depths of economic tragedy as they expand and demand exponential expenditure increases, transforming the world’s greatest economy into the same pitiful class as those of any failed socialist country.

Returning to the top of this post,

I Dislike Sounding Like A Conspiracy Theorist, but…

Our current economic situation, much of it sparked by policies and bureaucracies forced onto/ into the private sector over the last couple of decades by the folks on the left side of the aisle, seems to have coincided rather conveniently with our having both a liberal run Congress and a liberal president at the same time, enabling the passing of the legislation that now threatens to transform our beloved country from the successful free market behemoth it has always been into the miserable, infinitely less free socialist state our miserable, shit eating, treasonous, Stalin loving liberals have longed it to be, their Utopian little minds unable to grasp the depths of the consequences they, themselves will have to bear along with those of us whom they are victimizing by sabotaging the capitalist republic in which we have been quite happy to dwell.

Concurrently, they have pursued the three agendas that are of paramount concern to any totalitarian government.

They attack belief in G-d, because belief in Him might stand between the citizens and their total devotion to the government;

They seek abolishment of the Second Amendment, so the citizens have no means by which to defend themselves against a government that wishes to deprive them of their freedom.

They control and manipulate the media, using propaganda and selective reporting to shape public opinion and, as we’ve seen, even to elect a president!

I hate to say this, my friends, but it looks to me as though our nation’s internal enemies are winning, have perhaps already won, through a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

By the time 2012 arrives, it may well be too late to reverse what the Obama Administration and the Pelosi/ Reid Congress have set in motion.

I dislike sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but…

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10 Responses to “I Dislike Sounding Like A Conspiracy Theorist, but…”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    All of this disaster coming together at once cannot be a coincidence!

    Meanwhile, demagaogue BHO is harnessing the people’s anger about AIG and turned that anger into tacit support for more federal “oversight” with regard to our wobbly financial system.

    Excuse me, but it is federal “oversight” (translation: meddling and encouraging various mortgage lenders to dole out money which could never be paid back) that got us into this mess.

    If BHO and this Congress turn their sights onto our health care system, that will come down too.

  2. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    It really does look like it was somehow planned, given the timing.

    G-d help us all if they decide to take over healthcare!

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Yeah, well….you sound like a conspiracy theorist. :)

  4. BB-Idaho Says:

    Huh, over at OS AOW notes
    “I’m not an advocate of a federal role in health care. But I have to say that my experiences with the private sector over that past several weeks have been horrendous. And, apparently, there is no appeals channel for me to use either.
    Come Wednesday, I’ll be without any coverage at all!”
    ..suggesting that US HC is in dire need of SOMEthing..

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Yeah, well….you sound like a conspiracy theorist.

    Nonetheless, I’m not. I merely made an observation based on a compilition of concurrent events that seem somewhat too concurrent to be a coincidence. :-)


    Re: AOW’s comment at Old Soldier’s, our health care system does indeed leave a lot to be desired, but would we be better off with a system that taxes us beyond the depths of poverty to support an ever-growing federal bureaucracy that promises long waits for immediately needed procedures based upon the whims of career bean counters?

    As much as I’d hate to see a friend like AOW have to do battle with the system because of debts incurred due to uninsured medical treatment, at least our system won’t allow an uninsured patient to be ignored when a serious medical problem needs to be treated.

    Rather than natrionalizing healthcare, if the government wants to put its two cents into the mix, it ought to take some of those billions the Obama Administration is now porking out like ultra-disposable scrap paper and use it to reinforce available funds for healthcare within the existing framework — for documented U.S. citizens such as you, me, or AOW if our own insurance, for whatever reason, runs out.

    Instead, a few hundred billion (think about those amounts!) are being tossed into liberal agendas that have nothing to offer the American people where a stronger economy or our actual wellbeing are concerned, yet are bolstering up the coffers of a single political party for the sole purpose of advancing their dogmas.

    If we’re going to spend money like drunken sailors, we may as well spend it on something that actually does some good, right?

  6. Always On Watch Says:

    The problem is the health INSURANCE industry, not the health CARE system.

  7. BB-Idaho Says:

    I agree with AOW. The ‘boots on the ground’ physicians and nurses are excellent. Big insurance and big pharma are, IMO, a huge (and if they continue to lull their minions and sycophants)insurmountable problem. Consider that US inflation over the last 10 years has been 2.5%; healthcare costs have risen 16%;
    health insurance profits have been 23%. Whether THAT has anything to do with per capita US health costs of $7900/year, twice that of the European countries (where all are covered, by the way) is a good question. If you want to spin it positively, see your nearest health insurance CEO :)

  8. BB-Idaho Says:

    Hmm, makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist.

  9. NH Meri Wido Says:

    Seth, both BB and AOW are both right and wrong. The health insurance companies are only part of the problem, albeit the greater share….however, there are too many phyicians out there that are in it only for the bucks…and let’s not forget the greedy hospitals…you know, the ones that charge you (your insurance company) $5 for a single pill that costs them less then $0.05…the basic system is broken…but nationalizing health care isn’t the solution. On another level, Medicare physicians are becoming harder to find then the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…WHY? you might ask…Easy answer! The physician bills Medicare on Jan 2, 2009 and is lucky to get paid by March 2, 2009….and Medicare is run by the dunderheads in Washington that are in charge (our own government)… soooo, the question I ask myself is “do I want to see the government running the whole health care industry?”….and the answer that screams in both my ears “are you crazy?…”

  10. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    You are so good at putting things in one short, concise sentence that it takes me three or four paragraphs to try getting across. :-)

    BB –

    There’s no way that at least some of that increase in costs isn’t greed, but I believe that if HMOs were run more efficiently (perhaps eliminating one-state restrictions would accomplish something there, by increasing competitiveness via increased choices), they might let the hospitals know that they need to stop the padding bit (like a CT scan for a hangnail, or 1,000% mark-up on a med item). Then, of course, there are the unions involved…

    You conspiracy theorist, you! :-)

    NH Meri Wido –

    Excellent points, across the board.

    As far back as the late 1970s, I knew a doc who, along with several others, was talking about discontinuing acceptance of Medicare because the government was so slow in paying — back then, the norm, he told me, was six months or more.

    And they still haven’t got it right.

    “do I want to see the government running the whole health care industry?”….and the answer that screams in both my ears “are you crazy?…”

    Well put!