March 4, 2009

Still Flogging That Same Old Horse…,

…the lefty (which is most of the) media is, despite a widespread dose of c-c-cold-d-d-d reality, still at it.

Temperatures have plummeted to record or near-record lows in 32 states this winter. On March 2, a global warming protest in Washington, D.C. was buried by nearly a foot of snow. And a new study warns that the Earth could be in for a 30-year cooling trend. Reality is not cooperating with the network news’ global warming theme, yet reporters are unwilling to even discuss the possibility that the Earth is cooling.

Global warming alarmists repeatedly link weather phenomena like tornadoes, hurricanes, ice melt, droughts and wildfires with global warming and the media embrace the stories. Yet, when cities or regions are buried in snow like the city of Chenzhou, China was in February 2008 there wasn’t a word about climate change in the cooling direction.

“It is being called China’s Hurricane Katrina,” NBC anchor Brian Williams said on Feb. 4, 2008. “… the month of blizzards that have brought it [China] to a virtual standstill. Millions have been stranded. Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless.” Williams didn’t chalk up the devastation to global cooling, of course. That doesn’t fit the media’s warming narrative.

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James Hansen, a leading global warming alarmist, promoted a “civil disobedience” protest at a Washington, D.C. coal power plant March 2. The protestors claim that coal – and its carbon emissions are a cause of global warming. Hansen and his friends were greeted with 8 inches of snow, “strong” winds and below freezing temperatures.

Heh, heh, heh…

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5 Responses to “Still Flogging That Same Old Horse…,”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Apparently, the mean global temperature varies in direct proportion to the Dow Industrial average. :)

  2. Ken Taylor Says:

    The GW wheenies have an advocate in The White House now and as such despite all evidence to the contrary, their agenda will now be funded and implimented by Barack Obama.

  3. Seth Says:

    BB –

    The mean global temperature is in perfect sync with the confidence Americans have in Obama’s present exhortations for all to buy stocks.

    Looks like all that hope is beginning to erode.

    Ken –

    Between BHO’s across-the-board sabotage of our economy, both present and future, and his support for the GW idiocy, we should have an economy on a par with Tobago’s in no time. :-(

  4. BB-Idaho Says:

    GW Weenies? Why, we spend our time sorting and analysing hard data ..unless by GW, y’all are referring to Dubya, in which case those GW Weenies bemoan and meditate their recent past. :) Note the global anamolies 2009 vs five year ave graphs at the above referrenced site and bemoan and meditate that….

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    I have looked at graphs and charts on many things over the years, and on many occasions found that despite what I was reading in said graphs and charts, the reality, presented in stark relief, somehow failed to agree with all the painstaking measurements and fine colored lines that went into the drawing of those excellent, impressive looking C’s and G’s.

    In the case of GW, I see remarkably cold temps and, where I am stashed at the moment, a longer and colder winter, this according to both my own past observations and those of locals who have lived here all their lives, by far.

    Our “devoted” scientists these days are as often as not more concerned with justifying their tenures in a given research project or in the continued flow of grant money than they are in simply telling the truth, thereby having to move on or to wave “bye bye” to aforementioned tax-funded grants.

    Those are, however, cool looking charts. They’d have made great blacklight posters back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. :-)