August 15, 2005

Possible Reading List Addition

Julia Gorin has an interesting review and commentary in JWR on Ed Klein’s book The Truth About Hillary, which alludes to an alarming personality disorder on Hillary’s part that could only be called scary when one considers the concept of Bubba’s missus as a possible DNC nominee in the 2008(or any other) Presidential election.

The column is here.

For the psycho-broad species, every move, every word, every interaction with a fellow human being is a calculation, a strategic play, a means to an end. Every day is an exercise in manipulating and controlling others with whom her professional future is entwined, the objective being to make it to the next day. (Klein notes that Hillary’s loathing of the media stems from her inability to control them.) When such a woman is given that first opportunity by a hapless employer, mentor or public, a day can turn into a month, can turn into a year, can turn into a career—until she becomes unstoppable even though she was out of her league from the start.

I don’t always look for peoples’ motivations when I decide how I feel about them, I’m more concerned with their actions and how their actions impact others. I’ve always thought Hillary and Hubby were evil, and that was that, I was never all that interested in the details of their sordid existence, though I was proven right during the latter half of Clinton 1’s second term. You could very nearly imagine having Hill & Bill(sorry, back then it was Bill & Hill, and Monica) settle the personal differences that no doubt sprung up in the Residence back then– “You got caught, you lamebrain!” — on Jerry Springer, who enjoys the sort of background that would bond him instantly with our former President.


I may buy this book purely for entertainment purposes, however, due solely to having had my curiosity piqed by reading the review.  

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7 Responses to “Possible Reading List Addition”

  1. Dan Trabue Says:

    Care to define exactly how Bill and Hill were “evil”? Myself, I didn’t particularly care for Bill’s policies nor for his character, but I don’t see much that would cause me to categorize them as evil, beyond the darkness within that afflicts us all.

  2. Seth Says:

    You don’t know a good ole, downhome snake oil salesman when y’all see one, son?

  3. Seth Says:

    “…the darkness within that afflicts us all.”Outstanding, Dan!

  4. Dan Trabue Says:

    Snake oil salesmen are bad for communities, but don’t know that they rise to the level of evil. Were you just engaging in hyperbole?

  5. Seth Says:

    Very much so.Actually, though, from very early into Clinton’s campaign I got bad vibes from him, and I’d had a lot of past occupational contact with profoundly unscrupulous people. What I got from both of them, nuances of expression, the way they talked, etc, was exactly what I’d got from dealing with the sort of people who wouldn’t have any compunction, had their financial situations been more tenuous, about pulling something as unctuous, even, as the Bible con.Turns out the Clintons lived down to my expectations.

  6. NYgirl Says:

    If Clinton had not been so negligent, 9/11 may have been prevented. Also, both Bill & Hill gave the Chinese a free pass to spy on us & build up their arsonal.

  7. Seth Says:

    For campaign contributions, no less.Bubba played footloose with the Presidency the entire time he was there, and Hillary would be worse, if such a thing is possible.