October 2, 2008

Just saying hello

Wolf here.

This one’s short, just checking in.

First off, Seth left me this link to pass on in my first post at Hard Astarboard:


I read it, and all I can say is that it’s right on the money.

I can’t say I completely grasp what all the concern’s about among conservatives. Obama can’t win this election anyway, most pro-Obama buzz is coming out of the lefty media and big liberal cities, where dwell some of the least earthbound minds in these United States. Because liberals make the most noise, they give the mistaken impression that that there are a lot more of ‘em than there actually are.

The same technique has been used in warfare before.

The reality of the situation is that there are far more voters in this country who don’t have their heads buried deep in their nether regions, and these voters will elect McCain no matter how much of a racket the lefties make in the meantime.

Still in all, whenever I see a New Yorker who appears to be of some means and education walking around wearing an Obama button, I think something like “there’s another uninformed or simply downright stupid person who’s living in another world, one I personally wouldn’t want to visit”.

I wonder how many of these fools, after Obama loses in November, will come down with McCain Derangement Syndrome.

I’ll be opening an email account shortly for the sole purpose of responding to comments to my posts. One was provided by another of Seth’s friends, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate given certain subtleties which I prefer to maintain where my own background is concerned.

I’ll try and have this done before or on the weekend.


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11 Responses to “Just saying hello”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Until this “economic crisis” (Engineered? Exaggerated?), I really thought that McCain could pull off the win. Now, however, I’m not so sure.

    I’m ever mindful that this nation elected Jimmy Peanut and Slick Willie — the latter, twice!

  2. Wolf Says:

    Always On Watch –

    Much of this economic problem has its roots in the real estate sector. The so-called “mortgage crisis” has its roots in early Clinton administration policies whereby lenders were pressured to extend loans to prospective homeowners who did not meet their normal criteria.

    Now that those chickens have come home to roost and domino’d across our entire economic spectrum, the Dems are naturally putting it all on Bush, just the usual lefty politics-based revisionist history.

    Don’t lose faith, Obama is just too farfetched a candidate to fool enough Americans come voting day and win, no matter how much racket the liberal media makes in the meantime.

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Wolf? As in Blitzer…or endangered species? Am I to understand that the gourmet Seth has forgone his fine wines, exotic dishes and cognac? And lost 60 lbs? Lordy, me, has he turned into one of us libs? :)

  4. Wolf Says:


    I think it had more to do with his getting tired of carrying 60 pounds of extra weight around. While I’m a whiskey and rum drinker, often in larger quantities than are good for me, I also work out every day (an old service habit borne of necessity) and manage to keep off the excess pounds. Seth seems to gain weight just by taking a whiff of alcohol, so he swore it off in every form, at least until he’s back in good shape. I guess he got carried away and decided to go for broke, food, drink and all, though he won’t quit smoking, the bonehead.

    As for my buddy ever becoming a liberal, forget it. Never happen. Trust me. That would be as likely as Jane Fonda, Michael Moore, Barack Obama or Rosie O’Donnell becoming an American patriot.

  5. Tom Says:

    Hey Wolf - Not meaning to dump on the new guy, but the reality is that our buddy Jimmy Carter and that Democratic Congress started the ball rolling on this mess with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 1977. This Act essentially forced banks to make housing loans to the African American community. Everything basically snowballed from there from the Congresscritters trying to be politically correct and serve the special interests. This post outlines the sad story.

  6. Seth Says:


    Your link didn’t come in, so I looked up the act here:


    I stand newly informed, to large extent. Back then, I confess that most of the political activities undertaken by Uncle Sam that I paid attention to were foreign policy related and then only inasmuch as they might or did have implications involving military action by the U.S. or by/in other countries.

    A toast of thanks, sir!

  7. Tom Says:

    Link to my post on this is:


    Happy reading, and I hope the toast consisted of a fine wine or cognac…although a good beer works just as well.

  8. Wolf Says:


    In this instance, a large measure of Glenmorangie from a very old bottle (it’s hard to find anything beyond ten years old in that brand unless, like me, you have a few bottles left from a case you bought over twenty years ago).

    Great post (your link), I left a comment there and have to say I learned a lot on the modern history front.

  9. Tom Says:

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. Hope you stop in again soon.

    One thing about researching the histories of where some of the problems of today originated is that you learn a lot. Although, sometimes you get mad as h*** and the blood pressure reaches critical…but at least you are better informed as to whom did what and who is really responsible.

  10. Wolf Says:


    I will visit again, trust me. Your posts are on the money, well thought out and well articulated.

    Conservatives are rarely at the heart of economic, social or other problems of import, since we recognize the fact that the Constitution has worked and continues to work as long as our leaders follow the rules set by that great document, whereas those to our left, intent on endlessly pursuing agendas that run counter to the dictates of the Constitution, continuously create problems that snowball tragically from Day One.

    When the problems reach peak levels and Americans suffer, these same lefties can be counted on to forget where the problems originated and blame the Republicans.

    What a bunch of……..!

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