August 13, 2008

As Far As I’m Concerned…

…the very fact that the likes of a Barack Obama being even remotely considered for, let alone being an official candidate for, the office of the President of the United States of America is a sign that our country is in dire straits where any semblances of sanity, common sense or so much as the most fleeting perception of reality figure into the scheme of things.

It has nothing whatever to do with his skin color, his age or even his experience, or lack thereof, in politics and everything to do with the things he says, his complete lack of honesty, those things he purports to represent and the various details of his background and the mentors and influences within.

Liberals can say what they want in response to speculation that a major reason Obama came out over Hillary Clinton during the primary season was his skin color, but face it, that speculation is spot-on. The left will call you a racist for uttering such a sentiment, your actual beliefs notwithstanding, but even given a variety of other reasons, including the more-than-accurate observation that most Americans are quite weary of the Clintons, the fact remains that it’s the truth.

I’ve heard many blacks, for example, say that they are planning to vote for B. Hussein Obama for the sole reason that he is a black man, and to their way of thinking it’s about time we had a black President. White liberals say they’ll vote for him because a vote for John McCain would be a vote for another Bush Administration, but that’s not the only reason…

The liberal mainstream media, along with their portside following, take whatever opportunities they can get away with to infer that the only reason any caucasion would not vote for Obama is racism.

Of course.

In the 12 August 2008 Best Of The Web Today James Taranto links to a New York Magazine Article by Patricia J. Williams that implies just that in its own liberal-reasoned way.

Patricia Williams, a law professor at Columbia, has proved that skeptics of Barack Obama are racist. The evidence is close to home–right there in her imagination. In New York magazine, she explains:

On a short flight to New York recently, I was sitting behind two white, well-dressed twentysomethings chattering loudly and uninhibitedly about going to clubs and travel plans and the possibility of living in New Jersey. Then came the question: “So who are you voting for?”

“I was for Hillary, but now . . . I’m kind of undecided,” volunteered the first woman.

“Are you a Democrat?” asked the second.

“Yeah. But I think I might go with McCain. It’s just that, well, I don’t know. You know.” Her voice dropped. I leaned forward to hear better. “You kind of hate to say it aloud, but . . .” Here her voice dropped again, to a murmur lost in the roar of the jet engines, and I missed whatever came next.

Let’s start with this concession: I have no idea what that young woman actually said. In a perfect world, I suppose that would be the end of the story and I would go back to minding my own business. In the context of contemporary political discourse, however, it did cross my mind that if this conversation were presented on one of those “finish the sentence” cultural-literacy tests, then pretty much every American, of whatever creed, color, or class, would have exactly the same guess as to how the woman completed her thought.

I think there’s some consensus, in other words, about the one thing in America we really “hate to say” aloud. Yet by refraining from saying audibly that-which-must-not-be-spoken, was the young woman’s political choice rendered rational, neutral, pure?

Conversely, if I were to spell it out here, would I be the one accused of “playing the race card”?

That’s it! These ladies are racist because (1) eavesdropper Williams fills in the blank in their conversation with something invidious, and (2) she imagines that everyone else fills in the blank the same way. Just imagine if President Bush had used similar methodology to determine that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. People would be calling for his impeachment!

When a liberal or a black acquaintance hints that I may be a bigot because I don’t endorse Obama, I invariably point out that should J.C. Watts run for President, I would vote for him without reservation.

This never fails to be ignored, including by those who know fully well whom J.C. Watts is, because the liberal rule of thumb is that if a black man is not a Democrat, he is not only not a true black man, he is also a traitor to all black people everywhere.

Go figure.

That said, though John McCain (you know, the guy to whom the MSM gives only a fraction of the campaign coverage they give Obama, even while B. Hussein is on vacation) is only my choice for POTUS because he is the lesser of two evils, the Arizona senator is, exponentially, a more realistic and certainly more desirable Presidential candidate than Obama, pale skin and all.

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13 Responses to “As Far As I’m Concerned…”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    I find it fascinating - and probably an indication of the media bias toward the left, that we hear nothing at all of McCain here, yet Obama is almost always in the news somewhere.

    I do wonder if that isn’t “proof” of a sort of reverse racism.

  2. Shoprat Says:

    I am in near total agreement here.

  3. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    The MSM here in the states gives Obama continuous coverage as well, but McCain gets brief references and/or short video spots and nothing more (unless, of course, the media has found a way to label something he’s said “racist” or otherwise “unfair” and wants to milk it).

    Foreign media is apparently as leftist as ours is, so I’m not at all surprised that this is the case overseas as well. And then, it also seems that the news organizations in countries that are enemies of the west in one way and another also throw their support behind Obama, as the Chinese did the Clintons.

    The MSM failed to get both Gore and Kerry elected over Bush, not for lack of trying, and I’m pretty certain they’ll come up short in the coming election as well, if for no other reason than that their credibility is being self-weakened by public perception of the extreme bias that shapes their “reporting”.

    The reason that such creatures as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do so well in their personal fortunes is that the Democrats need race baiters to continue the illusion that the white man is out to get minority members, and that the party of the port side is the protector of same.

    Shoprat –

    Near makes me happy, since we aren’t playing horseshoes or tossing hand grenades. :-)

  4. Ken Taylor Says:

    Come now Seth do you not realize that anyone who disagrees with Obama on anything or is not 100% in favor of all the Obamamessiah says or proposes is a hate filled racist who only dwells on the negative ?

    That being the case then I am a proud hate filled racists who dwells on the negative because Obama is dangerous and has no business even running for President BECAUSE of his inexperience and his lack of substance and NOT because of his color.

    I like you like Watts and would vote for him or even Condi Rice, ( wow a conservative who would vote for both a black and a women…what is this world coming to…aren’t we conservatives all racists and wife beater wearing bubba’s ?)

    Not only does Obama lack substance and experience but he is an arrogant, racists who would plunge this Nation into Marxist Socialism and spit in the very face of the Constitutuion in order to do it.

    I would say exactely the same thing if he was green, purple, blue or even white! The guy is dangerous and I hope and pray that the American people, as it would seem by the polls, are not buying into his lies and deception!

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    History will (if the left doesn’t manage to revise it out) reflect the ridiculous acts of a million idiots that placed Obama in the Presidential race, no doubt causing future scholars to scratch their heads in wonderment at the collective stupidity of so many Americans of our current era.

    To judge by developments thus far, John McCain will be getting a lot of Democrat votes, including those of many Hillary supporters as well as those of conservative Dems and more mainstream Dems whose mindshave not been fogged by liberal propaganda.

    If he names Tom Ridge (who is pro-choice) or Joe Lieberman as his running mate, B. Hussein Obama can hang it up altogether, despite any help from his worshippers in the MSM.

    Like his lefty bretheren, Obama has no use for the Constitution or for anything else that has made America the greatest nation in history, and the more he talks, the more voters will realize this, until only the really obtuse or the virulently anti-America are left to vote for him.

  6. Ken Taylor Says:

    Seth, while Obama may choose Ridge, Lieberman to his favor and show of great intelligence does not like Obama. I did hear some ramblings yesterday that Collin Powell may be in the mix as Obama’s VEEP. I hope that Powell has not bought into the , “vote for a black because I am black,” idea because he and Obama are polar opposites on almost every issue.

    Obama’s and the rest of the lefts dislike and continual attempt to rewrite the Constitution by claiming the ,”living breathing document,” and “liberal interpretation,” mantra has so watered down what the Constitution actually means in the mind of most Americans that a majority of the nation would not know an actual quote from the Constitution if it were read verbatum to them.

    Obama’s propaganda uses the Constitution as a floor mat in which he can take the freedoms that this great document allows by law in this land and institute policy that rips this Nation from the foundation of laws and principles in which this Nation has always based our liberty in.

    Hitler and Goebbels would have loved the Obama campaign!

  7. Always On Watch Says:

    the liberal rule of thumb is that if a black man is not a Democrat, he is not only not a true black man, he is also a traitor to all black people everywhere

    Example: Clarence Thomas, whom the lefties absolutely despise.

  8. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    I can’t see Powell saying “yes” to Obama, and I sincerely hope I’m right about that, if he were offered the V.P. spot. I don’t believe he would prioritize race over patriotism.

    Obama and his leftist ilk feel nothing but contempt for the Constitution, so it is easy for them to use it and abuse it in justifying their profoundly un-American agendas. In arguments with liberals, I’ve noticed that mentioning the Constitution to them always elicits a frown prior to any other reaction.

    Silver cross to a vampire, perhaps? :-)

    AOW –

    Clarence Thomas is a perfect example.

  9. Tom Says:

    As far as elected officials are concerned, I am colorblind. It’s the qualifications and integrity of the candidate that count. So far, Obama has demonstrated to me that he has neither.

  10. Seth Says:

    Tom –

    Obama definitely has neither the qualifications nor the integrity, nor does he have a clue as to anything a President would have to be at least conversant with to discharge the duties of office.

    Coupled with the details of his background (ie his “mentors” and affiliations with same, it is outrageous that he has even made it into the Senate.

  11. Gayle Says:

    The man who works for me and my hubby is black. Long before he knew where we stood politically he said he despised Obama. I asked him why and he said “He lies almost every time he opens his mouth. He sat in that church for years and claimed he never heard one of Wright’s rants? That’s crazy! He makes all of us look bad.” Meaning “all of us Blacks,” of course. So I can happily report that not all Blacks are for Obama, but unfortunately there are far too many who are.

  12. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Once again, sorry for the delay in responding.

    I’ve also spoken with a few blacks who are clear thinkers, and who know there is exponentially more to selecting a candidate than his/her color or gender. If only there weren’t so many who are so out of touch with reality that they believe it’s more important to vote color than vote smart!

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