May 11, 2008

Call Me Paranoid, Call Me Islamophobic,…


Three posts ago, I made mention of the “jihadi wagons” (the stainless steel roach coaches, towed daily to their curbside locations, from which Muslims within sell various hot hallal foods, everything from shish kebob and falafel to lamb and all beef hot dogs. With few exceptions, curbside food vendors in New York City are Muslim immigrants. I also remarked that these jihadi wagons are as commonplace in Manhattan, these days, as are yellow cabs.

In a comment therein, Always On Watch wrote,

Sooner or later, one of those “jihadi wagons” is bound to be a security threat. The police can’t possibly monitor all of them.

She was right on point, only perhaps in a different way than her comment implied.

All these jihadi wagons are part of one or more fleets belonging to Muslim entrepreneurs who reap most of the profits of their farflung enterprises. Obviously, for the food to meet hallal standards, it must come from Muslim distributors.

The jihadi wagons themselves are a purely cash business. For anyone who’s never been involved in a purely cash business, well, let’s just say that it’s really easy to take a lot of money out of the equation, especially when the product involved is perishable, “we didn’t/couldn’t sell it, so we threw it away” merchandise like food. Good write-off, as well.

Not only can’t, as AOW put it, the police monitor all of them, but there are a hell of a lot less field qualified tax revenue auditors working for the city of New York than there are police.

Most of the legions of smaller hot dog and pretzel stands are also run by Muslims. So are nearly all the delis, small markets, smoke shops and, surprise, surprise, guess who sits behind the wheel of just about every taxi cab in New York…?

A large number of these delis, small markets and smoke shops are cash only, no credit or debit cards.

So, call me paranoid, call me Islamophobic, but…

When an ethnic group whose very scripture declares itself the enemy unto death of our civilization, our religious beliefs, our form of government, our freedom, our way of life and, for that matter, our lives, period, an ethnic group which, incidentally, has already cheerfully sacrificed numerous of its own in order to butcher thousands of our citizens while promising to butcher still more, suddenly has monopolies on several cash businesses in our greatest city at an infiltration rate that would have made the occupants of the Trojan Horse green with envy…

…I think I have the right to be just a tad concerned.

When you take all the revenues involved into account, we’re talking some serious millions. Millions that can be skimmed in order to finance an awful lot of terrorist activity both here and abroad.

There are an estimated 600,000 Muslims in New York, and they keep on coming.

Many are employed within the metropolis’ vast infrastructure in places such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Dept. of Corrections and so forth.

Of course, such concerns expressed in certain public forums would result not only in the usual fatwas coming out of the mosques, but in officially registered outrage by terrorist front organization CAIR (Council on Americam Islamic Relations), the Marxist-founded, “down with America” ACLU and their kindred spirits from among the liberal progressive, politically correct, multiculturalist zoo.

CAIR’s job is to see to it that most of us are prevented from realizing the truth until after their brethren have murdered lots more Americans and mired us in the Sharia. The ACLU’s job is to see to it that our enemies have every possible advantage in these efforts. The kindred spirits are just a lot of useful fools who live in some Utopian dream that those of us who embrace reality will never be able to understand, and probably wouldn’t want to, anyway.

Perhaps the most frightening bit is that the government apparently finds no cause for concern with the above. There is a word for such people: Dhimmis.

So call me paranoid, call me Islamophobic, but…

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15 Responses to “Call Me Paranoid, Call Me Islamophobic,…”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Help a country yokel out: do these vendors require licensing? Given the human mish-mash NYC is and your previous mention of Chinatown, do the Muslims live in one area too, perhaps Bagdhad by the Battery? Is cash & carry strictly a Muslim thing? An aside about taxi
    drivers: an acquaintance, a fullblood Nez Perce, visited Washington DC a few years back with his wife
    and young son. The Pakistani driver turned, checked them over and asked, “So, you folks Hawaiian?”

  2. Shoprat Says:

    Paranoid? The only GOOD Woody Allen Movie ever made (Curse of the Jade Scorpion) has this line:

    Dan Akroyd: You know there’s a word for people who think everyone is out to get them and it starts with a P.

    Woody Allen: “Yes! Perceptive!”

  3. Seth Says:

    BB –

    All street vendors have to be licensed, though I don’t know if people working other peoples’ carts, wagons, tables, etc can work off the owners’ licenses or not. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if they all needed individual licenses; After all, this city is run by a mayor who, while having first been elected as a Republican and is now calling himself an Independent, has been a Democrat all along, and we all know how aggressive Democrats are about parting everyone possible from their hard-earned money, particularly Bloomberg.

    Here in New York, Muslims are everywhere, though I believe there’s an enclave neighborhood or two in Brooklyn and Queens.

    I was in Brooklyn for a few hours yesterday, and there seemed to be a lot of Muslim owned businesses where I was of various types.

    Baghdad by the Battery, LOL!

    Isn’t “How!” short for “Aloha”?

    Shoprat –

    For a change, I’ll have to agree with Woody, at least where Muslims here are concerned. Everything I see smacks of massive infiltration and saturation. I wish the governments of both New York and the U.S. did, as well. It might prevent quite a few future tragic events.

  4. Ken Taylor Says:

    One cannot help but be, “Islamophobic, ” when we consider that their own religious leaders call for the killing of the infidel. The book in which their religion is based upon is filled with calls for death and destruction of anyone or anything that does not beleive as they do.

    The presence of Islamo fascists throughout the world and the actions that they take using the simplist of articles or even children with , “downs syndrome, ” as weapons makes anything driven by or used by someone who is Arab or claims Islam as their religion suspect for attack and the killing of the Infidel.

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –


    Since AOW made the comment I mentioned in the above post, I have envisioned, one day at exactly the same time, all the Muslim food vendors throughout N.Y.C. leaving their wagons at exactly the same time and walking quickly away, and…

    …thousands of simultaneous curbside explosions on heavily populated Manhattan streets.

    Anyone who believes that this is farfetched needs to remember that prior to 11-September-2001, the events of that terrible day would also have been considered unlikely.

    And then they happened.

  6. BB-Idaho Says:

    “…thousands of simultaneous curbside explosions on heavily populated Manhattan streets.” You know something about those falafels?

  7. Seth Says:

    BB –

    No, but I know something about the effects of high velocity explosives. :-(

  8. The Gray Monk Says:

    Infiltration is how they conquered the Middle East and overthrew Byzantine rule, converting a Christian populace to Islam by restricting the rights of any non-Muslim. If you can’t beat ‘em - ot breed ‘em!

  9. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    It appears that that’s what they’re doing here in the U.S., as well, particularly in New York, which is the core of America’s financial sovereignty and arguably the greatest city in the western world.

    I picture a lot of mayhem here in the not-too-distant future.

  10. BB-Idaho Says:

    “I picture a lot of mayhem here in the not-too-distant future.” NYC? IMHO y’already got mayhem. :)
    Rather intriguing how market explosions are common currency in part of the mideast, yet with the hundreds
    (thousands) of street vendors, NYC, which pays less attention to security, has no problem. Admitting naivety, can it be the NYC vendors are chasing $$, participating in the free market, that agency of
    commercial idealism? You know, blowing up customers is bad for business sort of thing? I see your concern for the potential, I’m just trying to sort out why it
    hasn’t happened.

  11. Seth Says:

    BB –


    9/11 showed us that the enemy is both creative and patient. It’s like chess, where you set up your opponent for a checkmate via a strategy rather than go kamikaze and sacrifice important pieces for minor results.

    A network of mosques could easily accomplish the same thing. Keep its people in check until all the pieces are in place, then turn them loose simultaneously. If one or two act prematurely, the potential of their particular venue (a taxi cab, a lunch wagon, etc) will be exposed and the police, FBI and other agencies will focus on them as the potential threats they are, thus endangering a longer term plan utilizing them.

    NYC? IMHO y’already got mayhem.

    Yes, but it’s a mayhem with which the people choose to live. :-)

  12. Always On Watch Says:

    Something else to feed your Islamophobia:

    Note particularly the financial stories. You might have to scroll a bit, depending on what Allyson has placed as the lead stories.

    Islamic finance is taking off like a rocked here in the Washington, D.C. area. The WaPo recently had an article on the topic–in a favorable light, of course.

    Another site, this one about refugee resettlement:

    The above two sites might provide some insight as to why so many Muslims are visible in NYC and have their own businesses.

  13. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    This is sort of like an infestation of the African termites that eat live wood, working on the very foundation of our country. As long as they are left to do their thing, we come closer and closer to collapsing in on the remains of that soon-to-be eroded foundation.

    Then, there among the rubble and the settling dust, all the sharia finance enablers, liberal multiculturalists and dhimmi politicians can scratch their heads and wonder why the Koran is suddenly coin-of-the-realm.

  14. Mike's America Says:

    I’m not too concerned about all those food carts exploding anytime soon. As you pointed out, the vendors make a lot of CASH out of that enterprise which can be redirected to fund other nefarious enterprises with no accounting whatsoever.

    It’s what they are doing with the cash that could be skimmed off that troubles me more.

  15. Seth Says:

    Mike –

    It’s not just the food carts and other cash businesses, I’ve also found that on many occasions, when buying cigarettes from Arab stores, the tax stamps are “mutilated”, a strong indication that they are trafficking in cigarettes smuggled up from places like North Carolina, where carton prices are half due to lower taxes.

    One jihad financing ring was already busted doing this, I’ve been documenting the stores and saving the empty packs, which I will soon be submitting to the proper authorities, hopefully for investigation.

    N.Y. State is about to raise its per pack tax another $1.25 or so, which will increase those Muslim smugglers’ profits quite a bit. :-(