February 24, 2008

When I Said I Was Leaving California…

…to return to the United States, I wasn’t kidding.

You simply can’t trust any politicians in that G-d forsaken liberal hell hole — just before leaving San Francisco, for example, I voted for Gavin Newsome for mayor. Why? Because he was the most conservative and businesslike of all the candidates, despite being the usual liberal. And what was his first big move? To personally and massively conduct same sex marriages!

Previously, I had voted for Arnold Schwartzennegger to replace lying left winger Gray Davis as governor during the recall election. Under Arnold, the state’s government has now produced this.

The holidays are a busy time, so there’s a pretty good chance that you weren’t aware of a new California state bill which was passed a few months back and took effect last month. Better sit down for this one, it’s a doozy! On October 12th Govern-ator Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law California Senate Bill 777. That bill eliminates Education Code 212, which defines “sex” as “the biological condition or quality of being a male or female human being.”

In effect the bill redefines the term “gender” for all schoolchildren by adding Educational Code 210.7, which will read: “‘Gender’ means sex, and includes a person’s gender identity and gender related appearance and behavior whether of not stereotypically associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.” In other words, it is a redefinition of gender that says you are whatever you choose to be regardless of your anatomical make-up. It tells kids that just because you are born a little girl or little boy, that doesn’t mean you are.

Unbelievable! Well, perhaps not for California. The word “tolerance” out there means forcing liberal agendas down peoples’ throats, and doing so by writing such efforts into law.

The ridiculous law has effectively banned use of the terms “mom” and “dad” from California schools. The reason? Using those terms promotes a discriminatory bias against alternative lifestyle parents. I never thought I’d live to see the day when “mommy” and “daddy” would be considered bad words. All kinds of vulgarity and foul language are just fine in these modern, progressive times - but you better not say “mom” and “dad!” That’s wrong! What country am I living in anyway?

It’s important to understand that this stuff will be taught to all children in the public school system beginning in kindergarten! Indoctrinating five and six year-olds to favor sodomy as a healthy and normal lifestyle choice has rankled some parents to say the least. Various Christian grassroots organizations have now joined together in calling for an “exodus” from the California public school system. The coalition includes Eagle Forum, the Campaign for Children and Families, and Exodus Mandate, as well as ten others.

Here is where we see why liberals oppose school vouchers; Such a program would enable children to escape the clutches of a public school system that seeks to indoctrinate them into beliefs that run contrary to those embraced by mainstream American society since our nation’s beginnings.

Because several million California families can’t afford to send their children to private schools (and is there enough room in said institutions to handle all the children of right thinking families?) or have them home-schooled (and just imagine how difficult it would be to find enough home-school teachers to accommodate the numbers involved!), the kids are literally trapped in this situation that will have a negative effect on their futures and those of California society, such as it is.

The California school system has been effectively turned into a wingnut farm.

I applaud the efforts of the various organizations that support an exodus from California schools and wish them luck, but also have to wonder what, exactly, they can accomplish as a bottom line. It seems to me that the only realistic alternative, since the population of the state is mostly liberal-voting, would be for concerned parents with average household incomes to move their families out of California altogether.

Alternative lifestyle groups claim that all they want is the end of discriminatory bias. Officials with the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the Transgender Law Center already have outlined what they believe to be nondiscriminatory treatment in the school system. “If you want to use a restroom that matches your gender identity … you should be allowed to do so,” the groups advise. “Whenever students are divided up into boys and girls, you should be allowed to join the group or participate in the program that matches your gender identity as much as possible.”

Further, the groups advise, “If you change your name to one that better matches your gender identity, a school needs to use that name to refer to you.” Get it? Take your choice. Who do you feel like being today - Max or Maxine? The advocacy group also warns schools against bringing parents into any such discussion with students. Yeah, keep those parents out of this by all means. It takes a village, not parents.

California is a supremely beautiful state, but what festers among its population and political body far outweighs any reason I, as a right thinker, would have for living there again.

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48 Responses to “When I Said I Was Leaving California…”

  1. When I Said I Was Leaving California… Says:

    [...] Affiliateblog.nl | Blijf op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen in de Affiliate Marketing branche! wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt …to return to the United States, I wasn’t kidding. You simply can’t trust any politicians in that G-d forsaken liberal hell hole — just before leaving San Francisco, for example, I voted for Gavin Newsome for mayor. Why? Because he was the most conservative and businesslike of all the candidates, despite being the usual liberal. And what was his first big move? To personally and massively conduct same sex marriages! Previously, I had voted for Arnold Schwartzennegger to replace lying left win [...]

  2. Angel Says:

    The word “tolerance” out there means forcing liberal agendas down peoples’ throats………….amen to that my friend and sadly…accurate! :(

  3. wordsmith Says:

    The ridiculous law has effectively banned use of the terms “mom” and “dad” from California schools. The reason? Using those terms promotes a discriminatory bias against alternative lifestyle parents.

    What utter nonsense and topsy-turvy 2+2=5 kay-rap is this?!?

    While we’re at it, perhaps we should ban the use of terms like “white”, “black”, “Asian”, “Latino”, since I don’t want to be defined accurately by the superficiality of skin color? It offends me, and use of those terms promotes a discriminatory bias.

    We’re becoming a nation of morons, raising the next generation to be like-minded morons.

  4. Seth Says:

    Angel –

    From a conservative (or even sane, for that matter) point of view, California’s a pretty screwed up place in which reality plays second fiddle to some Land of the Lotus Eaters state of being or other.

  5. Seth Says:

    Wordsmith –

    The liberals in this country are gradually getting their way, finding ways for their agendas to creep in and become “norms”, and those politicians who purport to represent conservative values are sitting on their touchases and allowing this to happen.

    California is a model of where they intend to take the entire country.

  6. BB-Idaho Says:

    On the bright side, California is in the red on Federal tax dollars spent there-78 cents:
    another stupid blue state bankrolling us up here in red Idaho..we get $1.21 for every dollar we pay in.
    Tetched they may be, but they ARE rich…

  7. Shoprat Says:

    I think it’s something in the water that turns people crazy there or something that just attracts nuts.

  8. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Tetched they may be, but they ARE rich…

    Yet they constantly bite the hand that feeds them (the U.S.A., its freedoms and traditions). Their entire mindset is based on sanctimonious hypocrisy.

    They should get no return on federal taxes paid, in fact California should pay the government handsomely just for allowing it to remain a part of this country.

    Shoprat –

    If it’s the water, the result is a mental and vocal version of Montezuma’s Revenge.

    One of California’s major crops is the two-legged nut. :-)

  9. BB-Idaho Says:

    “California should pay the government handsomely just for allowing it to remain a part of this country.”
    The should, and they do (noted above). After all they have the 7th largest economy in the world. How do we
    explain such a Sodom&Gomorah as the epitome of the free market? :)

  10. Seth Says:

    BB –

    How do we explain such a Sodom&Gomorah as the epitome of the free market?

    Climate. :-)

  11. Indigo Red Says:

    I live in SoCal and have watched as my state has gone bankrupt - financially and morally. Though things look bleak now, the optimist in me sees a bright side in this story. Someday traditional families will be the alternative life style fully protected by all the laws and rules the liberals have instituted. The immoral majority will be clamoring to into the act and all will be right with the world again.

  12. Seth Says:

    Indigo Red –


    Full circle, LOL. That would be great, though I will be long gone by that time unless I suddenly have a Gracie Allen of my very own, and a good cigar. :-)

    My SoCal experience, not counting 30 days in San Diego for REFTRA, is having lived in L.A. for a few years as a kid, and I loved it back then, and for a few months as an adult. I lived in Hollywood and Glendale (simultaneously, a long story) for a summer in the late 1970s. Back then, it was pretty raunchy, but in that phase of my young life it was fun.

    I was in L.A. for a protracted time period in 2003, and while the political climate was quite irritating, the weather-oriented climate was great. I actually feel quite comfortable in L.A. until I have a barroom, etc conversation with someone. Then a debate begins, and since it’s with a liberal, it doesn’t last too long. The liberal becomes angry when his/her platitudes are matched up with reality, and either departs or turns his/her back on you. Sometimes they yell, the poor sods and sodettes.

    I would love to return to an L.A. circa the 1960s or 1970s, but not to the quagmire it has since become.

  13. BB-Idaho Says:

    Can’t resist the observation that Peet’s Coffee started in Berkeley and remains headquartered there.
    Absolutely disgusting! We can only hope that shareholder interests mandate the selection and roasting to Kuala Lumpur coolies. Berkeley?!!
    Home of Code Pink & Peet’s? Any Peetnik with a shred of decency would switch to Folgers. *heh*

  14. GM Roper Says:

    Seth, Glad you escaped! What route did you take so we can tell the 257 other conservatives in California how to get out.

    Actually, unless you were visiting a relative (my brother lives in Merced) Why would you (or anyone for that matter) ever even want to GO to California. :)

  15. ABF Says:

    OMG …. thanks Seth… I thought we were left leaning(even though we are out east, were working on a trench for separation), but we are far right by comparison. These indoctrination tactics are almost fascist in nature.

  16. Goat Says:

    And I am trying to run a small business out here so tell me about it Seth. I have lived in LA, the Bay, and now safely in NoCal so I know what you mean. Gavin is about to drive the city by the bay into one of those unamed places in one of the many bath houses of his failing city.

  17. Seth Says:

    BB –

    I haven’t seen any pink in Peet’s, except some of the customers when I went to their San Francisco locations.

    Folger’s? Ugh!!!! Please understand that this is not coffee snobbery, it’s merely a question of taste. :-)

    GM –

    I flew out of there for the benefit of fast egress. :-)

    I have an aunt in San Diego, but she knows that if we are to visit, it will not be in California.

    AB –

    Luckily, most U.S. states are significantly less out-of-control than California, which is leftist enough to serve as commie Mecca for the entire country.

    Goat –

    And Gavin was the best available option in the election. Sounds kind of like our choices in the current Presidential campaign. :-(

  18. Always On Watch Says:

    You simply can’t trust any politicians in that G-d forsaken liberal hell hole…

    My sister-in-law, born and bred in SoCal, moved all the way across the United States for that very reason and because of the lousy schools in the Altadena area. Not to mention the immigration problems.

  19. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Your sister-in-law showed some great sense, especially given that she was raising children. When I said that the California school system has been effectively turned into a wingnut farm, I wasn’t kidding!

    The immigration situation in California is beyond belief. The former governor (Davis) supported licenses for illegals, for example, which was one of the factors in the recall election that ousted him and even so, when his lieutenant governor (Bustamente) ran against him (along with Arnold, Gary Coleman, a porn star and myriad others), said lieutenant guv ran licenses for illegals (excuuuuse meeee, I mean, “undocumented” guests or whatever) as a hallmark of his campaign.

    For the sake of California and all the normal and sane people living therein, I would like to see the conservative backlash Indigo Red forecasts come to pass, though I won’t hold my breath: There are simply too many leftwits residing in that state, and they are breeding more every day. :-(

  20. BB-Idaho Says:

    ” too many leftwits residing in that state, and they are breeding more every day.” Explains the earthquake problem….if San Andreas is rockin,…

  21. Goat Says:

    I am glad I live in the North Sac valley now, the Bay Area was the worst place I have ever lived, except for the burritos in the corner store, the best I have had.

  22. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Being a liberal state, California is full of people who refuse to blame themselves when things go wrong. Everytime the ground shakes, for example, they all say it’s someone named Andreas’ fault. :-)

    Goat –

    My favorite Mexican food in S.F. is served at Don Ramone’s and also a tiny family owned restaurant on South Van Ness called the New Central.

    NoCal is beautiful, a few years ago I had occasion to spend some getaway time in Ft. Bragg, on the coast near Mendocino. The winding forest roads going and coming were sensational, the crashing of waves on rocks and the vividly clear, starry skies were a lot more appealing than anything one sees these days in San Francisco.

  23. MariesTwoCents Says:

    Reading this makes me glad I moved from So Cal 15 years ago.

    I would rather put up with the wicked weather in Oklahoma and the Okies and thier school system anyday!

    It makes me think, if I had stayed, none of my kids would have ever graduated High School.

    Now my kids are grown and all are productive members of society. I could never have had that in California.

    I can see my daughter asking me about the mommy and daddy issue. whoooee

    It seems Cali has sunk farther than it was sinking when I lived there.

    Thank’s for posting this Seth, you made my day :-)

  24. Seth Says:

    Marie –

    It’s pretty amazing that a state that is a part of the U.S. could become the equivalent of a country that might, under certain circumstances, be an enemy of the U.S., but there it is…

  25. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, it pains me deeply to see the slippery slope syndrom in action regarding our societal morality, or should I say immorality? But it does not surprise me to see California at the head or in the lead of the immorals. Moral relativism can and will have an astounding effect when it goes unchecked.

    If you have a chance, you might enjoy reviewing this.

  26. Z Says:

    Hi, Seth…Well, from someone born and raised in LA, I share your pain, but mostly it’s still too good for me to leave. I’m SURE that, if i had kids, I’d be homeschooling, though, TRUST me on that. And, there are excellent conservatives here (mostly the Mexicans who came here during the ‘legal’ days!). Used to be that hispanics wouldn’t meet your eyes when they walked by you so you supposed they had snuck in…I’m talking 20 years ago and more. Today, we know 80% are probably illegals and they couldn’t care LESS who sees them or finds them…no threat, ABSOLUTELY none! They strut around now as if they’re protected endangered species! Matter of fact, they threaten construction sites to hire them or be shot. An acquaintance suffered a heart attack after some came to his home with their threats. Still, some of the sweetest people I know in the service sector are Hispanics.

    Conservative talk radio flourishes here in LA…..go figure. Maybe some of it is sinking in to the Left, too? Ya think!? I hope so.

  27. Old Soldier Says:

    “I’m SURE that, if i had kids, I’d be homeschooling, though, TRUST me on that.”

    Z, then again, possibly not.

  28. Z Says:

    Old Soldier! That is UNbelievable..and kept quiet around here. Haven’t heard a thing on the radio. I don’t get the LA Times anymore. Well, better get those kids reading “Billy has two Daddies” and QUICK, huh? Can’t let those ‘nasty old religious ideas’ stand in his way towards enlightenment!? We’ve got a kid here in California who’s in elementary school and has decided he’s transgender. Special accomodations regarding bathroom, etc., are in motion. The teachers have been instructed not to say HE or SHE, but “IT” just to make sure nobody’s offended. As if THAT is not offensive? Human life’s cheap, these days, Old Soldier…we have a person referred to as IT (shades of the Adams Family, come to think of it!?)now and a cooking show airing soon for pets.

  29. Old Soldier Says:

    Z, it pains my heart to see the Devil’s unrelenting attacks on the ‘family.’ Liberals have become useful idiots, advancing Satan’s agenda willingly. With the collapse of the family comes the degredation of morals and a gender confused populace. Moral relativism replaces morals anchored in truth and the road to Hell widens immensely. I just cannot understand people who would start a family and turn control of their children over to ‘the village.’ It certainly flies in the face of God’s design of the family.

    Good luck in coping out there. I don’t believe I could manage; I’d probably end up in jail just speaking my mind.

  30. Gayle Says:

    I’m here late but I guess late is better than never.

    Seth, I was born in California. We moved when I was three months old, but came back when I was a teen and I was married there. I always loved the beauty of California, especially north of Los Angeles, and what the people have done to that beautiful state is horrible. I wouldn’t live there if someone offered to pay me to live there. It’s a real tragedy. I feel grief for California whenever I think about it. :(

  31. Z Says:

    Life is good here, Old Soldier. There are good conservatives, believe it or not. Talk radio flourishes here, believe me! And, the REALLY good conservatives are the Hispanics who came legally twenty, thirty years ago! Honestly! Cubans here, too, VERY conservative. Yes, we feel squeezed by Arnold’s ridiculous policies, and they’re getting nuttier by the day AND my husband won’t open a business here because of what’s going on, but it’s beautiful and we love it.
    Gail, I couldn’t live in No. California..it’s ten times more liberal than L.A…a liberal friend emailed that they “treat the homeless like endangered species here”. it’s AWFUL up there. But, oh, so beautiful, you’re right.
    When you were born and raised somewhere and your whole family’s there, you think twice about leaving. And I have lived in Europe for years at a time. I’d live in Paris again, or Munich, in a heartbeat, but this is HOME.

  32. Seth Says:

    Old Soldier –

    The thing that aggravates me most about California is not their collective liberalism, they are free to express whatever beliefs they maintain, however misguided, but that they write their proclivities into law and otherwise make them official policy, thereby compelling the normal, the sensible, the patriotic, the religious, the conservative and all others who don’t subscribe to their doctrine to follow it.

    The above post was an exponent of the first comment I left in the thread from your own linked post. You really can’t win as a conservative voting in California — it seems that out there, the most right-thinking politician on the ballot is usually a liberal, or will concede to the left at the first opportunity. Arnold is a perfect example. :-(

  33. Seth Says:

    Z –


    I lived in Echo Park and in Montecito Heights, both primarily Mexican neighborhoods, on and off between 1967 and 1970, and later spent some time in L.A. as a young adult.

    ‘Twas indeed different back then, definitely more conservatives about and more conservative in general.

    My numerous Mexican acquaintances there were both religious and patriotic (for the U.S.), and would not have gone along with most, if any, of today’s liberal agendas.

    I’ve been in L.A. more recently (this century) and found the place to be profoundly more liberal, though mainly among Gringos and young Latinos, especially the same outspoken among the latter who are clamoring for the “Reconquista”.

    There is also conservative talk radio in the Bay Area, but look how much that accomplishes in the big picture scheme: The area is still a lefty hell-hole, because most liberals refuse to listen to, let alone consider, the conservative point of view.

    While I have no doubt that some of the few liberals who are actually open minded who listen to it might revise their views and many moderates may also be drawn to the right-thinking side of things, most of those who listen to conservative talk radio are already conservatives.

    Look who wins most elections out there, and look what they permit to become law, even via proposition.

    As far as great climate and beautiful environs are concerned, California’s got most of the country beat, but for me, the enforced political landscape there negates everything else.

    In San Francisco, I heard, many times, the term “Republican” delivered as an obscenity.

    Regarding Transgender issues, in San Francisco the taxpayer’s dollar finances free sex changes as they are somehow considered, in Liberalese, a “human right” and, therefore, are somehow the taxpayers’ responsibility.

  34. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    I echo your sentiments exactly.

    What the left has done to California is a rough equivalent of using the Garden of Eden as a leper colony.

  35. Z Says:

    OH, Seth….Republican in SAN FRANCISCO? ?? you can’t say that word THERE! You’re right…but, don’t forget: most of the country’s being told by our media the following equation:

    Democrats = Correct
    Republicans = EVIL (not incorrect..EVIL)

    Yes, Hispanics are highly conservative…but not the new waves of thousands who’ve come with the palm out. sad. Believe it or not, you do hear a lot of liberals on those shows..you really do. I’m glad to know they’re listening..something might sink in, right? I’m always surprised to hear them, frankly. Geo Deukmejian was a boyhood friend of Dad’s and is a family friend…we don’t see him often, but I sure wish he’d run again, or get involved again in politics. THERE was a good governor.

  36. Seth Says:

    Z –

    Deukmejian would be in his late 70s or early 80s by now. At his age, I know I wouldn’t want the aggravation and supreme frustration of being a conservative in California politics. That would most definitely be stroke city.

    I wonder how things would be going in Sacramento had McClintock won the recall election.

    Re Mexicans’ conservatism, in a recent comment at AOW’s, I mentioned that when I lived in L.A. as a kid, the period encompassed the Whittier riots. Chicano friends of mine had cousins who were Brown Berets, a couple of whom I met one night after they’d been battling the police on Whittier. The Mexican kids were swooning with admiration for those guys, but: Their parents’ attitude was hostile — they saw the whole thing for what it was, a bunch of young people giving law abiding, hard working, decent Mexican immigrants a bad name.

    The conservatives are still there today, but they are ignored by a media that is more interested in open borders and multiculturalism than in accurate reporting.

  37. Z Says:

    Exactly, Seth. Our media plays down the situation…rarely mentions the reason behind hospital closings (due to illegals$$$), etc etc. You nailed it.

    And, oh, if McClintock had ONLY won. He’s getting ready to run again, apparently…..please, God!

    The media’s more interested in about everything most of us stand against…hence, we’re losing. personally? I don’t see how we could ever again have a REAL CONSERVATIVE president……..whatever that means anymore.

  38. Seth Says:

    Z –

    The Democrats and the MSM have come a long way towards making the U.S. a nation of children by addressing voters on kindergarten level albeit using adult language. That is what socialism is all about — the state’s the parents, the people are the dependent children.

    They’ve enabled an environment in which they can get away with rationalizing their arguments simply by saying “this is good, that is bad”.

    A right thinker can give a dozen on-point, accurate reasons for a point of view, and he or she will be ignored by the left in favor of one of those “this is good, that is bad” explanations. As a result, true political debate has become nearly extinct in favor of baseless innuendo.

    This is probably one explanation as to why more solidly conservative Presidential candidates didn’t seem to stand much of a chance in the primaries this time around. The childlike mentalities the left has been cultivating over the years, on both sides of our political arena, were more receptive to innuendo than such things as track records and facts.

    What else could explain the messianic rise of Barak Obama, for example, a sharpie who has gained such a massive, worshipful following by expounding at length, his words mostly meaningless platitudes, and saying absolutely nothing of substance in the process?

    Your thought that we may never again have a real conservative POTUS might very well be accurate, as Romper Room politicking seems to be winning out; Why worry about reality when a candidate can woo us with well structured, childish portside gibberish?

    I am ever the optimist, however, though I believe things will have to get a lot worse before we see the conservative backlash envisioned by Indigo Red in his above comment, and which is a sincere hope of my own, not only for California (which is most in need of one), but for the entire country.

    Electing McClintock as the next governor, should he join the race, would certainly be a majorly positive step in the right direction. He certainly wouldn’t prove to be the fair-weather Republican Arnold is turning out to be.

  39. NH Meri Wido Says:


    I suggest that those that are unhappy with the situation in their respective states (and California as well) get off their duffs and begin doing the “grass roots” thing so that they can actually serve their communities and states and show the currant politicians just how to do it!

    T’aint easy but I can say that I’ve been there and done that…have the T-shirt as well (as you know).

    Also, your readers need to keep in mind the tongue-in-cheek comment about the Department of Agriculture being able to determine the exact location of the single bovine with mad cow disease here in the USA….but they can’t locate the millions of illeagles (and NO, I’m not politically correct and proud of it!)…

    Lastly, the tags DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN/INDEPENDENT are eroneous and should be changed to more accurately reflect their individual leanings…(i.e. SCREAMING LIBERAL/MOSTLY LIBERAL/SLIGHTLY LIBERAL/MIDDLE OF THE ROAD/CONSERVATIVE/ULTRA CONSERVATIVE/IN CHARGE OF TELLING G_D WHAT TO DO…..me, I’m a CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT and not ashamed of it…

  40. Seth Says:

    NH Meri Wido –

    Yay! Welcome, and it’s about time you commented herein.

    The problem with today’s Republican politicians is that they need to be shocked with a cattle prod or booted in the ass in order to compel them to cooperate with those of us who voted for them. It sucks, but there it is.

    The conservative blogger community doesn’t hesitate to let the politicians know what we expect of them, but unfortunately the “silent majority” does. They only participate at the polls, so in the interim the politicians get away with ‘way too much.

    Conservative Democrats are the only Democrats worth respect these days. The rest are leftists.

    Political correctness deserves a theme song all its own. How about a Bronx Cheer?

  41. benning Says:

    I lived in California for 8 years, seeking fame and fortune. I lived in Southern California in Santa Ana, 45-minutes from L.A. Fame and Fortune eluded me and I left there in 1985. Although my life on the Left Coast was not the success I had hoped for, it was definitely a learning experience.

    I would never return. It’s a foreign world of insanity masquerading as political action. Truly a Never-Never Land.

  42. Seth Says:

    Benning –


    The left has screwed up California by making that once great American state into their own wannabe Utopia.

    I loved L.A. as a kid, but thanks to the liberals there it simply isn’t anything like it used to be. :-(

  43. Z Says:

    Well, everyone’s moving here in big numbers….(sadly, that’s including illegals!!!)
    I hope they all leave (including illegals) and let us enjoy the beauty of California!
    Sure, I take it personally to hear all of this because it is my State and every state’s got it’s drawbacks. But, I won’t be sensitive! I’ll go for a walk or a swim and call some friends and talk conservative politics. We do that here, you know!

    And Seth..you voted for GAVIN NEWSOME! And then you LEFT California? It’s all YOUR FAULT!! (Smile)

  44. Seth Says:

    Z –

    I was taken in, I tell you, conned, bamboozled even! :-)

    In all truth, Gavin was actually the most conservative candidate in the race (amazing, but true) — keeping in mind that anyone to the right of Angela Davis is the Bay Area equivalent of a neocon — so rather than not vote at all, I voted for him. Had I known he was as far left as he proved to be as mayor, I probably would have abstained from voting for that office at all.

    As I’ve said, having been all over it and lived in its two major cities, I think California is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and if it weren’t also Liberal Central, I would consider it the among the most desireable places to live.

    It seems that liberals have a flair for moving into the nicest geographic subdivisions and polluting them, both socially and politically, with their highly “questionable” and as often as not anti-America agendas. In the words of somebody-or-other, “Bummer”.

  45. Z Says:

    Thanks, Seth. I agree with you about California. It’s rough hearing all the negativity from people who’ve left, but I understand it to a point. Thanks for agreeing it’s a very desireable place to live in many ways.

  46. Seth Says:

    Z –

    Trust me, if California was conservative, or for that matter even politically balanced, I would live there forever.

  47. Leah Says:

    No Surprise that GM had to sink like the Titanic.. Just the pain and hard work of 300 Million Taxpayers going down the drain.. Whose responsible for that?

  48. Seth Says:

    Leah –

    Sorry for the delayed response, but I’ve had rather a lot on my plate recently and haven’t had as much time as I’d like to get here.

    IMO, the principal U.S. automakers booby trapped themselves as far back as the early 1970s, when they ignored the voluminous public demand for cars that provided more mileage per gallon, thus enabling Japanese car makers like Toyota (who presently enjoy the status of largest car manufacturing behemoth in the world) to push the previous global and domestic auto market dominance of Detroit into the second fiddle category.

    By booby trapping, I mean that once our car manufacturers lost the lead in their industry, they rendered themselves vulnerable to the sort of domestic and global economy we face today. While our car makers are in dire straits, Toyota is in the position to weather a decline in orders.

    That said, with their chickens coming home to roost, our car manufacturers should be compelled to solve their own problems, which conforms, rightly, to the rules of our Constitution-based, capitalist republic. It’s truly amazing how resourceful a once great, falling down business concern can become when told that they have to depend on themselves and the best and the brightest within to climb out of the hole, not simply enjoy a government safety net as an insurance pay-out for their failure.

    They made themselves great a long time ago and rose to a position of dominance in their industry before, they can’t say they can’t do so again.

    Instead, with the government taking over, they are having decisions made for them by politicians and bureaucrats whose only experience in life seems to be the spending and wasting of our hard earned tax dollars.

    What we see here is the flushing down the commode of megabucks to bail out GM, then the dumping of the auto manufacturer now that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Company see that the consistent liberal cure-all of throwing money at a problem is no solution.

    The result?

    More wasted tax money, which is fine with the Democrats and their liberal masters — after all, money grows on trees known as tax-payers, and they can always come after us for more when they’ve squandered the existing crop.