February 6, 2008

Those Code Pink Critters…

…and the rest of their kind, like the MSM and your general purpose liberal, as we know are still actively campaigning against the big Dubya, despite the fact that he’s not running for anything.

This is pretty much a mainstay of the liberal mindset. That is, they substitute platitudinal input for proactive tangible action — they have to know that their efforts to do whatever it is they want to do to George W. Bush is undoable, that they are merely making foolish noise in the process of burning up the contributions gleaned from their faithful followers, and more often than not making preadolescent style spectacles of themselves at the same time. I entertain no doubts as to the resentment the Three Stooges would feel had they been able to see these folks attempting to upstage them in the lunacy department.

When the Berkeley kerfuffle commenced (the peoples’ and city government’s war on the Marines recruiters there), I received a bunch of emails from Move America Forward on the issue and on their response to it, and have of course read of it in numerous other places. The backlash from around the country was sufficiently intense as to cause a couple of the Kommie San Francisco suburb’s city legislators to back pedal somewhat.

They say they support the troops but oppose Bush policies. In the same breath that they tell us they have nothing against the Marines, they tell us that the same Marines are murderers and torturers who mercenary themselves to Big Oil.

The U.S. Marines, meanwhile, are but one of several elements that comprise a community whose mission is to insure that those dizzy people in Berkeley remain free to speak out against the government and even…even against the Marines!

Please pardon me, but when the issue hit the news, and when I received the outraged emails from MAF, I hardly raised an eyebrow. I mean, this is Berkeley we’re talking about. These are the same varmints who, before the fires had even been put out on 9/11, were declaring that our country had deserved the terrorist attack. That we’d earned it. That it was our fault. How could anybody actually be shocked at anything of a treasonous nature that comes out of that lefty hell-hole?

If I were suddenly appointed king of America, I would certainly deny any voter in Berkeley, the city government included, even a dime of federal funds for anything, anything at all — this would be right before I had a large, unbroken “keep ‘em in” wall built around that leftist hell hole and then had it declared a nuclear waste dump. From then on, all people convicted of treason would be sentenced to life in Berkeley.

Radioactive Cows? In Berkeley? Mooooo!

However, I didn’t come here to talk about Berkeley. Screw Berkeley. Knock knock knockin’ on treason’s door…

A projected nine inches of snow is in the process of being dumped on Chicago, even as we speak (they’re so lucky in the Burbs, where the snow will stick, covering trees, rooftops and everything else, making for a beautiful morning after), so I’ve spent the day at home, catching up on professional stuff.

There’s a deli here called Ashkenaz that delivers a pleasing variety of Jewish fare, though I have to say that their knishes wouldn’t sell in New York — they lack every single attribute of a genuine knish, from seasoning to filling. But then, Chicago isn’t called the Second City for nothing. However, they do produce lox in all its glory, belly lox, Nova (Nova Scotia lox), etc, and deliver by the pound. They’re rather costly in this endeavor, but as far as I’m concerned, the quality of the product inspires the overlooking of their $40.00+ per pound price for cut lox. To me, salmon rules in its every form from smoked to poached in the seafood category, surpassed only by those big, meaty langostas one finds in the Caribbean.

So I’m spending this particular segment of my evening munching, in leisurely fashion, on lox and cream cheese sandwiches with ultra-thin sliced red onion and, having blown the dust off my old Enya albums (just kidding, I actually downloaded them from Yahoo! Music Jukebox), am listening to Watermark and Shepherd Moons. Celtic music with New Age overtones, good stuff.

However, I actually came here to make reference to yet another portside idiocy, one which, excluding all the above, will not take up all that much of your time. That is, the Waterboarding thing.

The left has villified it on a mega-scale, even the RINO, John McCain, has opposed it, and the tone of the arguments against it has been one that suggests it to be one of many horrible, unconscionable tortures our government employs to wrench, brutally and unmercifully, for days on end, even the most trivial, useless information from captured terrorists. It is business as usual for the fascistic, nazi Bush regime, etc, etc…

And the liberal media plays it up conjure nightmarish thoughts of the torture chambers at Prinz Albrechtstrasse or 2 Dzerzhinski Square.

Meanwhile, only three prisoners, major terrorists all, have been subjected to the actually non-harmful interrogation technique, and the longest duration involved was that of Sheikh Khalid Mohammed, a terrible minute and a half! All three subjects revealed information that saved a lot of innocent lives while leading to the neutralization of a large number of terrorists and their plans for further butchery of Americans and others.

Our intelligence pros aren’t electrocuting the functionality out of their testicles, beating them to a bloody pulp or decimating their minds with lysergic acid and amatol, they’re merely creating non-damaging discomfort for what amounts to mere seconds (while SKM, an abnormally tough customer, held out for some 90 seconds, the average is 1/3 of that time).

Yet our political left, who have just as much access to information as the rest of us, have chosen to ignore the facts and use waterboarding as an anti-Bush soap box, transforming the truth into exaggerations and bald faced lies in order to promote their false doctrines — in truth, given their desperation to strip us of our Constitutional system of government and quagmire us in socialism, I can’t say as I blame them: if you want to screw an entire electorate, you have to lie to them in a convincing manner. You have to promote your intended back-door entry as a pleasurable experience, one the entire family will enjoy, knowing that once they’ve let you in, the merciless shishkabobbing, weeping and gnashing of teeth will be beyond their control.

It doesn’t matter whether the sodomist is John McCain, Barak Hussein Obama or Hillary Klinton, the results will be the same.

Speaking for myself, when it comes to interrogating terrorists, I’d just as soon we refer to the Jack Bauer manual. Our misplaced sympathy for “ill-treated” terrorists is well defined in the old song about the gentle woman (for goodness sake) who saved the snake.

We’ve watched our politicians, justices and media intentionally misinterpret the Geneva Convention to “humanize” and redefine the status of the inmates at GITMO, and heard “certain parties” strongly suggest that we bring these terrorists into the American legal system for prosecution.

What it all boils down to, I think, is that these misguided souls are so secure in their illusion that certain bizarre things could never happen to them that they are confident that they’ll be safe, even if they eliminate the very safeguards that keep them safe.

What a bunch of maroons!

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12 Responses to “Those Code Pink Critters…”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Jack Bauer? The one that just finished 48 days in jail
    (getting waterboarded?)..and needs to get up to West Point http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/us%20army%20invites%20sutherland%20to%20give%20anti-torture%20speech_1023138
    to reminde the cadets of Duty-Honor-Country (rather than Gestapo-Stalin-Pol Pot? I know, you’d rather be waterboarded than have to face those old Pink Dames. :)

  2. Shoprat Says:

    From my own blog.



  3. Seth Says:

    BB –

    That guy’s got to be kidding: He is saying, in effect, that young people training to lead in our military can’t recognize the difference between goings on in a fiction TV series and real life. Having to invite a Hollywood actor to set them straight is a bit much.

    Asking the network to modify Sutherland’s character is, well, requesting that they do away with one of the traits that make the character (Bauer) the smash that he is.

    Our society is becoming too mares-eat-oats-and-does-eat-oats to suit me.

    On the other side of the same coin, the very fact that the enemy knows we won’t give ‘em “the Bauer” when we capture them, despite their own penchant for torture, beheading and indiscriminate murder, no doubt emboldens them to do more of the above.

    Keifer got a pretty good deal on his incarceration, by the way: His sentencing stipulated that he could leave the jail in order to work on “24″ episodes, so he didn’t have to worry about losing any income as a result of his indiscretions.

    How many people can get that kind of halfway house type deal while serving a jail sentence?

    The cadets, like the rest of us, will have rules they are compelled to follow, among them not Bauerizing captured terrorists. The rules should be sufficient, though I will say that if I were the one making the rules, they would not be as restrictively gentle as those currently in place.

    Terrorists would have no “human” or legal rights of any kind, and once captured they would be shown as much respect for their religious requirements as they reserve for those of others.

    I’ve run across a few of those pink dames (I used to live on their home turf!), and you’re right, I’d rather be waterboarded than meet any more of them. :-)

    Shoprat –

    Nice work, and right on point.

    The “Not Knowledge” part is stressed every time any of them says anything.

  4. BB-Idaho Says:

    Been following the Chicago/area winter weather. Which
    type of snowshoe http://www.rbnc.org/schoolunits/snowshoe.htm
    have you selected for surviving until Spring?

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Snow shoes, LOL.

    Only in the burbs and rural areas, perhaps, but here in the city, within a short time after the snow has stopped, the sidewalks are clear, with the exception of a small patch of ice here and there. Shortly after that, the snow that is inevitably piled at curbside is turning black from the multitude of passing vehicle exhausts, embedded from place to place with the litterings of passersby.

  6. MariesTwoCents Says:

    Awesome Post Seth,

    I Love that “Code Pink Critters lol

    I dont know why they are still under Bush Derangement Syndrome but the man has like 200 days left in office. When are they going to give this nonsense up?

    Now it’s going to be McCain Derangement Syndrome.

    And Berkeley! Dont get me started on Berkeley!

    I dont think San Francisco is such a treat anymore!

  7. Seth Says:

    Marie –

    Thanks! :-)

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this video yet, but it sums up the leftist fiasco that is Berkeley, from Kode Pink to city Kouncil to Kops.

  8. Gayle Says:

    Unfortunately, McCain Derangement Syndrom is alive and well, but it’s coming from the far right. *sigh* He’s not my choice either, but I’ll vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination because the alternative is totally unthinkable.

    We need more real Jack Bauer’s in this country!

  9. BB-Idaho Says:

    Pink Damsels or not, these ex-Californians are anxious to move back http://wenatcheeworld.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080207/NEWS03/416017573/-1/NEWS04
    ..not that they miss the land of fruit & nuts, they just can’t take the land of being snowed in. :)

  10. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    I’m profoundly glad that I have nearly 9 months before I have to address that issue. With any luck, an 18 wheeler will run me down before I get to the polls. :-(

    We need perhaps one battalion of Jack Bauer clones and about six months, and the War on Terror would be over and won. :-)

    BB –

    It sounds like you’re being buried among the bitter roots of voluminous snow. Now I wish I did have some snow shoes, so I could FedEx them your way. I like that so many people rose to the occasion to help that couple, and do so as vigorously as they did.

    But…if snowmobiles are the only available means of transport in snow for the couple in question, why don’t they store them in a space wherein they won’t be rendered inaccessible by a heavy snow? Isn’t that kinda’ sorta’ anti-survival? I mean c’mon, “let’s dig out the snowmobiles”?

  11. The Gray Monk Says:

    The Left learned a great lesson from Dr Goebbels - Tell a lie big enough and it becomes the new truth. They’ve been doing it ever since 1945.

  12. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    The liberal media has refined that lesson to an art form, bombarding the public with and expressing its minority opinions in such a way as to portray them believably as the beliefs of the “vast majority”.

    Global warming, for example…