August 4, 2005

This Is Funny!

James Lileks has this account of John Bolton’s first day on the job.

Now that John Bolton has been installed as United Nations ambassador — by the time-honored recess appointment or the power-crazed overreach of King Emperor Bush Fuhrer, depending on your point of view — one can only wonder how he’ll do. Here’s a hypothetical workday. (Note that he’s made it out of Washington without some senators throwing themselves on the train tracks to keep him from leaving. Or, rather, having aides throw themselves on the tracks. Make that interns. Aides might say things under anesthesia.) Anyway. The limo pulls up to the glistening U.N. building at 7:59 a.m….

You know, when I read these comic sketches, especially by those with the savvy of Lileks, I can actually picture them as possible reality. I mean, after what we’ve seen of totally out-of-the-park statements by liberal politicians, Congressional propositions from the left and the reaching of the Mainstream Media in their continually weakening endeavors to undermine American patriotism, values, religious beliefs and our very survival, it’s unfortunately very difficult not to be able to picture these comic applications as possibilities.


Noon — Bolton presents his credentials to Kofi Annan, who is sweating and nervous. The lunch is amiable until Bolton, his hand still aching from a vigorous game of handball, makes a fist and cracks his knuckles, whereupon Annan takes a stack of papers from his desk, stammers that it has all the details on the oil-for-food scandal, and begs not to be put in a cell next to his son. “He snores,” Annan begs.


Check it out. A lot of work.

4:07 — At the cafeteria, Bolton gets a doughnut and a cup of coffee; the cashier informs him she’ll put it on the U.S. tab. Bolton insists on paying himself; she shrugs and asks for $428.26.

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3 Responses to “This Is Funny!”

  1. NYgirl Says:

    LOL. Lileks is amazing. Once I made the mistake of driking, or attempting to drink, a cup of coffee while reading a Lileks & boy did I learn my lesson.

  2. Seth Says:

    Sun Microsystems would’ve been proud to know that your keyboard became a Java product. I know that feeling. I watch DVDs on my notebook(plug in headphones and the sound is awesome) and when I’m watching something(or reading something) really funny I refrain from drinking “head on” with the computer.

  3. NYgirl Says:

    My keyboard became a Java product, LOL. Like your sence of humor :)