October 13, 2007

No Rest For The Something-Or-Others…

…or something like that.

It seems that whenever I foresee a surplus of free time up ahead, something comes up that relegates it to the realm of the “almost”. Pardon my not-quite-serious sounding demeanor, but at present I’m listening to a song called Bamboo Town (the Tom Tom Club), the Tina Weymouth presiding. It is so basic, amusing — fun, and… and…Caribbean, and never fails to drape me in a whimsical mood.

So I had planned to post on a couple of things a couple of days ago, and it didn’t get to occur.

Al Gore’s prize was one of them, as I ran across an interesting item of a very definitive nature that hasn’t yet been censored by the Government Scientific Research Grants Police or whomever, yet nonetheless shows up the thankfully former Veep and his Inconvenient Myth rather well.

If you can spare the time, it will be worth it to take the 8 minutes and change to watch the video linked from the article. What Gore says, what the climatologists’ observations are.

Their findings that C02 increases have followed planetary warming trends by periods of decades, I’d say, relegate the ingenius, Nobel Prize winning buffoonery of the Algore critter to the cart before the horse category.

He blinded them with “science”.

Moving right along, there has been a proposal put forth by environmentalists that we change our culinary indulgences. I wonder what A.A. Milne would say if he learned that Kanga and Roo would be available for consumption at tomorrow’s Sunday brunch buffet.

This last item is hat-tipped to “News You Can Use”, courtesy of James Taranto.

In the Liberals Gone Wild Department, well, you know, there are a few big differences between the political left and the political right in this country that stand out big time.

Our conduct on the starboard side, our demeanor, our sense of civility, our consideration and respect for others’ property are evident. Our mature behavior.

When we conservatives stage a demonstration, what you see for the most part is a bunch of folks showing up in orderly numbers, most of us holding up signs.

When liberals stage a demonstration, it more often than not involves disruptive behavior, bags of feces, graffiti, property damage, vulgarity…

Having made that point, I refer you to a great column by Melanie Morgan that not only describes some of the above portside conduct, but also more than adequately describes the left’s complete lack of respect for those who lay their lives on the line to perpetuate the freedom liberals exploit in order to attempt to deprive us (headscratch here, them too) of it.

Oh, I did mention bags of feces, right?

************ GORE/NOBEL UPDATE ************

I enjoyed some good chuckles at some of the statements quoted in this article.

While supporters of Al Gore and his stance on global warming celebrated the former vice president’s win of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, skeptics of man-made climate change dismissed the award as another example of the Nobel committee naming someone “Liberal of the Year.”

“Al Gore should probably get a prize for most travel in a private jet, but not the Peace Prize,” said Myron Ebell, director of global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). He also called the award, which was shared with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “a sad day for the Nobel legacy.”

Giving Gore the annual prize was “an unfortunate and misguided move by the Nobel committee,” Ebell said, because “the energy-rationing policies he espouses would perpetuate the poverty and human misery associated with political instability and conflict.”

Timothy Ball, a retired climatologist who leads the National Resources Stewardship Project, told Cybercast News Service that Friday’s award “just makes a travesty of the whole concept of Nobel Prizes.”

“This tells me everything I need to know about Nobel Prize winners,” he said. “I notice they just gave one to the guy who discovered holes in the ozone layer - but there are no holes in the ozone.”


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11 Responses to “No Rest For The Something-Or-Others…”

  1. Ken Taylor Says:

    WOW, where to start. Gore - the , “Peace Prize, ” lost all credebility when it was awarded to Arrafat. Now a new low with gore. It has become a man of the year award for the left. Gore claiming science fiction as science fact is dangerous esecially the way so many whacos take his dilussion seriously!

    As far as protestors…right on the mark my friend. Conservatives protest to express a view and to make that view known to the public, while liberasl seek trouble as a way to claim discrimination or worse to their, “plight.” Additionally conservatives are not so angry that they explode in a violent and stupid fashion as libs do.

    Their anger comes out in a violent rage whenever they protest. Notice also that they use the same ridiculous rhymes that they did in the sixties ? Hey, hey ho ho, these liberal wheenies are gonna blow!

  2. MariesTwoCents Says:

    I have lost all respect for the “Nobel Peace Prize” now.

    Carter? Kofi? Arafat? Gore?

    And not one for the man who ended the “Cold War” without ever firing a shot!?!?! ,|,,

    Democrat Proterters UGH!

    When I drove to Washington D.C. back in March for the “Gathering Of Eagles” (Prevent the Viet Nam Memorial from getting vandalized by the freakshow) all the (I assume) people on the right were all orderly, peaceful, and carrying American Flags.

    On the Cindy Sheehan nutroot side I never heard such shrill screeches, vulgarity, and vitriol.

    They also left trash everywhere, I guess they have never seen a trashcan before. Most of them looked like they needed to meet up with some soap and water also but that’s another subject.

    But yes there is a HUGE difference in right and left protesting.

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    RE: Aussies urged to substitute kangaroo for red meat
    Based on road-kill opossum on our menus out this way, I would judge the marsupial unfit for human consumption. If there isn’t a biblical injunction, there should be. :)

  4. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    The Nobel Peace Prize has long been a joke, for some reason it reminds me of a bunch of pre-adolescents in one of their parents’ garages starting a “secret” club whose membership involves everybody wearing the same “decoder” ring, as in “Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize…”

    The irritating thing about the behavior of lefties when they demonstrate is that their fellow liberals, the highly educated ones from whom you’d expect more mature attitudes, agree wholeheartedly with their immature behavior.

    And they, in turn, share beliefs with the Democrats’ leadership in Congress.

    Marie –

    My reply to Ken’s comment pretty much expressed what I think of the Nobel Prize, totally in agreement with your own (and Ken’s) opinions.

    As for the demonstration habits of the left, well, what we see are a profound lack of class, a complete disregard for the property of their fellow Americans and, basically, a complete abandonment of basic human decency — they are at heart irresponsible trashers of anything they don’t personally own or have responsibility for — they have no respect for anything that isn’t theirs.

    BB –

    You guys really go into a diner and find “roadkill opossum” on the menu!? I knew there was a reason I never got into logging or spud farming, with the requisite relocation they’d entail, LOL!

    I have to agree with you on the marsupial unfit for human consumption angle. I think, when I consider it, of people along the lines of Jeff Daumer, or Edgar Allan Poe’s “Sawney Bean And His Family”.

  5. Gayle Says:

    Agree with everyone here so far on the Nobel Peace Prize being given to Al Gore. It’s proof indeed (in case there is still anyone who needs any) that this has degenerated over the years into nothing other than moonbats celebrating themselves.

    Your “bag of feces” link is certainly appropriate!

  6. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Yeah, the Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered insignificant to all but those leftists who prefer partisan politics over actual human accomplishment, and “peace” doesn’t even figure into the deal. As far as I’m concerned, a Nobel Peace Prize is about as relevant to the scheme of things as, to steal from the anal David Obey’s’ recent anti-Rush speech, Paris Hilton.

    Krugman seems, over the last several years, to have been deteriorating rapidly, column by column, into a bitter, foaming-at-the-mouth, America-hating, just out from under a stone, lefty propagandist — anyone in the newspaper business with even a semblance of self respect or a grasp on the concept of shame should consider him an embarrassment to their very profession.

  7. Robert Says:

    While we eat many things in the south, people better leave Kanga and Roo out of it. My kids and I both would be on the warpath!

    Good article. With global warming, Algore’s themesong should be “Blinded Them With Science” as you mention, but could also be “My Future’s So Bright, I gotta Wear Shades”.

    Man, am I dating myself or what?

  8. That 1 Guy Says:

    Seth… I know where you’re coming from with the “free time.” Once I got moved, I thought that I’d be able to going back to reading all of the blogs that I used to, on a regular basis. Um… not so.

    Thought I’d have tons written, too, but that just doesn’t happen. Ah, well…

    As for Gorp, my jaw is still hanging. I know that the Nobel Peace prize is a joke, but I didn’t think they’d resort to slapstick.

  9. Seth Says:

    Robert –

    They’ll probably try to tell us kangaroo “tastes like chicken”. Nonetheless, it won’t be hopping onto my dinner plate any time soon.

    When I lived in Nawlins, I did try gator a few times, and I thought it was pretty good (of course, those people down there know how to make just about anything taste great), though not something I’d bring home and try cooking myself.

    I thought that song was only about 20 years old, unless it was a remake. If you’re “dating” yourself with a 20 year old song, my having grown up when folks like the Supremes, the Doors, the Beatles and Petula Clark ruled the air waves means I would have to carbon date myself! :-)

    I can see a biography of Al Gore some 50 years down the road, with the title, The Man who Conned The World.

    T1G –

    …but I didn’t think they’d resort to slapstick.


    I had already begun to think of today’s political left, as a whole, in terms of the Mad Tea Party. This completely confirms my thinking.

  10. Always On Watch Says:

    When we conservatives stage a demonstration, what you see for the most part is a bunch of folks showing up in orderly numbers, most of us holding up signs.

    When liberals stage a demonstration, it more often than not involves disruptive behavior, bags of feces, graffiti, property damage, vulgarity…

    True! I saw that for myself on March 17, when my husband and I participated in A Gathering of Eages in Washington, D.C. We got almost no coverage on the news. The sensational gets the coverage, just as the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    As to Gore’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize, what a joke! The prize itself has become meaningless. He gets this award just at the same time that universities and high schools are discovering the flaws in his “documentary.”

  11. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    That’s why I got such a kick out of Timothy Ball’s observation that: “I notice they just gave one to the guy who discovered holes in the ozone layer - but there are no holes in the ozone.”

    Globally, the political left is living in some strange fantasy land that the rest of us evidently, and thankfully, aren’t privvy to.