September 22, 2007

The Madman Cometh

In the course of email correspondence with an Angel, she indicated her displeasure (yeah, an understatement, and being a fellow Noo Yawkah –though not dwelling there presently — I share her consternation and disgust) at the thought of an enemy of our very form of civilization being welcomed to New York to speak at the U.N., or for any other reason, for that matter.

This stuck in my mind for a bit, and the result was that every time I’ve come across a link on anything related to the matter, I’ve clicked on it.

Articles like this one.

And Ahmadmanjihad is the enemy.

US-led forces in Iraq say they have arrested an Iranian officer operating in the north of the country.

They say the man was a member of the Quds Force - an elite unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards - and was detained in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya.
“This individual has been involved in transporting improvised explosive devices,” the American military said.

The US has accused the Quds Force of helping arm Shia militias in Iraq. Iran denies any involvement with militants.

A statement by the US military said the arrested man had been involved in the “infiltration and training of foreign terrorists in Iraq”.


So, just to show how well the “intellectual elites” (lefteez) have done at taking over academia, the past and present jihadi with nuclear arsenal ambitions is to speak at Columbia U during his visit, by invitation. I wonder if they’ve sent any invitations to Nicholas Sarkozy. Probably not, as he’s a right thinker rather than a malevolent threat to our national security.

This is certainly true.

Meanwhile: As Columbia welcomes Ahmadinejad to campus, Columbia students who want to serve their country cannot enroll in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at Columbia. Columbia students who want to enroll in ROTC must travel to other universities to fulfill their obligations. ROTC has been banned from the Columbia campus since 1969. In 2003, a majority of polled Columbia students supported reinstating ROTC on campus. But in 2005, when the Columbia faculty senate debated the issue, President Bollinger joined the opponents in defeating the effort to invite ROTC back on campus.

A perfect synecdoche for too much of American higher education: they are friendlier to Ahmadinejad than to the U.S. military.

The ROTC bit really rankles me as an American: The Democrats have no problem pushing their tax-devouring, vote-chasing, negative-result social agendas at the federal level, but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of patriotic movement afoot among the rest of their political folderol. If they can peddle their socialist wares on a national footing, it seems to me that the Republican side of the political equation could mandate onsite ROTC, which is, after all, one of the building blocks of the future in the national security/defense sector, as a requisite for any federal university tax subsidies. No tickee, no washee, no exceptions.

As far as the Iranian Islamofascist terrorist president’s declared intention of visiting and placing a wreath at Ground Zero is concerned, they’d damn well better not let him. Not only would it be a desecration, of that national shrine, of the highest order (it would be the equivalent of spitting on the graves of all those who perished on, or as a result of, 9/11), but it would also provide Ahmadmanjihad with provender for a veritable feast of propaganda opportunities.

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11 Responses to “The Madman Cometh”

  1. atheling2 Says:

    The leftists at Columbia are nothing new. They cozied up to Hitler during the 1930’s:

    What we see now are the heirs of those who were on the wrong side of history then…

  2. Goat Says:

    They have to offer ROTC to get Federal funds as far as I know. The students are organizing a protest and New Yorkers won’t let him get anywhere near Ground Zero.

  3. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    Thanks for the link.

    So Columbia has a “fine old tradition” of supporting such ilk, and yet I’d bet that none of their liberal professors would hesitate to call Bush a fascist with a straight face.

    Goat –

    I hadn’t considered that — what was I thinking? The government “pays its way”, one way or another, wherever it is involved in anything!

    I hope to hell that they keep that satanic SOB away from there. I’m sure he rejoiced when the planes struck the towers and is still snickering about it today.

    Neither Koch nor Giuliani, as mayors, would have stood for his visiting Ground Zero, but Bloomberg is a RINO (he is a Democrat who ran for mayor on the Republican ticket because there was already a Democrat candidate in the race, and since winning the first election has been gradually introducing Democrat policies into his “Republican” administration), and I understand he’s more amenable to showing Ahmadmanjihad a “good time”.

  4. Mike's America Says:

    I’m waiting to see the protest of “anti war” groups like Code Pink and ANSWER to the Iraniam madman.

    Surely they will be front and center as they are in Congressional Hearings protesting against a man who leads the chant “Death to America” and threatens his neighbors with nuclear weapons.

    Surely all the “peace” groups will be front and center on this one….right?

  5. Angel Says:

    I’m still in denial my friend even tho he is here in Manhattan!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Goat Says:

    He was snickering in the 60 minutes interview the whole time as he lied to the infidel, which is approved by the Koran. I can imagine Rudy’s response, NYPD backing up the protesters and blocking Nutjob’s routes.

  7. Seth Says:

    Mike –

    Code Pink and ANSWER would be more likely to support Ahmadmanjihad. For them, anyone who hates America is a kindred spirit.

    Angel –

    If I were back in N.Y., I’d probably be one of those people holding up the “Go to hell” signs with the mutt’s photo on them.

    From what I’ve been reading, it’s been made abundantly clear to him that the city does not welcome him anywhere near Ground Zero, wreath or not.

    Goat –

    Rudy did not hesitate to use his resources. I recall seeing how he set up demonstration sites, for example, if he thought there was any potential for stupid stuff like the liberals did in DC last week: If the crowd started moving, they couldn’t stampede as they would have had to negotiate a maze of steel barriers, and there were always at least a couple of low-hovering police helicopters right there on top of things, along with lots and lots of cops in close proximity, to assure the attendees that the city meant business.

    Ahmadmanjihad wouldn’t stand a chance of getting anywhere near the site if Rudy didn’t want him there.

  8. Always On Watch Says:

    It’s hard for me to believe that Ahmadinejad was allowed to spew his propaganda and agenda here in the United States. And, according to the left, in the name of “freedom of speech.” It’s surreal to me that Columbia welcomed a megalomaniacal dictator with open arms.

    Definitely a 1930s alert!

    I put little stock in Bollinger’s supposedly antagonistic opening statement, which I see as a nod to alumni who have threatened to cut off their financial support (considerable, I think).

  9. civil truth Says:

    Our country will certainly survive Mr. Ahmadinejad’s visit. What is far more interesting is the mirror that he holds up to people in our country as they interact with such a person.

    We see the worse academic doubletalk and casuistry among the Columbia administrators along with insufferable self-rightness. We see the enablers, the apologists, the patriots, the ostriches - and of course the hucksters and the pundits - the whole parade of America 2007 in a microcosm.

    I’m far more concerned with maintaining an effective military presence in Iraq, which is the best check on Ahmadinejad’s mad ambitions.

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