July 19, 2007

There They Go Again

I can’t caution enough against the successful propagandizing power of the liberal mainstream media, which never stops working to misinform the public on every issue that can be politicized to make George Bush the Snidely Whiplash of global politics.

Now the Democrat controlled Congress, which is running on fumes in the perceptions of American voters, is also fair game, because they’re not browbeating hard enough to convince their Republican colleagues to support the Iraq Cut and Run agenda.

Here’s some hydro-Couric acid courtesy of Newsbusters, for example.

In my opinion, the most WTF!!!?-earning line in the entire article is,

As Couric pointed out how “nearly three out of four Americans say the troop surge is not working, that it’s having no impact, or actually making matters worse,”

…citing “a CBS/NYT opinion poll”.

The operative question here is, of course, how the hell do three out of four Americans know anything about what the troop surge is doing?

The answer is they don’t, but the media is feeding them the usual liberal political disinformation which, for three out of four Americans, is probably the only source of news in town. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, NYT, etc, etc…, and they think they know. And of course, what they think they know but don’t forms their opinions.

It really sucks big green donkey… well, suffice it to say that it is somewhat frustrating when one realizes that the lion’s share of U.S. public opinion is compiled via the process of lying to the people and then polling them based on the same lies. Garbage in, garbage out.

There’s a disturbance in the Force First Amendment. It has been created by unscrupulous political partisans taking fraudulent advantage of a perfectly wonderful Constitutional right in an effort to engender opinions among the American public without giving us all the facts. This is not reporting, it is marketing.

In many ways, it’s like news being replaced by spam.

For a breath of fresh air, however, regarding the troop surge, Kimberly Kagan weighed in on the subject in a WSJ Opinion Journal piece back on 11 July, which I had been saving to spring when I thought we’d heard enough defeatist MSM/ Congressional Democrat mallarkey re “the surge”.

In Washington perception is often mistaken for reality. And as Congress prepares for a fresh debate on Iraq, the perception many members have is that the new strategy has already failed.

This isn’t an accurate reflection of what is happening on the ground, as I saw during my visit to Iraq in May. Reports from the field show that remarkable progress is being made. Violence in Baghdad and Anbar Province is down dramatically, grassroots political movements have begun in the Sunni Arab community, and American and Iraqi forces are clearing al Qaeda fighters and Shiite militias out of long-established bases around the country.

This is remarkable because the military operation that is making these changes possible only began in full strength on June 15. To say that the surge is failing is absurd. Instead Congress should be asking this question: Can the current progress continue?

Read the entire article here.

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8 Responses to “There They Go Again”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Can we place “Here’s some hydro-Couric acid” in context with ly-Surge-ic acid diethylamide? I wouldn’t fret too much over “how the hell do three out of four Americans know anything about what the troop surge is doing?” because the remaining one of of four don’t know what the surge is doing either. Hydro-Couric? Is there a chemical symbol for that? :)

  2. Seth Says:

    BB –

    LOL!!!! Ly-Surge-ic a.d.-25. Of course! Katydid gets her outlook on Iraq from remembering what the doormouse told her. I should have known.

    …because the remaining one of of four don’t know what the surge is doing either. :-)

    You are killing me, I am laughing my hindquarters off, and you are so right.

    Nonetheless, gasp!, the insertion of opinion-making “news” as a propaganda element is serving to manipulate the populace. I have to wonder how said populace would react if they abruptly escaped their current condition of hoodwinkedness and realized they were being manipulated by those they trust, as profoundly as an all-knowing Couricle, to deliver accurate information.

    “They” haven’t assigned a symbol for Hydro-Couric acid as yet because research has yet to define the atomic structures of the various atoms that are elemental in the Courichemical imbalance.

  3. MariesTwoCents Says:

    I prefer to listen to the Generals on the Ground, My DOD email and the Troops themselves.

    Non of these other nitwit’s are there and all they are doing is pushing Liberal Propaganda.

  4. Seth Says:

    Marie –

    Same here.

    Tobacco companies have to post warnings on the sides of cigarette packs, chemical companies have to print cautionary panels on their containers and medicinal products have to have caution warnings on them.

    Likewise, MSM newscasts should have to be preceeded by: “The following reports have been spun, fabricated or had important information omitted in order to control your opinions on various current events.” The same should be in a required, highly visible box on newspaper headsheets.

    That, or: “This news program/ newspaper is provided for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken seriously by anyone seeking accurate information.”

  5. Gayle Says:

    LOL! Regarding your comment Seth, I really like that last part… “This news program/ newspaper is provided for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken seriously by anyone seeking accurate information.” Actually, that ought to be posted on the TV before every newscast! Even Fox News is guilty of a lot of tabloid journalism. For awhile there I thought if I turned the tv set on one more time and saw Paris Hilton, that I would throw something at the television! The coverage of Rosie was even worse!

  6. Shoprat Says:

    I’m not sure the MSM is even reading the public right. While they are not confident, John Q Public doesn’t want to lose the war either.

  7. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    It’s gotten so bad that I am currently in one of those phases during which I only use my television in conjunction with my DVD player. :-(

  8. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    The MSM is off someplace in its own dimension — so embroiled in liberal politics that reality is barely an issue anymore.

    Look at the nosediving circulation among papers like the NYT — and they still don’t get it!