June 30, 2007

Amnesty Defeated?

So the other day a whole bunch of Senators grew brains – (at least temporary ones) and finally got the picture – voting for the amnesty based immigration bill would very definitely have mandated the typing of their resumes before the end of autumn, 2008. A lot of credit goes to junior senators who thankfully opted to buck their more senior counterparts and do the right thing for their country, thus proving my theory that imposing term limits on members of Congress would constitute a much needed reform. So-called “junior” senators apparently still possess the principles that drove them to serve to begin with, whereas most of the “senior” ones have become part of the machine.

At any rate, they shot down the bill. We conservatives are both pleased and relieved. I had been really sure that amnesty would pass if for no other reason than that too many Republican Senators would be sold on the proactive additions to the bill, figuring they could use them to placate their anti-amnesty constituencies. After all, a politician’s only real career asset is the gift of gab. He or she can be as dumb as a post, but as long as his/her skills as a con man (or con woman) remain intact, he or she can continue to parasite off the taxpayer for decades.

But I digress (ahem).

Let’s see what happens next – the amnesty that centralized the bill was like a shark, while all the positive ad-on agendas like securing the border and enforcing work eligibility laws were like pilot fish clinging to the shark.

Unfortunately, these particular Naucrates ductor didn’t enjoy the option afforded other pilot fish of simply dropping off a dead shark’s teeth and going elsewhere, they shared the fate of the shark. Bummer.

Now, watch the amnesty mongers on the Hill interpret this to mean that all immigration issues are up for individual assessment or reassessment. Bush signed off on the border fence, but that was before the Democrats became the Congressional majority. Those critters could promise us the moon, then not fund the acquisition when the time comes, somehow blaming their failure to deliver on the Republicans, the liberal mainstream media making it believable to the folks on Maple Street. Since they didn’t promise the fence, starving the project of funding would be at most a picayune bit of intentional neglect.

Given the above, the entire illegal immigration issue can be brought forward, without definitive resolution, right through the 2008 election season, giving the Democrats something to “champion”, with their own patented brand of misleading spin, as a co-side dish to man made global warming “climate change”, alongside the hefty Iraq entrée.

I perceive this as a political misstep for the Democrats, as their immigration agendas are offensive to the majority of Americans. But they would tear flesh from bone to stifle the viewpoint of right thinking Americans and flood the field with their liberal propaganda.

On the other hand, the more they obfuscate and promote delays, the larger the criminal alien problem can grow. The M-19 gangs can expand their memberships and bloody influence, emergency rooms can continue to close, billions of dollars in untaxed wages can be wired out of the country and out of our economy, American tradesmen such as carpenters, masons, roofers, plumbers, painters and landscapers, as well as general laborers, custodial workers, furniture movers and others can go hungry along with their families while unscrupulous contractors replace them with illegal, dirt wage, benefit free illegals.

In short, our enthusiasm regarding the defeat of the amnesty bill should be tempered by concern as to how both Bush and the Democrat majority, neither of whom has exhibited any real interest in quelling the flow of criminal aliens into the U.S. (actually, quite the opposite), will now attempt to exploit whatever they can in its aftermath in order to perpetuate a continued increase in the problem as they drag it out in hopes of eventually seeing their amnesty agenda succeed via the pressure of continuous attrition.

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15 Responses to “Amnesty Defeated?”

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  2. BB-Idaho Says:

    Chertoff seems quite disappointed; I guess he will have to enforce the existing laws. See http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/06/28/tancredo-sends-head-of-lettuce-to-chertoff/ for Tancredo’s message for Chertoff. While I natually enjoy GOP infighting, it appears that some enforcement is taking place..here in Idaho the all-important potato crop is being harvested: for the first time in many years with college students off for the summer. They did so dismally (French (spit!) Literature majors, or Art History types, that within a week, they were replaced with prisoners from the south Idaho jails. You may want to check your next baked spud for a hacksaw blade!!

  3. Old Soldier Says:

    Killing this ‘dead’ bill was the merciful thing to do. I cannot fathom why Bush was so connected to the bill passing. Kennedy, I can understand… he championed the 1965 immigration reform act that started screwing the nation by opening the southern border. The ‘88 act only reinforced the fact that if you enter America illegally, nothing happens, and sometimes they make you a citizen.

    “American tradesmen… can go hungry along with their families while unscrupulous contractors replace them with illegal, dirt wage, benefit free illegals.”

    For me, this speaks to the heart of the issue. Cheap labor, cheap labor, cheap labor; that thought is really maddening to me. Besides the money aspect, my being my own general contractor for the building of my house allowed me to ’select’ my subs based upon my qualifications - that they be citizens and neighbors (as well as do great work).

    Thanks for being out there, Seth, and continuing to pound away at the pertinent issues (most of the time).

  4. Always On Watch Says:

    After twice trying to cram this bill down our throats, the politicians still don’t get it. The bill will come back. Just you watch. Oh, maybe not for a while, but it’ll be back. The bleeding hearts will see to it, especially now that the construction industry is in a downturn. Here in the D.C. area, many immigrants are abandoning their homes because there’s not much work available, even as these same immigrants are overwhelming our hospitals.

    Coming soon on Capitol Hill: hate-crimes legislation to rear its ugly head. Watch for it.

    And check out this about GWB and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Chertoff seems quite disappointed; I guess he will have to enforce the existing laws. Or participate in the general heel-dragging that’s almost certain to come.

    You did it again, LOL. You always manage these great links that get me involved for long periods, in this case following other links and watching all the YouTube videos of Tom Tancredo in action. Later I’ll probably do a small post linking to his New Hampshire speech for those who haven’t seen it.

    The lettuce bit was stupendous, Tancredo is the man!

    Maybe the prisoner angle wasn’t such a bad idea. In Washoe County, Nevada, the sheriff years ago started a program in which prisoners grew their own vegetables and built furniture to be sold to pay their way while in jail, thus reducing the tax burden for their day-to-day support. I wouldn’t object to seeing these criminals, normally supported by the taxpayers against whom their transgressions were committed, farmed out at reasonable cost to potato farmers to pick spuds, with the proceeds going directly into the jail system to displace an equal amount of budget money. That would be infinitely more proactive than allowing the money to find its way out of ours and into the Mexican economy.

    I can see the remake of that ancient Hollywood classic, the title changed to: I Was A Fugitive From A Potato Gang. :-)

    Old Soldier –

    Bush’s involvement is related to his NAU agenda. It’s the only explanation that truly makes any sense. Thus far, Tom Tancredo is one of the few U.S. politicians to even acknowledge that particular Bush agenda publicly.

    Most of the guys I grew up with, including my best friend, are and/or have been tradesmen, largely carpenters and roofers. When I last visited him and his family in Putnam County, New York, Bill and I drove around his town and he pointed out numerous houses being built almost exclusively by illegal Mexicans, and places where they live in crowded quarters. The local authorities refuse to do anything about it.

    Thank you, O.S. I try to post as often as I am able.

  6. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    You’re absolutely right, the amnesty agenda is far from over, it’s one issue the left and President Bush will not abandon anymore than a mosquito will stop sucking blood. As I’ve opined before, the will of The People plays second fiddle these days to the will of those we elect to govern the country.

    Thanks for the link, it is further evidence of this administration’s lack of concern for the wellbeing of American citizens or for the sovereignty of the United States. George Bush went from a great President in his first term to a questionable President in his second. I never thought, a scant few years ago, that I would one day question his patriotism or common sense, but there it is.

    I completely agree about the hate crimes legislation; Accusations of racism have always been a tool of the left, and enacting useless, unreasonable or redundant, politically correct hate crimes laws will pave the road toward blocking any verbal or printed dissent against both Islamic and continued Mexican/South American invasions of our borders, our sovereignty, our culture, and our traditions.

  7. Angel Says:

    BooYahhh..phenomenal news indeed Seth!! :)

  8. Ken Taylor Says:

    While the bill has been defeated the aristocracy in Washington sees the will of the people as a hinderence to their plans rather than the true Constitutional authority that this country was founded upon.

    They see the idea of We the People as an obstacal to their dictatorial government in which they do only what they feel is in the best interest of the lobbyists and special interest groups who line their pockets and the campaign war chests.

    I wrote about this yesterday and how we must start the Revelution again through our vote in the primaries and especially in the GOP get rid of the RINOS and run good conservative candidates who adhear to the values and policy we expect AND follow the Constitutional mandate to listen to the voice of the people.

  9. Seth Says:

    Angel –


    BooYahhh! :-)

  10. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    We need to get rid of the old timers who’ve been in Congress for so long that they’ve forgotten why we put them where they are, and we need to press for 2 term limits.

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  12. Shoprat Says:

    There is not going to be meaningful legislation until at least 08. The Democrats see future voters for the party and God knows what some of GOP is thinking. When (if) the GOP leadership comes to understand that this is a winning issue we will see the change we need. I suspect that the GOP will be the secure border party in ‘08, but that could just be wishful thinking.

  13. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I don’t think it will be wishful thinking.

    I believe that the overwhelming response from voters that helped can the amnesty bill last week will help Republicans in Congress begin to take the election results of November, 2006 a bit more seriously, in so doing inspiring them to toe the conservative line with more tenacity in the 2008 election season.

    They must know by now just how fed up the base has become with their performance, and how serious this will definitely be for them in November 2008.

  14. civil truth Says:

    Hey there Seth - it’s been too long since I’ve gone visiting my blogging friends. Hope you’re healthy; I haven’t been able to keep track where you’re living and working now.

    I followed the ups and down on the immigration (aka amnesty) bill. We’ve won this battle, but the powers who don’t like to be challenged are getting ready to crack down on talk radio, and probably they’ll take on the internet before long.

    I assume your read about Chertoff’s testimony before Congress - basically declared that he will not enforce the law. Bush of course has no intention of firing him. So much for the Executive branch enforcing the laws.

    Continuing vigilance is imperative.

  15. Seth Says:

    CT –

    Hi, great to hear from you — I hope life is treating you mega-well. :-)

    I found my professional life becoming a bit too stressful and time dominant, and opted for a period of semi-retirement and am spending much of it in Chicago, a great place for some needed city environment.

    IMHO, while the amnesty bill has been defeated for now, we haven’t heard the last of it by far.

    The talk radio issue is another attempt by the Democrats to eliminate dissent via depriving conservatives of a forum to air our own views. Conveniently ignoring the fact that their own efforts there have failed miserably (American listeners just weren’t interested in hearing the same BS we get from the MSM there, too), they are complaining that they aren’t getting equal representation on talk radio. As usual, they refuse to take the blame for their own shortcomings.

    They already have the media, but they want to begrudge conservatives every last venue we have to enjoy our own 1st Amendment rights.

    I’m waiting to see how they attempt to corner the Internet and add it to their own propaganda arsenal.

    Chertoff has turned out to be little more than a stooge, much as I hate to say it, in Bush’s and others’ plans for the future of the U.S. and North America. Since the agenda there is a unionized North America, enforcing immigration laws would be not only moot, but also contrary to their goals, as would a border fence, so the Bush Administration, like most of the Democrats and some Republicans on the Hill, will continue to ignore the will of the American people on immigration issues.

    One thing I’m pretty certain of, given both the nearly rock bottom approval ratings of our Democrat-led Congress by the American people and the polarization of today’s top issues is that in the next couple of years, U.S. politics is going to become a spectacle that will provide profound entertainment for the rest of the world on a daily basis. The Democrats will have us looking immature and ridiculous, and will cause us to lose the respect of other countries on a scale that will make their like accusations of the Bush Administration pale to insignificance.