June 7, 2007

They May Be Knuckleheads

Here is one idea I think needs to be forgotten about immediately.

Senior Fatah officials in the Gaza Strip have asked Israel to allow them to receive large shipments of arms and ammunition from Arab countries, including Egypt.

The group says it needs the weapons to counter attacks by Hamas, which has an overwhelming advantage in the Gaza Strip.

You mean, allow Palestinians to receive an arsenal and armored mobility?

Israel has not officially responded to the request, which includes dozens of armored cars, hundreds of armor-piercing RPG rockets, thousands of hand grenades and millions of rounds of ammunition for small caliber weapons.

For Palestinians, right?

Under certain circumstances, Israel may allow the transfer of armored vehicles, since they are not considered a threat to its security. In the past, during the Oslo Accords, Israel allowed then-Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat to receive a number of outdated armored vehicles.

When the second intifada began, the armored vehicles were destroyed in air strikes.

On the other hand, Israel is unlikely to allow rockets to enter Gaza, since they may fall into the hands of Hamas and be used against Israeli forces.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying during a closed meeting on Wednesday that he is “very frustrated by the fact that Israel is not permitting the transfer of arms and ammunition for his men.”

“The legal organs of the Palestinian Authority have become weaker than the militias due to the lack of equipment,” Abbas added.

Israeli intelligence officials are not unanimous in their assessments of
Fatah’s and Hamas’ strength in Gaza. Most Shin Bet experts and officers in charge of activity in the territories believe that Fatah is on the verge of collapse in the strip ┬Čand that a future confrontation with Hamas may bring about its final defeat. They argue that there is no point in supporting Fatah, because all the equipment the movement receives will eventually fall into Hamas’ hands.

On the other hand, Military Intelligence and other intelligence experts believe that Fatah is not close to surrendering, and that reinforcing the group with equipment from abroad should be considered seriously.

Wasn’t it Mahmoud Abbas who said not long ago that rather than Palestinians (Hamas and Fatah) fighting among themselves, they should all be turning their guns on Israeli Jews?

Giving guns to the Palestinians?

I’m all for allowing those animals to kill each other off, but I’m against supplying them with more ordinance than they already have. Let either side wipe out the other, then the IDF should take its queue and destroy the surviving faction, root and branch.

The last paragraph of the article drew a good laugh from me.

Also on Wednesday, Palestinian sources in Gaza said the military wing of Hamas has acquiesced to cease firing Qassam rockets at Israel, following intense pressure by the political leadership. Iz al-Din al-Qassam will continue launching attacks, but it will revert to using mortars.


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5 Responses to “They May Be Knuckleheads”

  1. Ken Taylor Says:

    You know Seth, Israel does have a way to respond to this request AND send the weapons at the same time. Let’s see I believe the key operative word to answering the request and sending the requested materials is FIRE!!!!!

  2. Shoprat Says:

    let Fatah collapse and then blow Hamas to Kingdom Come, or more likely that other place.

  3. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    In addition to getting Fatah a “yes” (albeit brief) answer from the Israeli gov’t, that would certainly solve a lot of problems. Maybe instead of small arms, they should be issued suicide vests, something better suited to a “Palestinian” anyway, then go visit Hamas in Gaza.

    Shoprat –

    Works for me. No matter how long Olmert or anyone who succeeds him puts it off, it will eventually have to be done. The longer they wait, the more Israelis will die.

    I think Paradise is located in a place called Kingdom Gone.

  4. ABF Says:

    Sheeesh … now this becoming entertainment… LOL … they could always melt down their cars and make knives…. I hope they let it rip on each other..

  5. Seth Says:

    AB –

    …melt down their cars and make knives…

    They’d have to bring home some relatives from France for that, as they are the car melting specialists. :-)