June 5, 2007

I’ve Always Been Totally,…

…unconditionally pro-Israel.

I grew up mostly in New York in a conservative Jewish family (in my maternal grandparents’ house) that included a number of still-living witnesses to the horrors of the Third Reich. My grandmother, who had grown up in Poland, described pogroms during her childhood. She lost her two brothers to the Gestapo. Some of my relatives emigrated to Palestine in the early 1940s. Their children still live there, and their childrens’ children.

During the first of my thus far twoish years of blogging, I posted a lot more than I have since on Israeli affairs. This, I suspect is my profound disappointment combined with a touch of despair over the fact that because of its present utterly spineless, inane, capitulatory liberal leadership, I might well see Israel cease to exist long before the end of my lifetime (I turn 52 in a couple of months). I sometimes start to post on Israel, then quit in disgust.

The Great Gaza Giveaway about did it — any friggin’ moron at the farthest corner of the planet had to know Hamas would use the ceded land for exactly what they have been using it for, and the leaders of the terrorist organization cum “political party” crowed loudly as to how terrorism had worked well against Israel, and would have to be increased until those leftist idiots have given away all of Israel and however many Jews that hadn’t been slaughtered had hightailed it out of the country in refugee mode.

Then came the war in Lebanon, when Ehud Olmert seemed determined both to rescue the Israeli soldiers and eliminate Hezbollah once and for all, and I thought, they’ve got their spine back, yay!

“Get those abducted soldiers back from the terrorists!” Oh, wait, Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t terrorists, they’re, um… Freedom fighters, I think… no, wait! Wait! Like Hamas, Hezbollah is a political party. Of course. They just happen to specialize in, as cowardly, spiritually barren and soulless as they are, inflicting aggressive Islam upon infidels, especially innocent women and children in stores and on buses.

However, the Israeli leadership (think Faron, the limp cat in the Peanuts comic strip), such as it is, chose to become French just at that time.

Ehud Olmert withdrew Israeli forces right in the middle of the war, sending a message to the Arabs that Islam had defeated Israel. The message in question comes in a form letter.

In the course of his Presidency, Bill Clinton used the same form letter a few times as a response to terrorist attacks on Americans abroad (a couple of our embassies and the U.S.S. Cole, for example) and, of course, during our troops’ “redeployment” from Somalia (this was back before “redeployment” acquired its new definition: To order total retreat in the face of the enemy; to order surrender or otherwise capitulate, in simpering weasel fashion, without an iota of personal shame, patriotism or pride in either ones’ military or ones’ country.

And the kidnaped servicemen have not been brought home.

Olmert refuses to step down, the single most patriotic thing he can do for Israel. I say, throw the bum out, bring back Netaniahu!


During this lowest of all periods in the entire chronology of Israel’s existence as a sovereign state (a scant few years ago, Israel wouldn’t even have considered negotiating with terrorists, today they fork over large chunks of the country along with blessings well spiced by the Kiss Of Shame), the international carrion of the left have begun to exploit the weaknesses of Olmert and his crowd by rehashing the false occupation and oppression rhetoric that has long been the mantra of anti-Israel leftism.

I won’t fall over in cardiac arrest over the news that the portsiders at Amnesty International are bellowing their anti-Semitism and pro-terror fanaticism in an Israeli direction using revisionist history as the keystone, but I will point you towards a must-read and creatively presented post on the subject by Angel over at Woman Honor Thyself.

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5 Responses to “I’ve Always Been Totally,…”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Olmert’s capitulation to Hezbollah last summer was a disaster! In fact, his surrender sent the message to the ummah that Allah is the victor and further inflamed Muslims. As if they need more encouragement!

    As I said at Angel’s site, it’s The Munich Pact all over again.

  2. Ken Taylor Says:

    “throw the bum out, bring back Netaniahu!” To this I add a hardy AMEN !

    I like you am very pro-Israel. This too is just one more reasom why the Hildabeast must not win in 08. She is very anti-Israel except when she thinks she needs the Jewish vote in New York. Then she lies to them and sounds pro-Israel.

    Her recod and remarks prove the opposite. If she wins this nation will follow and anti-semite policy orchestrated by the White House.

  3. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Frighteningly enough for Israel, there are still tons and bunches of liberals there who maintain, despite all that has happened and is happening, the same Chamberlainian attitude as Olmert’s own.

    Aggressive liberals are the ball & chain that inevitably come as part of the deal in any free country, like the curse on some ancient treasure.

    They won’t desist until they’ve had their way and some despot or other has taken over their respective country and deprived them of their right to free speech.

    Olmert is a real piece of work — he should never have been placed in the position of leadership he occupies. Hell, he isn’t even qualified to be governor of Rhode Island, let alone PM of Israel!

    Ken –

    The Clinton menagerie, despite its words to the contrary, wasn’t even a friend to Israel when Bubba was President — their “peace” efforts over there did more to hurt Israel than help. Hypocrisy and lies have always been a keystone of Clinton policy, husband and wife both included.

    The Hildebeast is the last thing Israel needs, though I will add that even our most well meaning, sincere friends of Israel (among politicians and diplomats) have done more harm than good in the course of their various Mideast peace accords. They cannot seem to grasp the fact that no matter what promises the “Palestinians” make or what agreements they sign on to, they will never honor them. This is the way of Islam, yet even Bush, in his “Roadmap for Peace” and other efforts, and Condi Rice continue to believe that one can deal with Muslims using a Judeo-Christian mindset.

    As western Christian groups once smuggled Bibles to people behind the Iron Curtain, someone needs to smuggle Korans into the White House, Foggy Bottom and onto the Hill so that our fearless leaders can read them, wake up and smell the coffee. In some circles, this would be known as “doing their homework”.

    The result is always the same: Israel makes all the agreed upon concessions, the Arabs make none and the terrorism continues.

  4. BB-Idaho Says:

    That certainly simplifies a complex issue. Given the short and violent history of Israel, it is surprizing they manage to live peacefully (sometimes) surrounded, outnumbered and harrassed by enemies on all sides. I guess that is the commonality that holds together a somewhat divergent people: conservatives, Zionists, Orthodox, secular…and even shifting, as for example the warrier Itzhak “break their arms and legs” Rabin. Assasinated by his own, but honored by the world with the Nobel Peace Prize…or Menachim Begin, onetime terrorist (freedom fighter, depends on whose pot is calling whose kettle) negotiating himself into a Nobel Peace prize too! These guys were tough, but they knew when to pull a punch. Now being a ‘bleeding heart’ liberal, it behooves me to stick up for the underdog, so given the agonizing journey of the Jewish people from the ghettos of Cracow and worse to a homeland rightly their own, I will continue to support Israel and it’s right to existence. And their right to vigorously defend themselves. But I retain the right to criticize if they use their ‘big stick’ too arrogantly…I know conservatives like to think of defense as an all out offense. Maybe I read too much complexity into a simple problem. Having tried your patience, I’ll just mention that mine is still tried by trying to type in a wide field that disappears to the right (naturally)..I lose the cursor, the words, the train of thought..under the r side bar, then off into infinity. Otherwise you would have been subjected to more coherence and where Ben-Gurion and Golda fit in!! :(

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Did you catch this link in Angel’s post?

    There was no theft of land involved, the Israelis hold due title to their real estate — strike one for the anti-Israel crowd.

    After being invaded by the Arab world 40 years ago, the Israelis appropriated land that had been used as springboards for the attack — to the victor went the spoils, a victor who did not start the war — not as a land grab, but for strategic defense purposes. Like they (whoever “they” are) say, “If you mess around with the bandwagon, you have to expect to get hit with the horn”. This is hardly an “occupation” as defined by Arab propagandists, the MSM and other detractors of Israel — strike two for the anti-Israel crowd.

    For my part, I have always agreed with the late Rabbi Kahane: They should have kicked all the Palestinians off Israeli lands/ territories after June, 1967.

    Just going back to the Clinton-Rabin-Arafat cartoon show and coming forward from there, we see Israel bending over backwards to negotiate a peace with the “Palestinians”, even making and following up on concessions that endangered their security. At the same time, we see that the Arabs never even fulfilled a single element of their side of said agreements, instead opting to continue the terrorism as soon as Israel had met its own stream of obligations — strike three for the anti-Israel crowd.

    Despite the cries of “foul!” from the Arabs and anti-Israel media, every Israeli military action against the “Palestinians” has been of a retaliatory nature. In the years prior to their current mode of leadership, they did have a big stick, but it was wielded responsibly. Today, the likes of Ehud Olmert (and surprisingly before him, Sharon paved the road for this) have replaced the big stick with a toothpick.

    When I lived in San Francisco, there was a small market around the corner from me that was owned by a Palestinan family. They always had Arab news stations running on TV. One evening, our time, there was a particularly heinous bombing in Israel, and about twelve hours later, the IDF retaliated. According to the news in the market, despite the chronology and time difference between the two events, the terrorist bombing was in retaliation for the Israeli response to it. That’s the news the anti-Israeli crowd is more likely to believe.

    It is a simple problem: The Israelis are legally and rightfully entitled to their country, and evil animals who have no entitlement to it whatsoever are trying to take it away via terrorism, ie murdering innocent civilians.