May 30, 2007

Yeah, Just Thinking Again

It’s zero dark hundred hours and I, a night person as always, am listening to some Al Stewart, sipping cognac from my celebratory Sarkozy bottle of Courvoisier VSOP with Peet’s Italian Roast on the side. Yeah, there is a Peet’s Coffee here in Chicago, in a mall on West North in Old Town. I used to buy all my coffee at Peet’s when I lived in San Francisco, and was surprised — no — speechlessly delighted to run into one in the mall when I went there to get a couple of things at Best Buy. I hadn’t known Peet’s had any locations outside California. YAY!

At any rate, having considerably more freed up time, I’ve been able do something I profoundly enjoy doing: Spending more hours in the Blogosphere and more at my favorite blogs, following links to other blogs I’d never heard of… It’s a continuous series of discoveries and opportunities to pick up information that is all but unavailable in the mainstream media. That isn’t to say that the MSM is always innacurate, they do become quite informative when one of their components is describing, in as detailed an account as possible, any secret U.S. national security strategies or other secret projects that help prevent terrorist attacks against America and Americans, here and abroad, military or civilian. To act responsibly and patriotically would go against the fiber of their liberal sensibilities, and that will not change until the grim realities of today’s world arrive at the portals of their Utopian abodes and, unfortunately, the rest of our front doors as well. Rather than accept responsibility, they’ll follow standard proceedures and blame it all on George Bush. Hmmm, sort of like the refrain of the theme song to the film Ned Kelly, “Blame it on the Kellys, boys, blame it on the Kellys…”

Being a protection professional (semi-retired) and an eternal student in the area of identifying and decisively addressing security concerns, I tend to take a great interest in all informed opinions and statistical analyses related to my field that I run across, as I expect most people do in their own areas of interest, which is why this article that arrived in my inbox earlier, a bit lengthy but a recommended read, grabbed my full attention.

We receive occasional reports from the Department of Homeland Security and from the Bureau regarding terrorist cells operating in America. The reason the administration created DHS, purportedly, was to prevent terrorism on our soil, and to that end they were given authority over all of our federal security agencies, then bloated with responsible charge of non-related issues like disaster management.

According to the TRAC report, very few arrests, prosecutions and convictions of terrorism related suspects (less than the proverbial drop in the bucket) have been executed since DHS was formed, while the lion’s share, by far, of Homeland Security’s activity lay in immigration venues.

While the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government and the MSM force feed WE, THE PEOPLE meaningless and inaccurate platitudes promoting copious illegal immigration, amnesty and their by-products, all of which pose potentially disasterous threats to the economy and quality of life in America, and I will presume somewhat by adding the future of this nation as we know it to the list of likely casualties telling bald faced lies in the name of Uncle Sam {remember him?} working hand-over-fist to secure our borders (mostly the southern one, go figure).

With decent personnel and logistics budgets and accessing a little old fashioned inter-agency cooperation, Immigration could have dealt with that. Why was it necessary to place them under a higher authority?

Immigration related crime: Again, interagency cooperation, a reasonable operating budget, the lead agencies varying between FBI, DEA, INS, the Coast Guard, etc… Why pull them all under the umbrella of one overstuffed, underfunded government beauracracy?

Disaster Management? How did Hurricane Katrina become the red-headed stepchild of DHS? They should have been restricted to protecting the country from terrorism, not to also be fed crow over the tragic events brought about by an unforeseeable, naturally generated disaster.

But why, then, is there a DHS, anyway, instead of a well funded atmosphere of interagency cooperation? They sure as hell don’t seem to be producing any tangible results in the terrorism sector (acknowledging that there are operations and results that are necessarily kept secret, but given the tiny speck on the chart that represents anti-terrorist successes, it’s highly unlikely that the under-the-table stuff could have effected the statistics that voluminously).

I therefore find it somewhat alarming that such an entity as DHS even exists within our government. I would feel a bit more comfortable having our security agencies operating as individual organizations and, as I’ve said, cooperating.

Nope, not paranoia, just an observation, but one that could lead to quite a few scenarios, depending upon who is leading the nation, some of which we might not like…

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5 Responses to “Yeah, Just Thinking Again”

  1. Gayle Says:

    You may not be paranoid, Seth, but I’m beginning to think I am. Living in Texas and seeing a lot of trucks that are obviously from Mexico may have something to do with that. The MSM also feeds my paranoia, but I’m not yet to the point to where I think space aliens are attacking me from my electronic devices. LOL!

    You raise a very valid point about DHS. Just what is it they are doing, anyway?

  2. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Whatever their actual purpose, they are now the central point of command for all our federal security and law enforcement venues.

    I can’t help but question whether such omnipotence should have been concentrated in one agency to begin with.

  3. Ken Taylor Says:

    The problem with any Government bueracracy is that once started it becomes so caught up within itself that it fails to do the job it was supposedly designed to do. ‘

    Terrorism is to much of a threat to fall to the bueracratic waste heap. Then adding to it that libs are looking for ways to trim security to add money to Global Warming hysteria research and we have a very dangerous scenerio!

  4. MariesTwoCents Says:

    Remember all that missing money in Louisiana? Or the STATE claimed there was.

    I just heard the STATE of Louisiana accidently paid I forget how many thousands of people over 200,000 dollars in false unemployment claims.

    I guess they found the money.

    But I’m sure President Bush will get the blame for what the STATE has done.

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    Totally true. The added problem with something like DHS is that it coordinates too many agencies with too many individual priorities and established working methods and suborns their leadership to outside supervision and the priorities of same. It also, despite any claims by the powers-that-be, makes for one large, sluggish body.

    The only thing lacking among our security and enforcement agencies, a product of the Clinton Administration, was a lack of cooperation between key agencies, brought about by Bubba’s policies. We needed only reinstate that cooperation and devote realistic budgets to these agencies. Instead, we’ve had politicians earmarking funds for things like the Bridge to Nowhere and other pork.

    We don’t need KGB Lite, we need lean, mean, efficiently functioning agencies that share information.

    Marie –

    When I lived in Nawlins, many of the locals I knew were proud to acknowledge that Louisiana is a 3rd World country. Believe me, they live up to that.

    Had Edwin Edwards still been governor, I would have assumed that he had taken all the money and gone to Vegas. :-)

    It’s not all that difficult for me to connect the “misplacement”, overpayment or any other megabucks bungling or hijinks in Louisiana with the “that’s close enough” work attitude and/or the corruption that’s been a hallmark of officialdom down there on every level forever.

    One of the things I got out of the politicizing of Katrina was that while Louisiana’s politicians and business people, because of the footloose financial and legal activities of their powerful old boy network, do all they can to keep the federal government out of their business, they are equally willing to grab whatever they can from the federal coffers and content to place responsibility on the gov’t when things get a bit too stressful for their laid back leadership.

    The leaders in Louisiana are Democrats. If they can find a way, Bush’s name will surely come up, LOL.