April 14, 2007

The Time’s Picayune

Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself. What a pun! What a — oh… well, the title of this post certainly applies; if one considers what the mainstream media has been focusing on of late. First there’s the 100% political firing of a small quantity of U.S. attorneys, which happens to be a mid-term event that is practiced by nearly all administrations — as we know, Clinton’s Justice department terminated all of theirs. There was no MSM uproar when the latter occurred under Clinton, but since there is a Republican administration ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue led by George W. Bush, the former has been blown up to Armageddonal proportions by the liberal media as the Democrats raise the roof with blaring accusations and utterly moronic, blatantly politics-based innuedo….

It is eroding the Anna Nicole moment, which was just starting to wan, anyway, for all except those who are truly without lives of their own to live, and as it gathers momentum, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces that she is going to Syria on a “fact finding” tour. The White House requests that she not go, but she announces that she’s going, anyway.

She does, and not only does she perform the Kiss of Shame on Bashir Assad, she delivers a false diplomatic message from Tel Aviv to Damascus that not only isn’t she asked to deliver, but there has been no message sent. Then she reports false peace policies of Assad’s government regarding Israel to the local media. There is no “fact finding” involved in her tour, only hints and not so subtle hints that indicate that the United States has two completely different sets of official policies on the execution of the War on Terror, and that the Democrats’ policies are equally as official as the President’s. What she is doing is in total violation of the concerned articles of the U.S. Constitution, dangerous to both our diplomatic relations and Bush’s message to the world on America’s resolve to defeat terrorism and a serious threat to U.S. troops in Iran and Afghanistan.

Some of the same liberal media that supports her editorializes her activities in a negative light while most of the same liberals that disagree with every point made at conservative blogs they frequent of course present laughably thin, generally downright stupid defenses of Pelosi’s harebrained, purely political exploits.

Don Imus comes into the picture, making a joke that has the race baiting team of Sharpton & Jackson crawling out from beneath their respective stones — did I employ the word “picayune” at the top of this post? Um, sure did! Back in the 1970s when I lived in New York, Imus had the morning show on an A.M. station while Howard Stern worked mid afternoon to early evening on the same station. Both of them were shock jocks, and both made a living out of boldly offending whatever or whomever came to mind. Nothing has changed with either, particularly Imus. Now he makes a “nappy haired ho” remark about players on a female college basketball team, which is not, by far, the most offensive thing he’s ever said into the mic, and it’s suddenly treated as the most important, dynamic story on the planet by the MSM and Democrats (as well as a few soulless Republican politicians whose lives revolve around pandering for votes wherever they can find them), conveniently drowning out much of the Pelosi-in-Syria affair. Now, Nancy’s talking about taking a trip to Iran to nasalize some butt for Ahmadmanjihad.

Liberal politicians are doing their best to take a bite out of our First Amendment rights by enacting “hate crime” laws that aren’t crimes.

The Democrats have absolutely no issues of a positive nature on the table, everything they do attacks the President, the Constitution and the American way of life, and most of their purely political assaults are based upon trivialities that they themselves have blown up into maelstroms of misinterpreted laws and ridiculous innuendo, from Scooter Libby, who did nothing wrong, to the federal judge firings, the liberal media conducting disinformation campaigns to bring things to a boil.

The media we are confronted with today is a joke, I mean why waste money on a newspaper today when one can enjoy the same awareness of what’s going on in the world by reading The Onion?

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12 Responses to “The Time’s Picayune”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    That Hate Crime Bill promulgates some odd alliances. For example, the Anti-defamation League, the National Council of Jewisth Women and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs are supporting it. The Christian Fundamental groups (see http://www.rense.com/general75/pike.htm) for example, oppose it.I am sure Rev Pike is not a pro-hate preacher, but the semantics of these things sure are confusing!

  2. Shoprat Says:

    If they told the truth to the American people we wouldn’t vote for them, thus they need to lie and print non-stories.

  3. ABF Says:

    I don’t call em LIEberals for nothing. Constant deflection and distraction while they stick knives in any opposing forces back.

  4. Always On Watch Says:

    Interesting point about how the media feeding-frenzy over Imus’s remarks has drowned out Pelosi’s sucking up to Syria. Of course, many of the leftist media were softpedaling the latter anyway. Never mind that Pelosi clearly was attempting to establish some sort of shadow government.

  5. Always On Watch Says:


    Thanks, Seth, for the link!

  6. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Good link, thanks!

    The entire “hate crime” issue is a farce. A crime is a crime, right? If someone commits battery, vandalism, arson, etc against another or against others’ property, it is already a crime, whether they do it out of ethnic prejudice or not. Establishing hate crime legislation only opens the door to a speech police agenda — where folks could face prison time for something they said, in jest or otherwise. Basically, “off to the gulag”.

    This would suit the left(and groups like CAIR, for that matter) just fine, as it would give them legal grounds for silencing their opposition by depriving them of freedom of speech. Of course, it would work out to be a one way street upon which entities like Sharpton & Jackson, Islamist organizations and pretty much everyone else with an anti-America/anti-Constitution mission like the ACLU inordinately powerful. They could all propagandize to their hearts’ content and simply imprison all dissnters.

    What a thought!

    Shoprat –

    Precisely, and while the word “honor” rarely springs to mind at the mention of a politician, the Democrats represent the antithesis of honor. Knowing that they offer nothing positive to the American people, they employ propaganda and lies to get elected. Once there, well, we are now seeing the sum total of what a Democrat majority represents.

    AB –

    So right. Here in the states they lied their way into a Congressional majority, nowing full well that they were incapable of enacting any of the “positive changes” they promised their constituents.

    Now that they are there and knowing that showing their true colors will limit their majority to two years, they are going hell bent for leather to sabotage and disrupt all they can before November, 2008 and the January beyond.

    It pretty much sucks that one of our two major political parties is an “enemy within”. This is not an exaggeration — in his remarks praising Nancy Pelosi for her Syrian adventure, for example, John Kerry actually referred to the Republicans/conservatives as “the other side”, as good a way of inferring that America’s enemies aren’t terrorist supporting states, but rather those among us who support the War on Terror.

    AOW –

    Bacon your pardon, but no thanks are needed. It was a great post. :-)

    The MSM are past masters at running interference for the left. They have become such a single-minded political tool that any claims they make re “quality reporting” can best be described as “laughable”, “pitiful” or simply “assinine”.

    Your shadow government reference is right on point, as Pelosi was representing her party’s POV as alterntive U.S. policy: “Well, if you don’t like the Bush policy, we offer you this official option. She even did the same with Israel’s policies, LOL.

    She has, as my late and honorable grandfather might have said, “no shame”. But then, that is a hallmark of today’s Democrats.

  7. Gayle Says:

    I’ll visit AOW after Church. She does good work too! :)

    I watch very little news and don’t even bother with newspapers anymore, Seth. I’ll catch Fox News occasionally but even they seem to get carried away with non-important stuff such as Anna Nicole Smith and the Imus stupidity. Most of the time the real news hits the internet before the news stations gets ahold of it anyway. Thank God for this alternative media!

    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  8. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Same here re newspapers. I barely even watch the evening news anymore, it’s a waste of time if you are looking for accuracy.

    I get pretty much all my news off the WWW, from a number of different sites. Even then, you have to read the same story from 2 or 3 different sources to get all the facts.

    I’ve noticed the same thing: When I was subscribing to National Journal and received their “Earlybird” news reports, they generally contained news I’d already gotten from multiple sources many hours before… and NJ charges enough annually to pay the monthly rent on a big city studio apartment, pay all the bills and buy groceries for a month!

  9. chicagoray Says:

    Nice roundup of the current events the media has glommed onto of late and the media’s slow death will hopefully pick up steam if we’re all lucky.

    Your statement “The media we are confronted with today is a joke, couldn’t be more accurate and succinct.

  10. Seth Says:

    Hi, Ray –

    I see the MSM as violating a very deep trust placed in them by the public, a trust that includes access the average citizen does not have and the assumption on the part of most people that the media is delivering balanced, factual information rather than using this trust to distribute liberal propaganda (usually to the point of spinning or, when “necessary”, ignoring the truth, or even flat-out lying).

    These are soulless, dishonest people without shame, any sense of responsibility or an iota of respect for their fellow Americans who should, at the very least, have their press credentials taken away, and in many cases, such as the New York Times editors and journalists involved in reporting on U.S. intelligence secrets, prosecuted for treason.

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